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  1. Camrizzle

    Creation of the Lupo rally car

    where are them arches from dude. Look amazing
  2. Camrizzle

    Stretched tyres for aluline turbines

    cambered vehicle, forcing pressure on the sidewalls causing them to split...
  3. Camrizzle

    Stretched tyres for aluline turbines

    the pictures you have put up have blatantly been on a cambered vehicle but a non-cambered vehicle wouldn't course the tire to split like that.
  4. Camrizzle

    Stretched tyres for aluline turbines

    How are stretchy tyres dangerous? Can someone please answer me aha. I run 165/50/15 on a slammed lupo. It helps because it doesn't catch on the arches on full lock.
  5. Camrizzle


    Hello Dan, I was wondering if i could get a quote for a 1.0e Lupo 2002 model, with some modifications declared. Is this something you deal with?
  6. Camrizzle

    Coilovers/ springs

    Ebay all the way mate, same coilloversm, same companies but takes less time to get to you
  7. Camrizzle

    1.0 MPI for sale

    You must forgive me as I am not sure if I am allowed to try and sell my car in this section of the site. I have got a VW Lupo 1.0 MPI for sale though. 2002 Reg on 02 plate, It is a very clean car inside and out with very few and minor bodywork damage. By this I mean 2-3 tiny scratches that are difficult to see and NO DENTS whatsoever. I am selling her due to the fact I bought the car in the pretense that I was going to make her a very nice first car that would be loved by all, however, sadly I am no longer be able to make her my dream first car. I bought her in October 2015 off of a lovely family in Norfolk who looked after the car very well and didn't modify her ever. As soon as I saw the car I bought it and then collected the following weekend. It was MOT'd the day after I put the deposit down and it passed the MOT with flying colours. I have covered around 200-250 miles in this car as I have not yet passed my test and I am still on L Plates. Like I said my mission was to turn this stock VW Lupo into a dream first car. I bought a set of coillovers for her and have lowered her quite a lot at the front, as for the rear she is lower than stock but not stupidly low. I also bought a set of 15" Alloy wheels off of my friend however they wasnt in the best condition so I spent one weekend sanding them down and re-spraying them. They do NOT look brand new but look a lot more respectable and cleaner than they did when I got them, I also put 2 new tyres on these so the wheels have 4 decent tyres. Since I have had the car, I have spent a lot of time and money on it. So far since I have had her I have Changed Cambelt and Water Pump Alternator Belt Offside - Front Bottom Arm Sidelights (Now a bluey colour) Rear Number Plate lights which are brighter and make the car look nice and bright Suspension (Lowering The Car) A new door strip on the Passenger side as the other one was loosing its stickyness I bought a Cherrybomb rear exhaust box to put on the car but have not yet got round to putting it on so will come seperate to the car but so far have not touched the engine/ exhaust system at all. It also has Brand New Team Heko Wind deflectors on it which I haven't yet taken out the box The car comes with EVERYTHING to have it put back to stock, A cherrybomb rear box, Wind deflectors, All paperwork, 2 keys, and lots more. Please feel free to contact Cameron on 07712509822 if you have any questions about the car. Thank You for taking the time to read this.
  8. Camrizzle

    how low and wide can i go without rolling arches

    I have stock arches havnt touched them at all... I have slammed the front end of the lupo and will be cutting the rear springs soon so that the rear end is low. I am running 165/50/15 tyres so a little stretched and the car looks very low. Didnt roll arches or anything though. I think my wheels are 6.5J
  9. Camrizzle

    how low and wide can i go without rolling arches

    what do you mean without extra mods? If i was you get a nice set of JOM coilovers, you can find these on eBay, and along with these get a nice set of 15" Alloy wheels. My Lupo is on 15" Alloys and Is very low at the front and rear. Just remember once youve lowered your car, get it tracked.. Hope this helps
  10. Camrizzle

    Good insurance companys to go with?

    CJ1 i see exactly where you are coming from and I Will take it in to consideration, At the moment I am being charged £1500 from Tesco Box Insurance, They are great because although you have to have a black box, when you pass your test, the premium doesn't rise what so ever and you continue to pay £1500. The only downfall is that they do not deal with ANY modifications. Thank You dan, I will inbox you a message now and contact you soon. Thank You to the both of you for your time and help.
  11. Camrizzle

    Good insurance companys to go with?

    Hello, I am 17 years old, I have a 1.0 Lupo, I have lowered it on coilovers and got 15" alloy wheels on it, I would also like to put an exhaust system on it or make one for it. I want to do this legally and declare it but i have been told from my current insurance company they would void my policy so i need to find one elsewhere. Can anyone help me and tell me a good insurance company to go with that wouldn't expect my right ******* as a payment? Its hard but any help will be appreciated. Thank You in advance.
  12. Camrizzle

    Make the Lupo 1.0 to sound good?! Suggestions

    I'm not here to argue by any means mate, i can see your point but i guess different people think differently to different sounds. Some cars go past me and i think "Why?" but a friend may think it sounds nice. Personal preference at the end of the day mate.
  13. Camrizzle

    Make the Lupo 1.0 to sound good?! Suggestions

    agreed, it doesnt sound very nice but the noise made by the car is actually a nice rumble that isnt stupidly loud. Any exhaust sounds a little chavvy but i found this setup wasnt actually too bad.
  14. Camrizzle

    Make the Lupo 1.0 to sound good?! Suggestions

    Or buy a cherrybomb rear box for 53 quid on ebay and weld it on then cut the mid box out and weld a peice of pipe in its place. Easy, cheap and sounds tasty
  15. Camrizzle

    still having trouble with the throttle

    I had the exact same problem, I took off the throttle body pinned back the butterfly and cable tied it open then got my hand inside (ish ) with a peice of emery cloth and wiped away a lot of Shiitteeeeee inside! Put it all back together and sprayed the spring part where the throttle wire runs with WD40 and stood for 2-3 minutes operating the throttle body with my hand (open, close, open, close) it started unsticking and now it runs beautifully!

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