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  1. Low N' Slow

    Emissions fail

    Sorry Rich ? I'll try harder next time lol ?
  2. Low N' Slow

    Emissions fail

    Lol Rich ? Thanks cj1 I found the code... parts are on their way! New cat and 02 sensor for me ? You've all been great help, nice one guys, thank you! ?
  3. Low N' Slow

    Emissions fail

    Haha! Unfortunately I'll have to burst your bubble... I'm not single ? still up for advising me on my car though? ?? Just checked booklet etc. I will check on the car when I can get there. Starting to think is it worth just paying their price ? thougg at least I'll know exactly which one it is ? lol
  4. Low N' Slow

    Emissions fail

    ?? a MK1 Golf, Rich ? Been looking at 02 sensors, not sure what engine code mine is. How do I find out? Have found 3 different sensors from my reg. Different codes on all, though AUC is on all 3 too ? I'm just casually trying to keep costs down by finding a cheaper one than what I've been quoted ?
  5. Low N' Slow

    Emissions fail

    After 2 years of ownership I should really know my car better.. but this is my little cheap runner whilst saving to work on another car ?
  6. Low N' Slow

    Emissions fail

    Hahaha! In my 20s...nearing the end of them anyway ? Yes I've decided to do just that Rich! I thought maybe chuck the straight pipe in place of the centre box. Would that make enough noise too? I am tempted to replace the back box. Though only had a new one 6 months ago ?
  7. Low N' Slow

    Emissions fail

    ? yes I am female! I've been told it's due to the 02 sensor. So adding it back in to the straight pipe still may not work... and also been advised a rag won't work in my situ (due to the fact it's the main 02 sensor being absent, not the one by manifold). I may bite the bullet and replace with a new cat - and have the straight pipe replace the centre box instead. I'm used to louder cars, the Arosa has a very quiet engine so I stall as can't hear the revs ?? I usually claim it's because I'm a woman driver though, I can use that to my advantage sometimes lol ?
  8. Low N' Slow

    Emissions fail

    ? thanks for the replies! I shall try and work some magic myself, flutter my eyelids and all that jazz ?
  9. Low N' Slow

    Emissions fail

    Thank you for your replies everyone ?I will see what I can do! The fact it's only just failing by a smidge is a pain lol. No other holes in my exhaust system either ?
  10. Low N' Slow

    Emissions fail

    Thanks Sausage I'll see if I can do that! Lol I'm not sure if I can ? I was kinda hoping that they could do that lol. An annoying little thing stopping it pass... sods law ? Thanks for your replies guys!
  11. Low N' Slow

    Emissions fail

    Hi guys, I have a 1ltr Arosa. I squished my cat on a speed bump ages ago, I've not been able to afford a new cat so I put a straight pipe in it's place. I therefore had the 02 sensor cut out for the time being. As my car has an engine management light because of it, I was hoping having that deleted would help it through MoT (lol). It just wont go through emissions by literally 1 or 2 numbers! Anyone have any ideas how to sort or if anyone has had a straight pipe in place with no issues? I'm thinking I may have to replace it with a new cat with the 02 sensor back in it, and maybe remove centre box and have the straight pipe there (for noise, otherwise I over rev then hear the car LOL) But this is obviously a more costly way. I wanted a sports cat but couldn't find one for it! Had sports cats before with no issues. It's currently waiting to go back in for re-test soon as I can think of the cheapest way for me (unfortunately). Thanks
  12. Low N' Slow

    Arosa picture thread.

  13. I have the same issue, I've wondered whether it's just a sensor or something, but it is a bit annoying so I'd like to find out too!!
  14. Hi guys, sorry in advance for the lack of understanding with this! I have a head unit already in my car, wired up to the sub and amp. I have another head unit I want to replace this with, so I have a couple of questions... Firstly, I'm not sure where to find the amp fuse to remove it before I start lol. I'm not really sure what I'm meant to be looking for. My other car has the fuse within the wiring at the battery end... I've found a yellow fuse (lol) I assume in my first pic, that is the one I need to remove?... Last question, In the last pic, is this my remote cable? I've never cut and re wired anything before!! I assume the wires that are already wired up to my current head unit will have the same looking remote wire? Thanks guys
  15. Low N' Slow

    Difficult gears and whining...

    Hi everyone! Sorry for my late reply, I have finally got it sorted! I've had the shaft selector seal replaced, and fresh oil. The whining has gone for now, so hoping the new oil has sorted that lol... Turns out my problem with selecting gears was the linkage bushes. They had gunked up big time! He has cleaned it all up for now and we are going to see how they go, otherwise I will have those replaced too. It feels lovely to drive! I've really missed driving it to be honest lol. Thanks again for all of your help, lovely bunch!

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