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  1. Seat arosa - first car?

    Great, thank you for the information, I've actually found it pretty hard to find a stock arosa or lupo nowadays so I think I should definitely go for it.
  2. Seat arosa - first car?

    I know the final decision will ultimately be down to me but any advice or input will be valued to me. so I'm currently looking around for my first car and I've come across a 2002 seat arosa S with only 38k miles on the clock with one previous owner but it is priced at £1500, so my question is to the forum is that is the car worth that price? Or should I try and get it cheaper(it's from a dealership) as I do plan and maybe next year put some different alloys on it when the insurance companies are feeling a little bit more generous with modifications :/ for people my age. thanks