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  1. Think I've got to the bottom of this, the vacuum hose between the egr and bulkhead valve had come apart. Must have come loose when the clutch cable pinged off. All works now.
  2. I've had difficulty starting the car some mornings and had to press the accelerator to get the engine to fire up. Felt similar to when the intake manifold gasket perished on my MK2 polo causing a vacuum leak. Any quick tests to check the vacuum pump? I've read test procedures for servo and hoses, I'll do that tonight.
  3. But is there any connection that could relate it to being in neutral rather than in gear?
  4. Yes. Like I say, it could well be a coincidence. The old cable snapped where it connects into the pedal and appeared to be the original.
  5. Clutch cable snapped yesterday and has been replaced (fun job, right?). Could be irrelevant however I'm now noticing a hard brake pedal when coasting in neutral. Absolutely fine when in gear. Brake fluid is fine suggesting a vacuum issue but why only when in neutral? I've had a very quick look over the vacuum line and there doesn't appear to be any damage.
  6. What happens if you start the car with in unplugged and then plug it in?
  7. I think that's where my issue lies then. Is it just a case of getting them out, cleaning them up and refitting with some copper grease?
  8. Yep, wound in fully and still not enough space. Left me thinking either wrong size pads or that those inserts we're sticking out too far. Mine weren't seized to the bolts but seemed to stick out about the same distance that would mean they pads would fit otherwise
  9. Went to swap the pads and discs over yesterday whilst we had a break from the weather. Couldn't fit the new ones in as there didn't seem to be enough space Think I've narrowed it down to seized slider pins - can someone confirm that the tubes surrounding the caliper bolts should move freely? Pic to explain the part I mean.
  10. I might not have used the gauge correctly, I will have a watch on youtube to make sure I haven't made an obvious mistake.
  11. DTI gauge arrived yesterday so I had a quick check today. Found it quite difficult to get reliable readings from it but seem to have pinpointed it to the passenger side. Driver side: 12 o'clock -0.34 3 o'clock -0.37 6 o'clock -0.40 9 o'clock -0.35 Range: 0.06mm Passenger side: 12 o'clock +0.04 3 o'clock -0.06 6 o'clock -0.03 9 o'clock 0.00 Range: 0.10mm Any glaring mistakes with that?
  12. Gearbox parts

    Could you get one from a bearing supplier? I imagine they will stock retaining clips.
  13. Three options then - new used caliper, new caliper from suppliers, or refurb the existing. Which takes me back to my original post - is there anywhere to get a decent kit to do a full caliper refurb? I've heard good things about Bigg Red before? @Sausage @Pete?
  14. There's no logic to me suggesting this but what I've read online says that excessive runout in the hub face can cause similar issues. I have ordered a gauge, I'll check the brake disc and hub run-out before chucking parts at it. Once I strip it down I'll get some pictures in case you guys can see something obvious that I'm missing.