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  1. MadMatt26


    Hi Graham, I was just wondering if you have the cover part for a Lupo seatbelt (as seen in left photo)? Cheers, Matt.
  2. MadMatt26

    Seat Belt Cover/Clip Part Needed.

    Does anyone have the cover part for a Lupo seat belt that I could possibly buy. Or someone please point me in the right direction. ...My drivers side is missing (as seen in the left photo). Cheers!
  3. MadMatt26

    Club Lupo Keyrings...

    Sorry for late reply. Just ordered one, cannot wait for it to arrive! Many thanks
  4. MadMatt26

    Larry - The static lupo

    Worth it for the plate alone! Love it
  5. Well I'll leave them for the time being. Ive just ordered my stereo so will get that sorted first, then see what it sounds like overall. Cheers!
  6. MadMatt26

    Retrimmed lupo interior

    May I be cheeky & ask where you got them retrimmed?
  7. MadMatt26

    Lupo GTI rear window spoiler

    Hi, do you still have the spoiler for sale? If so how much you looking for? Cheers!
  8. Yes thats initially why I wanted to go for a pair of coaxial speakers, simply because they're easier to fit, & I read they can be just as good. However there is not much point in me wasting my time & money if you think there not going to be much better than the OEM speakers. ...I could probably figure out how to fit some components, I just don't want it to look tatty when finished, & I certainly don't fancy having amps & things lying around the rest of the car, hence why I'm staying away from getting an amp. Only part I'm unsure about with the components is where to locate the the tweeters & the crossover part within the car? ...There are small speakers in each top corner of the dashboard (next to corners of the windscreen beside the door frame), are these where I would put the tweeters? If so how easy is that to do? Cheers.
  9. Yes Ive heard about making the spacer mount things yourself with a bit of mdf, however Ive also heard that mdf is bad as it absorbs moisture so its better to use plastic. ...Do you recon if I was to go for the component versions of the Alpine SPR-60 (the Apline SPR-60C), they would be a good improvement for the money? Ive found them for the same price as the coaxial versions here: http://www.caraudiocentre.co.uk/product_m-alpine-spr-60c_p-27160.htm?gclid=CMfci5rdkMoCFZadGwod4yILfw What you think? & will they actually fit ok? Cheers!
  10. Right, thanks. Do you think these will fit? Would it be tricky & need to be adapted? http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Alpine-SPR-60-SPR60-300-watts-17cm-2-way-coaxial-car-speakers-Alpine-TypeR-/111846602284?hash=item1a0a93b62c:g:FY0AAOSwcOFWaVau ...Would I need to mount them onto these to fit: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/VW-Lupo-speaker-adapter-pods-Front-Door-17cm-6-5-fitting-rings-adaptors-/160909065952?hash=item2576ed7ee0:g:c-8AAOSwLVZV2ycc If so is there anywhere I can get cheaper ones that do the same thing? These seem a bit pricey for what they are. Cheers!
  11. MadMatt26

    Club Lupo Keyrings...

    1 for me please if possible!
  12. Great, thanks very much. ...Ive read about the harness sometimes getting in the way & causing the stereo to be a bit of a sod to slide in fully. Heres a pic of my centre dash incase its any help to anyone. Cheers.
  13. Im pretty lost on the speakers so far. I've been aiming to replace the stereo first then move onto the hunt for a decent fair of speakers. I read in another thread that the Lupo has 16cm stock speakers, is that correct & if so do I need to buy 16cm or can I get away with 16.5/17cm speakers? I thought about a pair of Alpine SPR-60 coaxial (or the SPR-60C Component versions), preferably the coaxial as they're cheaper & easier to fit. Don you know if these are any good by any chance? ...If not do you have any recommendations for a good pair of speakers for say no more than about £150? I found a pair of the SPR-60 coaxials online for about £90 new, however it says 17cm on the site & I wondered if these would fit or not? Cheers.
  14. Think Im set on Single DIN to be honest. I love the look of the doubles but in my view unless I buy a touch screen I don't see any advantage over a single din & extra space. I don't need a satnav as I recently bought one, so I would be wasting money on tech I don't need if i was to go for a double din ...Though a bit boring I do like the idea of the pocket to put a phone/ipod in etc whilst driving, especially if connected to bluetooth. My Lupo also has a cup holder in the centre console & yes they are great! Cheers!
  15. That would be fantastic! Is the one you have the original? If so as long as its in nice condition I'll certainly have it! ...Does it sit flush with the rest of the dash or do these things stick out like a sore thumb? Cheers!

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