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  1. Nice lupo on gumtree

    Yup, many Golfs I've looked at have been dealt with in a similar fashion and have the scars to prove it too FWIW do I tend to jack using the sills but place the cup directly under the very ends where things are double seamed and reinforced, much thicker/tougher there. Also a cut down hockey puck helps to avoid any metal on metal contact.
  2. Nice lupo on gumtree

    + the lower sills are bent badly out of shape on both sides, presumably from incorrect jacking. Great way to start rust on these....
  3. Want to know how much I can sell my Lupo for ?

    Harsh but probably accurate.
  4. Hardest Standard Springs for my 1.8T

    Interesting My suspension is now fairly tired/worn out and I've found aftermarket factors (ECP/CP4Less/GSF ect) are unable to supply springs for the SDI models, the only option seems to be direct from VW at silly money. As an aside, it appears when looking at the part numbers that the dampers are the same across the range and it's only the springs that differ...?
  5. Genuine SDI Oil Filters

    Thanks for the heads up on these, a tip off on bargain parts is always good crack I try to fit OEM stuff as much as possible (VW's 4+ range helps) and I'd be tempted were it not for ECP offering Mann oil filters for £3.84p delivered to your door.
  6. Want to know how much I can sell my Lupo for ?

    Hit the nail on the head.
  7. SDI Aux Belt, Feedback Required.

    It is fella, only a 40k interval on them though and I'd like to avoid farming this task out next time round if at all possible given the cars value (Or lack thereof)
  8. SDI Aux Belt, Feedback Required.

    Good crack. If you feel like you'd like some support/spanner passing etc give me a nudge old chap...It's a task I'd quite like to observe so as to avoid having to pay the big boys when the time comes for mine
  9. SDI Aux Belt, Feedback Required.

    Probably right, I've routinely changed aux belts on various vehicles in the past without any issues but must admit when I looked at the amount of space available my heart sank Looking at the alternator, there isn't room to get it out through the arch or lift it out from the top, in fact it looks like the PAS pump may well have to come off to drop it out underneath... I'm dreading the time when that starts going too TBF I'm sure these jobs are much easier on 1.0/1.4 models but the 1.7D is a big old engine to fit in such a small bay, jobs like these on the loop make the equivalent tasks on 'normal sized' VAG stuff seem like a walk in the park. PAS pump required bumper and arches off just to get at it Mid way through I started thinking about asking Mrs Eunos if she fancied selling up/changing cars, a nice Golf instead maybe? (Not kidding). @Rich, speaking of 'not hard at all' jobs, have you completed the SDI timing belt change yet?
  10. SDI Aux Belt, Feedback Required.

    Yup, it's true. I over thought this one and spent too much time procrastinating as usual, although TBF access is pretty tight on the SDI
  11. SDI Aux Belt, Feedback Required.

    Circa 135K but I believe the one I put on to replace it came from an older car with 160k+ so I wouldn't read too much into it. When the go they go and that's about the size of it.
  12. JoeyEunos's SDI Beater.

    Seems like a gudun fella, as I mentioned it's virtually silent compared with the pump it replaced. As a matter of president I'm going to disconnedt the low pressure hose next weekend, drop the contents then fill with fresh fluid. I'm ashamed to admit I had to put the old stuff back in today (Albeit filtered through an old T-shirt) on the basis of VW parts/TPS being closed and 'her indoors' needing the car for work this week.
  13. Anthracite GTi

    Agreed. Both cars look great
  14. JoeyEunos's SDI Beater.

    Power steering pump replaced this morning. Troubles began on Friday with Mrs Eunos reporting a terrible grinding noise coming from the engine bay. She wasn't kidding, the car sounded like a bag of nails Que investigation and the culprit was tracked down to PAS pump bearings gone West. Bit of a back story to this one The used pump I fitted as a replacement actually comes from a Lupo that once belonged to a prominent CL member and mod. I'd spotted the car being broken some months back on one of the Facebook groups, recognised the reg from a build thread here, bought the pump and had it posted more as a curio than anything else Turned out to be a good move. @Skezza, you'll be pleased to hear (Hopefully) that part of your old car now lives on in our little tractor. The pump works well and is quiet as a mouse. RE pump replacement, it turns out it's a bit of a pig on the SDI models and in the end I needed to remove the bumper and arch liners just to get access SAM_5652 by
  15. Joey's Retro Eunos Roadster.

    Always pleased to learn of another 5 owner on the board RE updates there's not much to mention really, I seem to have reached a stage where the car is pretty much as it was planned to be. I often toy with the idea one of the many turbo conversions that do the rounds but given it's such an original and early example it seems like a bit of a shame to modify it too much. For now I'm just enjoying the occasional blat round country lanes/B-roads, very little intervention has been required as she's in really good shape. This season I've changed the coolant and thats about it really... SAM_5437 by