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  1. Lupo 1.4 2004 ORIGINAL 13" STEEL WHEELS NEEDED!

    You should be able to find a set for next to nothing, they seem to be the first thing people take off/change before the Ebay coilovers, tyre stretching/mega camber and other 'improvements' commence Put a wanted ad up on your local Lupo based social media group and you'll find lots of folk will have a set of them lying around, often with decent tyres. N.B IIRC I think Polo 6N steels are the same so look there too
  2. SDI Air Filters... Is It Just Me...?

    Don't worry, they aren't that bad as jobs go. It's just that air filters are usually an easy task and these are a bit more involved than most
  3. Opinions/Info required on value

  4. SDI Air Filters... Is It Just Me...?

    Thats helpful Next time I will try OEM and see how I get on.
  5. Cheap Oil At TPS.

    Do tell.... I've always toyed with the idea of simply saying "Yes" when they ask if it's for a garage but thought better of it as I can't substantiate the claim if challenged... Could be embarrassing
  6. HELP!!!!!!!!!

    This. The fact the glow plug light isn't lighting up and when it does it starts is what's known as 'a clue' There's an upgraded part no on the basis the original ones were so troublesome. Call VW, shouldn't cost any more than £20.
  7. Cheap Oil At TPS.

    Was in there at the weekend and forgot to mention this to you lot Quantum Platinum now sells for £12.69 inc VAT for 5l! Cheaper than even the cheapest ECP/GSF offerings so no excuse not to use it really. After a bit of a chat with the staff there it was made clear that this isn't a 'special offer', they've simply switched suppliers from Castrol to Fuchs, Fuchs make a promise that drop in oil cost per barrel will be passed on to customers. I ended up buying 4x 5l pails and in doing so dropped the price even further. Have at it chaps
  8. SDI Air Filters... Is It Just Me...?

    I know, right? Certainly is. I can't believe they would design it in such a way that the filter doesn't fit snug on the mounting tube, dropping down just when youve got it in place. Why volkswagen, why? In the past Ive changed filter once a year on other cars, I think it's going to be an every other year job in the Lupo.
  9. Aside from the annoying location (don't get me started on that ) does anyone else find that when opening the torx bolts/lid to the box the filter simply drops out? Same with putting the new filter in... It always seems to me that the 'neck' of the new air filter should fit around the housing/pipe that comes from above and be held in place snuggly, but no. I fit decent Mann branded filters every time and Im always slightly put out that I ave to hold the filter in with one hand whilst quickly shutting the housing underneath to hold it in place and stop it simply falling down. Ive even considered putting a few layers of tape around the upper pipe to help the filter fit more 'snuggly' and stop it dropping off.... I can't help thinking to myself that if the filter neck is such a sloppy fit, is it actually drawing air through the filter rather, or just bypassing it altogether and taking air in through the baddly fitting 'neck' join. Infuriating Anyone else have this trouble? SDI Mafia @Skezza @Rich @Mobieus_uk @mk2 @lupo 1.7sdi, What do we think? Answers on a postcard
  10. 1.4 TDI Lupo Sport, mega low mileage (47,500)

    Wondered how long it would take... Basicaly a Beetle with less space
  11. I feel the time has come to have a crack at this with both of our SDI's (Lupo and Golf) Did you ever manage to find the images for this thread @Skezza?
  12. JoeyEunos's SDI Beater.

    Factory head unit re-installed, this time coupled with an OE cd player bought for the princely sum of £5 from a local breaker car. SAM_5587 by And then a wash and wax. SAM_5560 by followed by the same tratment for the rest of the fleet SAM_5567 by
  13. Lupo gti £995

    And... Wait for it... The car on the A69 is now being broken for parts on Facebook
  14. Lupo gti £995

    085 life innit