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  1. Project Rally lupo!

    any ideas what difference does this race radiator has over the stock one? http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/152247263710?_trksid=p2055119.m1438.l2649&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT
  2. new member...East Europe

    i dont think i can drive it through Europe due to front rollbar. how is it in UK? is it legal? In germany and austria its not. not the entire rollbar, but the side around the windshield...
  3. new member...East Europe

    that is a good idea, just that the transport to uk, can cost me a couple of thousand pounds and being left hand drive...its difficult legally to and from race circuit. today i changed the connection/cables to spark plugs (i dont know how they are translated in english) and the main ignition spark.
  4. new member...East Europe

    i am looking for a new job, possibly right in London and i need a daily driver here or there. if i sell it at the right price...its ok, if not...i will stick with it i just ..still love it. rith now i cannot compete in the championship due to costs...so the car is just a track day car...
  5. new member...East Europe

    the ARB helped me achieve new best time, mare the 3s less than last year, from 2.11 to 2.08. which is pretty good. the car is up for sale, if anybody interested...
  6. Whiteline Rear ARB

    i dont get it... ?!
  7. Whiteline Rear ARB

    i just mounted it
  8. new member...East Europe

    Whiteline Rear ARB
  9. Project Rally lupo!

    nice. good luck! i start on the 1st of April. until then...new updates..new battery (thank you once again), new rear ARB...:)
  10. GTI Upgraded Radiator?

    i have the stock radiator .i use the car to race on track, and during August in my country there are around 30-34 degrees C. Millers Oil...and thats it. make pauses often...let the car cool down..thats it.
  11. GTI Upgraded Radiator?

    on the racetrack i use miller naodrive oil. it keeps the engine a few degrees cooler than others. also, i was trying to use the idea from some golf GTI which use a lower degrees thermostat in warmer countries (like middle orient and so), but i did not find an OEM code...
  12. Whiteline Rear ARB

    i used to have front and rear on my ex S3, but there, i had both mounted at the same time. and felt very good. but for the front i had no option for lupo. apparently a few years ago H&R made one..but they stopped producing it. all of you have also sport suspension? when mounting the rear arb did you need additional parts or the ones from the bag were enough?
  13. Whiteline Rear ARB

    ok, will set to middle. good to know. but whats the feeling..after?
  14. Whiteline Rear ARB

    i bought one also, from kam racing, and will be mounted in the next weeks when the weather gets warmer.
  15. Project Rally lupo!

    perhaps in PM...whats the weight? my car has 979kg with 2 seats. i try to lower it with odysse battery and other small stuff, taking out the 2nd seat... but rollbar alone is 40kg.