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  1. Lewis' Soft Blue Lupo

    Show seasons done for another year... Got a few changes coming for next season, hopefully be able to get into a few more shows and meet a few more people! Had such a good year with this little car, looking forward to next year! Yes, I managed to hit the wall next to my driveway too... thats being sorted soon!
  2. Lewis' Soft Blue Lupo

    So after owning my Lupo for just under a month, and after reading quite a few build threads, i have decided to do my own. She is a 02 reg, soft blue, 1.4 16v Lupo. My first car. So since owning her, shes been cleaned inside and out around 4 times and i havent had her a month yet! i mean... who likes to own a dirty car anyway? Any way, apart from all the cleaning i've done, i managed to take our the drivers side air vent, the seat handles and the binnacle and paint them gloss black. The binnacle didnt turn out as good as i expected because the lacquer started to run down and dried like it, but at least its gloss black now? primer... painted and fitted again... when i got the car, it only came with a passenger side seat handle, so i set to and ordered 2 brand new ones. found them on amazon if anyone else needs some? i also decided to remove and paint the covers that they slot into on the actual seat... and finally... i didnt want just gloss black air vents i decided to add a bit of a sparkle to it and added blue glitter! and fitted... heres one after i finished cleaning! i also got this through the post the other day, just need to remove my door cards then i can re trim them! sorry for such a long post, i'll be quiet for a bit now! what do you guys think?
  3. vw lupo gti, raven blue,

    Can wait to see more progress of this!
  4. Lewis' Soft Blue Lupo

    Its been a while since I've updated anything on here but back in July I finally went low! I've dropped it as low as I can go and still be able to get onto my driveway, the rear still has adjusters in but they should be coming out in a few months when some new wheels have been picked.
  5. Loopy the 1.4

  6. Lewis' Soft Blue Lupo

    So last weekend was spent building a frame to replace the rear seats, buying more material and putting it all together! Forgot to get a picture of the frame fitted but you get the point!
  7. Lewis' Soft Blue Lupo

    This was a while ago and plans have changed a bit, but thatnk you for answering that anyway!😂
  8. Lewis' Soft Blue Lupo

    Got into the outdoor Show and Shine at 'Elsecar at the races' last weekend and surprisingly didnt take any pictures of my own car! Since i last updated i've become a local nuisance with the help of my new shiny straight pipe, centre and rear sections. Hoffmann centre pipe to a sportex twin tip centre exit.nice and loud. A few more pictures before the exhaust was fitted... Nice picture from Urban Scrapers from Ultimate Dubs 2017! cleaned up the stickers a bit and added a sunstrip for the summer, gives me somewhere else to put stickers!
  9. Lewis' Soft Blue Lupo

    I was actually going to take some off today and clean the windows but its done nothing but pour with rain all day so it might be a tomorrow job!
  10. Lewis' Soft Blue Lupo

    So the weekend just gone has been spent in my grandads garage going over the paint with my machine polisher. Very proud of my results to say im not very experienced with polishing by machine! The paint just looks 1000x better than it used to without all the swirls and a lot less scratches. Last week i also fitted my wiper delete from ' Kill All Wipers' and it makes the rear end look much smoother. Glad i dont have a wiper to pull any stickers off now too! Have a few pictures... Sticker stack will be updated as i go to shows, i like to buy stickers and save them until i find somewhere to put them! 'Broke Boys' sticker was took off the front window and replaced with... A chrome 'Keep it clean' sticker! I forgot to take pictures after each stage of polishing but heres a few from sealing the paint... Autog Glym Extra Gloss Protection was used to seal the paint and a coat of Datwax to top it off. And after all my hard work and all the effort put into it, i decided to treat myself to a nice chinese for dinner... And of course i took a couple of pictures. Photos dont do the paint any justice, looks a lot better in the day light as well. Need to get better with my photography skills but it was only a quick picture! Cades wheels should be going on again when the weather gets better, along with new discs and pads!
  11. Lenny - Show Car on a Students Budget???

    Awesome, I hope you get it sorted! i miss not being able to 'beep!' at people!
  12. Lenny - Show Car on a Students Budget???

    Thats funny, exact same thing happened to me a while ago for the exact same reason! Still need to sort mine out so im hoping you get yours sorted so i can try and fix mine!
  13. Lenny - Show Car on a Students Budget???

    I just like to come back on here every so often to have a read! My Facebook just gets full of notifications from them Lupo groups!
  14. Lenny - Show Car on a Students Budget???

    I know, there doesnt seem to be many people active on here but i'll just have to take Rich's word for it!
  15. Lenny - Show Car on a Students Budget???

    YESYESYES!!! THEY LOOK SOO GOOD! Nice colour choice, I have white wheels too!
  16. Lewis' Soft Blue Lupo

    Should have a few updates coming this weekend! Probably have a mini photo shoot as well!
  17. Lenny - Show Car on a Students Budget???

    I was hoping to see what you got! Dont leave us with all this suspense!
  18. Lewis' Soft Blue Lupo

    Its been a while since i last updated this! Not too much has happened really, had a rear hub replaced at the end of august for the new wheels to be able to go on properly, some more interior plastics were painted cream, i got a new headunit for my birthday and finally, my horn doesnt want to work when i push it and thats about it really! If anyone could give me any ideas as to what to do about my horn, that would be appreciated! (Already checked fuse and its fine) And now.. Pictures!
  19. Lewis' Soft Blue Lupo

    No i didnt, he had sold them already when i asked about them again! They were nice though, have some others on the wish list though!
  20. Lewis' Soft Blue Lupo

    Thank you, i'll have a look in the morning!
  21. Lewis' Soft Blue Lupo

    Not updated this in a while, not a huge amount has happened, I passed my driving test on the 8th of July, the door strips have been removed, just need a good polish on the doors and rear quarter. Will update more soon!
  22. Loopy the 1.4

    Mine failed last week on a broken rear spring! I didnt even notice it!
  23. Loopy the 1.4

    I still dont know the brand!
  24. Loopy the 1.4

    What size are they? These look awesome!
  25. Lewis' Soft Blue Lupo

    Boot is finished! Finally, just need to wire it all up then test it!