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  1. I also,have this listed in the for sale section, but if I can't sell as a whole I'll look at breaking this, either way I want it gone in a few weeks. 2002, seat Arosa S 1.4 TDI dark silver in colour, currently complete, in County Durham, larger parts collection only but willing to,post smaller items message me me for anything you're after
  2. Make: Seat Model: Arosa 1.4 TDI MOT: None TAX: None Engine size: 1422 cc Fuel type: Diesel Description including modifications: sadly it's time to part with my Arosa, it's a 2002 1.4 S TDI model, I've had it for 2 years, prior to that my brother had it for 10 years, it has no MOT and has been SORNed for the last 6 months I need it gone within the next 3 weeks or so otherwise it's off to the crusher with it, I would rather sell as a complete car but if it doesn't shift I will break for parts and scrap the rest. it has 157,00 miles on it but actually runs very sweetly, good engine and box, though the front downpipe is shot but I have a good usable one off a polo that I scrapped which is available. bodily it has no rot as such, I paid a lad a couple of years ago to patch up the front wings for mot, he welded some sections in and painted them, they're passable but far from perfect, the rear arches are rusty but not holed or raggy so should go through an MOT. The brakes need attention, there's vibration through the pedal, so would need new discs and drums and linings, and possibly handbrake cables the front tyres are shot, but I picked up 2 good as new ones for it from a scrappy which could be included at additional cost. The alloys are a bit corroded and could do with tidying. since sorning the car the battery keeps going flat and the 2 n/s tyres (one of which is knackered anyway) keep going down if anyone is interested in the whole car drop me a line, failing that I will break her so equally submit any interest in parts the above is my description of the car I've tried to be as honest as possible, but please inspect for yourself before buying ill try and upload some pics in next day or 2 MODS, because I would like to sell this whole, but will also consider breaking, I would like to list it in both cars for sale and the breaking section, I hope this is ok, if not please let me know Location: Co. Durham Images: Price:. £200 Ono
  3. Hi Fairly new member here, I have a 2002 Arosa 1.4 TDI and the rear drum brakes are knackered! As it happens I am also breaking my girlfriends 2000 Polo 1.4 TDI, which has rear disks and ABS as standard, so I got to thinking, could I a). Swap the polo rear brakes onto the lupo?, I don't mind replacing the disks and pads etc. With new ones but are all of the other bits compatible, on the basis that the Arosa is basically a sawn off polo? b. Possibly a more long term upgrade, could the polo ABS be used on the Arosa? any advice welcome regards Frank
  4. Hi


    do you still have your Arosa available for spares?






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