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  1. Ryan's 20VT Lupo Track Car

    ok...but still i cannot remember..
  2. Ryan's 20VT Lupo Track Car

    unfortunately i do not remember. i did it two years ago and i bought a lot of items than. the entire car was race ready in 5 or 6 months... try here https://www.kamracing.co.uk/car-tuning/volkswagen/vw-lupo/suspension.html?p=2 i have this https://www.kamracing.co.uk/car-tuning/volkswagen/vw-lupo/suspension/vw-lupo-whiteline-rear-anti-roll-bar-bwr19z.html
  3. Ryan's 20VT Lupo Track Car

    yeah. how does your car sound? any movie?
  4. Ryan's 20VT Lupo Track Car

    the gti car has a huge setting for front. i just went to a garage for wheels angle.
  5. Ryan's 20VT Lupo Track Car

    i dont think that much noise. but frankly i put in that period also the exhaust and took out all interior... after 2years..no additional wear. also i have -3 front wheels degree but for track...they are a must..
  6. Ryan's 20VT Lupo Track Car

    yeah. powerflex black allaround. ds2500 are too weak for me on track. i use them on rear...be careful at disks. a lot of cheap ones receive cracks after sporty use... i know they are expensive...but worth it if you want real performance...imagine the additional power and weight you have...
  7. Ryan's 20VT Lupo Track Car

    right now...i use the bigger 280 stock disks with ds3000 pads. castrol srf brake liquid. but thinking of upgrading to tarox f2000 disks with pagid rs 29 pads. and metal hoses all around. also after advan a48 i will try the new nankang ar1 semislicks. i race my car a lot...you can find my short presentation. before my race lupo i had the 1.8turbo S3 so i can just imagine what toy you got.
  8. Ryan's 20VT Lupo Track Car

    nice project!! what is the total weight of the car? what pads and disks?
  9. LUPO gti breaking x2 reflex silver

    Left Hand Front Lower Spoiler Towing Eye Cover? shipping outside uk? thnks
  10. Project Rally lupo!

    any ideas what difference does this race radiator has over the stock one? http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/152247263710?_trksid=p2055119.m1438.l2649&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT
  11. new member...East Europe

    i dont think i can drive it through Europe due to front rollbar. how is it in UK? is it legal? In germany and austria its not. not the entire rollbar, but the side around the windshield...
  12. new member...East Europe

    that is a good idea, just that the transport to uk, can cost me a couple of thousand pounds and being left hand drive...its difficult legally to and from race circuit. today i changed the connection/cables to spark plugs (i dont know how they are translated in english) and the main ignition spark.
  13. new member...East Europe

    i am looking for a new job, possibly right in London and i need a daily driver here or there. if i sell it at the right price...its ok, if not...i will stick with it i just ..still love it. rith now i cannot compete in the championship due to costs...so the car is just a track day car...
  14. new member...East Europe

    the ARB helped me achieve new best time, mare the 3s less than last year, from 2.11 to 2.08. which is pretty good. the car is up for sale, if anybody interested...
  15. Whiteline Rear ARB

    i dont get it... ?!