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  1. Gtsixx

    PS4 - Users

    I couldn't make a decision so I brought both do you play Forza?
  2. Gtsixx

    new rims for my gti

    Is your GTI reflex or moon silver? What are the size of the Porsche ones (diameter, width, offset). I got some Bathurst recently brought them all separately so got them for a bargain What do you do for a living?
  3. Gtsixx

    Silver 1.4 - Newport - NV51VTZ

    Silver 1.4 Was parked next to me on the car park just opposite waitrose what I thought was a sport but reg check come back as 75bhp had Center exhaust though so though they must of modified it ? Was also lowered and on steels
  4. Gtsixx

    PS4 - Users

    Hello, Anyone on ps4 here?
  5. Gtsixx

    Hello Everyone

    You planning any little changes over winter?
  6. Gtsixx

    Not keen on new site format. ( Sorry )

    I though this when it changed but after a while you start getting used to it and it's easy to see new content, new members, new posts in active threads and it looks a lot better i like it ?
  7. Gtsixx

    Purple GTI gold bbs reg:BV51DPX

    I found it in the end, brother sent me a link to it, surprised he/she is not on here
  8. Gtsixx

    Nominations: Car to look out for

    Fincham552 There is just something about them wheels that make this car look promising
  9. Gtsixx

    Nominations: Best Seat Arosa

    Don't see many arosa threads, but I like "rachB" arosa
  10. Gtsixx

    Nominations: Member of the Year

    is it ok to nominate more than 1?
  11. Gtsixx

    Nominations: Member of the Year

    Silver skezza mattarosa always solving the the problems people have
  12. Gtsixx

    Lupo GTI is it worth the wait?

    You guys should take some footage or photos, would love to be apart of it once I get a Lupo again, they might be small and impractical at times but there like a Austin/rover mini but next generation everyone loves them
  13. Gtsixx

    Japanese Import Lupo GTI's

    With everything else that's imported they hold the value very well sales terms, rare for them to come with rust when imported aswell I think that's why makes them desirable also some Japanese cars have more optional extras(or several)
  14. Gtsixx

    Looking for a wing mirror

    VW breakers in Birmingham jlcautospares on eBay have loads of lupos/arosa failing you can't find a silver one get any colour either spray to match or black them both
  15. This thread below should be pinned good useful information http://forums.clublupo.co.uk/index.php?/topic/32413-speaker-upgrades/#comment-401183

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