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  1. Alwyn

    Spoon's Lupo Project

    manage to finish this??
  2. Alwyn

    Lupo GTI rear window spoiler

    anyone know if carbonworxs still do the spoilers??
  3. Alwyn

    vw lupo blog

    Few very special things have been purchased over the last few weeks including; A one off custom back bumper thats currently being painted. Ordered an engine raiser kit too so I've pulled a few bits off the engine as they need some TLC. Solid top mounts as i kept bending the top mount plates. The porting is almost complete so the polishing will begin soon. I had the boot plastic trimmed in carpet. Door lock Blanks. (as one of mine had broken and another ones faded) (parents bought me a private plate) keeping an eye out for; A mk5/6/7 boot lid conversion. High flow rad. Pop out rears. TT knee bars. If anyone has any information on uprated Valves/springs for the GTI please comment, I've been told to go custom but the car isn't getting trashed round a track so if custom is the only option then i think standard ones will go back in. hoping to get the car/ engine all together and finished by february then focus on the interior.
  4. Alwyn

    Dec's Gti

    mad reading all this! shame some of the blue powder coating has started to crack and a couple of rust spots popped up but all being sorted over the next few weeks! can't believe how much work the little car has had over the years!
  5. Alwyn

    My gti over last few months.

    possibly! i stuck it on the road just for that day and managed to get into the "big GTI" you might of noticed it only had one seat in it as that was the day i was going to pick up my new interior on the way home! i had a good look at your gti too wicked little thing and if I'm right your not too far away from me? I'm down in llandudno!
  6. Alwyn

    vw lupo blog

    (little up date from the last few months) So I've been spending lots of moneys on the gti over the last few days! decided to change out the bushes. also i had to change the rear shocks for my MOT as they had started to leak so decided it was time for them to go. took a long trip to go and pick up my new seats also not revealing anything yet need to have them re trimmed. I also had my cams sent off to be re-profiled by 'piper cams' and decided id have a local machine shop port and polish the head while its off to hopefully give the girl some more powerrrrrr, think the next step will be a 4,2,1 manni and decat so if anyone has one please give me a message! Slowly getting there but I've had to find a new daily so progress has been slow on her over the last few months the "polow" is now done anyway and is up to an acceptable driving standard for me now! (just the usual tho nothing too expensive just coilies, wheels some light audio work, bigger breaks and an interior swap)
  7. Alwyn

    My gti over last few months.

    hi bud! i managed to pick them up from someone selling them on one of the lupo sales pages! always look out for any carbon parts that are for sale.
  8. Alwyn

    My gti over last few months.

    cheers buddy! sticker has gone now don't worry i didn't like it either haha!
  9. just uploading a few of the photos i have of my gti from the last few months.
  10. i would love a milltek for my gti
  11. Alwyn

    Jamie's black GTI (now Raven Blue)

    Hello mate, the problem with the horn was it the slip rings behind the steering wheel? sometimes you can damage then and that will cause the horn to go off. also i think the car looked much nicer when it has the GTI red strip on the front bumper! and 20mm spacers are fine on the back as i run them on my GTI! just wondering what cleaning things do you use car looks clean AF!
  12. Alwyn

    vw lupo blog

    sorry it took me quite a while to upload the photos as my laptop kept trying to upload random pictures! i seem to have lost all of the photos of my 1.4 but i will check my iPad later tonight. i know theirs a fair bit of writing and its mainly me waffling on i just wanted to have a full introduction an at least it gave me something to do!:D
  13. Alwyn

    vw lupo blog

    my black 1.4 lupo unfortunate i haven't got any of the photos with the interior finished before i started to sell it to fund mods for my GTI.

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