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  1. Does anyone know if these will fit in my arosa before I buy them????
  2. Love what you done to the car and like how you done the boot👌👌
  3. After a good clean today and finally some other modifications it's going well so far
  4. Fresh updates should be up tomorrow and yeah for sure thanks a lot for all the help
  5. Yeah for sure it would be good if we could get a group of us to meet up
  6. That's a shame and Stoke-On-Trent
  7. Yeah that would be great thanks if you wouldn't mind
  8. No mate tried but couldn't do it still aha
  9. Hi are you going down to ultimate dubs this year and I will definitely be up for next year when I have abit more done to my car and where are you located as well
  10. I'll be over shortly 😉
  11. Thanks lovely colour car yours is as well
  12. How did you get these on as I can't get my clutch one on
  13. Mark 4 and blue
  14. I am not sure yet will have to check and will let you know asap
  15. I will see you down there I am going down with my cousin in his r32 for staffs vw