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  1. what was the last repair that got you a year trouble free
  2. non refundable deposit tells me to stay well clear
  3. prolly a bit of oil and a bit of moisture
  4. you must have some of the wiring mixed up then, VW dont seem to follow conventional standard car wiring and on mine the permanent 12v feed and the igniton 12v feed had to be swapped
  5. sound like your single din is knackered
  6. unless you have found it already theres one on ebay
  7. I had one made by pirtek, was pretty much a spot on replacment
  8. just curious what the car insurance would be on a car that you built, a few companies panic when you swap the wheels, complete engine and drive train should give them a heart attack
  9. no mot is normally a showstopper for everyone other than a breaker with a trailer, most breakers you would have to pay to have it taken away as the car is not complete
  10. the duel colour are most likely speakers, to work out what goes where stick you multimeter onto ohms connect one wire to the multmeter and then just touch the other wire, one of the speakers should crackle thick red is most likely the permanent live, you just need to work out which of the other wires goes live with the igntion on, which will leave the last wire as ground its pretty easy with multimeter
  11. its not like the old days where trade were looked after, Im a heating engineer so my main supplier is plumbcentre, i know for a fact you go in waving cash about you will get the same prices I get
  12. if they dont fit there there problably not ment to
  13. check the timing, make sure all the marks line up
  14. to get a match im guessing both need to be replaced, same age same box they should be same shade
  15. Im pretty sure the part number your after is 036109127N, this part number superceeded 036109127H stick that into ebay and plenty to choose from found the information here hope that helps