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  1. @lupo 1.7sdi I think you covered this in this thread (I actually commented on it at the time).... Also covered here... So do you lot think I'm barking up the wrong tree RE fuel filter etc? I must admit this seems likely, the car leaves a sooty patch on the drive upon cold start... * Are the 'trumpets plastic? Safe to use carb cleaner/Mr Muscle on them? * Any tips (Or even better 'How To's) RE removing the EGR for cleaning * @mk2, I know you've done this, any guides RE removal of the trumpets/intake/EGR? Also, how did you clean the soot from the inlet ports on the block whilst avoiding debris falling into the cylinders? TIA.
  2. CTS, really? I've got a few spare decent ones about and plenty of coolant too, I'm also prepared to admit I may be wrong but I'm struggling to see how it could cause juddering/hesitation Temp gauge reads true, no codes on my cheap China scanner and the fault is present whether engine is warm or cold...
  3. As per the title chaps I don't get much of a chance to drive the little SDI these days as it's been in the wife's custody for a while now, took it out tonight and was disappointed to find that there's now a pretty nasty hesitation and/or juddering sensation at low revs, usually the 1000-1800 range. In the past I used to marvel at the fact the car would happily chug along at 30 mph in 5th at around 1100 rpm without complaining, now it seems like 30mph in 4th is too much to ask, it's complaining pretty badly and almost seems to be asking for a lower gear Anything over 2000 is fine... To make matters more frustrating, I got in this afternoon after driving it and asked how long it had been like, she confirmed it's been a month or so My first thought is fuel starvation? The current fuel filter is about to hit 2 years old and has covered circa 17000 miles so that seems like a good place to start? I know @Skezza has experience of cleaning the fuel pickup/strainer, worth looking there? Anywhere else I should be looking? As always any feedback/suggestions would be gratefully received.
  4. cheap battered lupo sdi

    Yup, I would've had it and got rid of something else to make space.... I briefly owned an S80 D5 and much as it pains me to say it the build quality put any VAG stuff I've had to shame.
  5. cheap battered lupo sdi

    ^I like them but have a hankering for something more retro/slightly bigger than that, think proper Swedish barges (Before Ford got their greasy mits on them) 240/740/850 estates seem to fit the bill, might settle for an early V70 though....
  6. cheap battered lupo sdi

    ^Too costly/rust prone/rare. I'm currently looking at old Volvo estates
  7. cheap battered lupo sdi

    Good, gusto is what's needed. Also it saves me having to buy it... I've been without a third car for 5 weeks now and the itch is starting to set in quite badly Seriously struggling to find anything cheap/interesting enough to buy, thoughts are now turning to car auctions
  8. cheap battered lupo sdi

    Did this sell @Rich?
  9. Water in passenger footwell - stumped!

    I recently did exactly as Rich describes on Passat after having to drill out the speaker to replace a faulty window reg. No dramas, can't be seen once the door cards go back 😉
  10. Lupo Repair videos

  11. Lupo Repair videos

    Good spot, thanks for sharing He makes replacing the drop links look much easier than I did
  12. Soft Blue 1.7 SDI

    Gearbox any good? Also would be interested in prices for.... Injectors PAS pump Alternator PAS pipework TIA.
  13. @lupo 1.7sdi that diagram provided some insight for me too, thanks for posting.
  14. It's feasible I'm wrong about it, but I'm yet to see one that is If not this part seems to be listed for all 1.6 Mk4's 97-04 inc AEH.... https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/New-Poly-V-Ribbed-Belt-Tensioner-Pulley-VAI-V10-9747-Top-German-Quality/401456490333?fits=Model%3AGolf|Plat_Gen%3AMK+IV|Cars+Type%3A1.6&epid=1772128243&hash=item5d78abe75d:g:SwgAAOSwyjJZzUIh It would be odd to sell a pulley that couldn't be replaced/fitted? If by some strange anomaly it is riveted in place then the whole tensioner is £45+VAT from TPS IIRC, but simply replacing the pulley/bearing with the part I've linked above for a fiver is the best route if possible
  15. Would agree with that for the PD stuff, earlier VE seems capable of 200k+ on original turbo/injectors/clutch in most instances.... Also these parts seem cheaper and easier to replace on VE stuff. I'm on the lookout for an Octavia VE estate at present, either in 90 or 110 flavour. So long as it's 2001-2004 and VE I'm not precious