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    seat arosa 1400 mpi 2000yr
  1. seat arosa non start

    thanx sausage fo help,am back again still cutting out car runs fine till warm then cuts out wont restart,leave for 30 mins car will restart and drive till warm again.have noticed from cold the temp guage reaches operating temp in 3 mins when hoses are only 20 odd degrees,have changed temp sensor could it be guage fault? is this partly why it cuts out,any help wood be great thanx muchly people.
  2. seat arosa non start

    evening folks,the seat runs fine till warms up then cuts out for while to cool down I guess . so far car has had new distributor ,coolant sensor,ignition coil,leads are ok,new plugs,new ignition switch,just cant pinpoint fault or with scan unit . I think it might be ecu fault,has anybody come across this fault or similar . thanx muchly
  3. seat arosa non start

    afternoon people,still having fun with little seat arosa cutting out,most electrical parts replaced,still cuts out and will restart but is a pain.checked all plug connections for corrosion/moisture all look ok,did read that they loose feed from ignition to coil?any body shed any light,thoughts please help need my car thanx in advance
  4. seat arosa non start

    hi guys back again,replaced the temp sensor and car still cuts out,seems better it only takes couple minutes to restart but still cuts out,any help,info,advice greatfully received as loosing faith in once a great little car thanx again......
  5. seat arosa non start

    hi guys back again with car still cutting out ,had plug in with vagcom or vcds came up with ecuimmobiliser lock out,cleared fault drove gain ok for few miles,cuts out wont start,leave for 10 mins will restart and drive abit more,cuts out again,any help wood be appreciated,thanx again
  6. seat arosa non start

    thanx guys will do more checks tomorrow,another day another dollar will post results for future reference thanx again
  7. seat arosa non start

    thanx sausage have wondered did the arosa have relay 109 as could not find it on board or is it separate from board the car is 1998 1400 mpi,just have no spark,good little car up till now
  8. seat arosa non start

    back again....lol ...after testing guy said poss ecu gone down,,anybody heard this before or is he trying to fleece me lots of money most of parts on car dated 1997,is it worth paying to be tested or replaced,thanx guys he did mention the immobiliser was part of dash,is this right??? do the dash go wrong....help!!!!!!!!!!
  9. seat arosa non start

    today have done more checks and have no spark,am thinking immobiliser fault as seen on other pages have admitted defeat and gonna find auto electrician just cant be bothered thanx for all your help
  10. seat arosa non start

    hi guys am still fighting non runner have removed starter motor cant find sensor,nothing in timing cover running out time and patience,can any body help please
  11. seat arosa non start

    engine code aex on cam cover
  12. seat arosa non start

    help......after a mother of a battle managed to remove starter motor and nothing there,no wiring or sensor.all I could see was knock sensor.any ideas where it could be located maybe under cam cover somewhere. I am lost with this one,any help wood be appreciated.car seat arosa 1400 mpi 1998 thanx guys
  13. seat arosa non start

    thanx rich will give a go,they not expensive,and got nothing too loose
  14. seat arosa non start

    thanx for your help,will give it a go,will report back with faults lol
  15. seat arosa non start

    not sure what software used,its a handheld obd reader,what wood you recommend to diagnose further by any chance do you know where the crank sensor is located,so I can pull it and test