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  1. Smeg760

    Front Subframe

    Ive done a couple of engine swaps and know my stuff but other people's opinions always come in handy " really fancy doing the v5 conversion , a little different and could be perfect for the loops.
  2. Smeg760

    Front Subframe

    Yeah your right the no probs the ones in the scrappy don't have wheels, just was looking at some polo vr6 project on retro rides and he chopped the hell out of the subframe that's all I was curious as to wether you can graft a bit of the proper sub frame in that's all really.
  3. Smeg760

    Front Subframe

    I was just wondering if any one knew the distance between the two front bolts " width " on the Lupo front subframe ? Say compared to a mk4 golf . Got a bog standard yellow 1.0L pupo and want to stick something more awkward than a polo gti engine in there.
  4. Smeg760

    Engine swap

    Hi mate I found reading about the full history of the polo on Wikipedia very helpful. start wth a blank page and research as much as you can.
  5. Smeg760

    Considering changing GTi for A1 - thoughts?

    Second that
  6. Smeg760

    15 inch alloy wheels and tyres

    Would I be right in thinking you can fit mk1 Renault scenic 15 inch steelies ? they are 4x100 et 43 not sure on the width 6.5 or 7.0 . Centre bore is little bigger though.