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  1. I might not have used the gauge correctly, I will have a watch on youtube to make sure I haven't made an obvious mistake.
  2. DTI gauge arrived yesterday so I had a quick check today. Found it quite difficult to get reliable readings from it but seem to have pinpointed it to the passenger side. Driver side: 12 o'clock -0.34 3 o'clock -0.37 6 o'clock -0.40 9 o'clock -0.35 Range: 0.06mm Passenger side: 12 o'clock +0.04 3 o'clock -0.06 6 o'clock -0.03 9 o'clock 0.00 Range: 0.10mm Any glaring mistakes with that?
  3. Gearbox parts

    Could you get one from a bearing supplier? I imagine they will stock retaining clips.
  4. Three options then - new used caliper, new caliper from suppliers, or refurb the existing. Which takes me back to my original post - is there anywhere to get a decent kit to do a full caliper refurb? I've heard good things about Bigg Red before? @Sausage @Pete?
  5. There's no logic to me suggesting this but what I've read online says that excessive runout in the hub face can cause similar issues. I have ordered a gauge, I'll check the brake disc and hub run-out before chucking parts at it. Once I strip it down I'll get some pictures in case you guys can see something obvious that I'm missing.
  6. I had a quick look at runout gauges on eBay and they were coming back about £60, just searched DTI and they're £20 including a base. I've managed to tap retaining screws out with a small screwdriver and hammer before now, I'll give that a go and resort to the wheel bolts if I can't do it. Won't lie I didn't use any brake cleaner or pay attention to the bedding in procedure, I'll do that this time. Could my rear drum brakes be having an effect? I've never opened them up and have no idea what condition they're in.
  7. No ABS as far as I'm aware, there's no ring or sensor on my hub anyway. Someone has snapped the retaining screws before I bought the car, looks like I'll be getting the drill out. I had considered a runout gauge but they seem to be a bit more expensive than I had expected for a one off job. Yeah I've no issue with replacing the parts, just didn't want there to be an inherent issue that's going to mean I'm doing it again in a month or two.
  8. No, present before and after the ball joints. Everything's tightened up just fine and I'm all balanced and tracked up with two new tyres on the front. Not obviously coming from one side of the car either, just pulses through the brake pedal and wobbles the wheel. Discs and pads are both Pagid, not cheap but not genuine, probably less than a year old. Happens at all speeds I suppose but more evident at 40mph and up. All I can think is that its from me holding on the brake at traffic lights (I've almost kicked that habit). Just don't want to stick a new set on for them to go the same way in a couple of months time.
  9. As above really - I have brake judder and steering wobble at 40mph+, as well as the brakes biting when coming to a halt at low speeds. This points me to warped discs, but why? Are there any common faults with the Lupo that cause discs to warp? Is there anywhere I can buy a decent caliper refurb kit which includes a piston if it's the pistons that are sticking? I've checked over the pads and there doesn't seem to be any excessive wear from side to side or pad to pad.
  10. Yeah I'd have done the same and stuff k it in a vice if I had a half inch drive torque wrench to match my 12 point socket for the hub nut. I only have a quarter unfortunately and don't have an adapter either.
  11. I've had a similar experience in the past with a spare hub in a vice. Couldn't recommend it enough, I literally only undid the wheel bolts and balljoint bolts. No messing around at all, the whole thing probably took 20 minutes. £7 from euro car parts, not fancy at all!
  12. Couple of taps and it came out. Just needs tracking, two tyres and a good clean. Winner.
  13. Im reluctant to use a blowtorch as the CV boot is brand new. The wedge type splitters seem to be more accurate, I'll pick one up and give it a go.
  14. Do those splitting forks loosen corroded spindles easily? I'll have to put it all back together to go get one typically so ill probably get it replaced whilst the tracking is being done if not.
  15. I've wedged a 2ft crow bar between the top of the spindle and the bottom of the CV joint and can't lever it out. Bashed the knuckle that surrounds the spindle with said crowbar and a hammer. Soaked it in shock and unlock. No joy.