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  1. Oh crap yeh, that is almost French thinking. Haha. Check engine light came on this morning. Bloody thing. Gonna investigate this afternoon. If it's the same code I'll clear it and keep an eye on it.
  2. haha now it has basically all new ignition stuff (plugs, leads, coil) and crank + cam sensors. It feels healthy now under your foot. Not a huge difference, but noticeable. I guess 126k will do that to parts.
  3. Thanks Rich. OK so, here is the damage... As expected VW absolutely robbed me for looking at it. None the less, it was actually quite a useful exercise because I now have a list of unrelated jobs to do (some a little pedantic, some not). TBH though, since I'd like to keep the car, this is fairly helpful. Anyway, when I got home I took some of the loom out, but it all looks to be in good nick. In a final act of desperation I walked over to my local motor factors and picked up 1) a new coil pack 2) a new cam sensor And guess what... Just drive 100 miles and not only does it go like a stabbed rat, no cutting out, no nonsense, back to it's old self - touch wood
  4. When I might get it back tomorrow I might remove it and unwrap the tape/protective gubbins. I hope it should be possible to see where it is snagged, what do you reckon?
  5. True, but it's very intermittent... I mean like I'm not totally sure it's that. I had hoped not to have to take the entire engine loom out, but it looks like that might be the stage I'm at... Rich was right about finding an auto electrician.
  6. Yup, VW haven't got a scooby too what's up with it. lol
  7. @Rich haha oh jeez - well I will learn the hard way I guess. Funnily enough it shat itself at precisely the moment I had to drive through Westgate tower in Canterbury. The bin men helped me push it out of the way in rush hour traffic, then it fired back up after I rustled around with the loom. @lupogtiboy ah.. bugger, so maybe it's wiring up there. Those little wires are especially frail up top and over to the cam sensor. I love how G28 kinda means something's knackered, but VW sort of use it interchangeably for crank/cam sensor, although clearly they are not the same thing. haha
  8. Yeah I think thats fair Rich, I just had to do something and they're down the road.. so if no joy, then I'll have to find a mobile auto electrician. Pete, good shout. The loom really looks fine, but I know that doesn't necessarily mean it is.
  9. Agree. I expect you guys nailed it RE wiring, but lets see.
  10. Thanks Rich, appreciate the offer. I admitted defeat and have booked it in at VW. The main dealer in my area is pretty good in my area. They've had the car in for various bits in the past. I will post back!
  11. Yeah the 106 had like two engines, three gearboxes and a beam rebuild. Handling was better and I think the JP4 conversion made it quicker, but I much prefer my loop. The maddening thing about the issue is that it'll do 20-30 miles fine, then die and refuse to start for an hour, or so. It really seems temperature related. I guess the loom could be damaged and it only causes an issue every so often. I think it'll be a nightmare to trace though.
  12. Well against my and everybody else's guidance I ended up with a Facet unit. I didn't know this until I went to collect. TPS in my area didn't have one for a couple of days. ECP said Bosch, but when I turned up it was Facet... I didn't have the energy to argue. Sensor seems to function the same as the other though. There is no visible damage to the loom. I read the G28 error code can mean many things, not always caused by the crank sensor itself being faulty... At this point I'm considering a trip to VW. I'd say somebody familiar with interpreting the live data is needed. Car has new ignition leads, alternator, new fuel pump (well two years ago). I kinda expect the coil pack or fuel pump (again). My 106 gti use to do an almost indentical thing - cut out and refuse to start. That was a dicky pump, which was really hard to pin point because most of the time it was fine. So yup, either a trip to VW, or it's scrap. Lol.
  13. Nope. Cut out after 9 miles. Hmmm. Still throwing this up...
  14. Bit of an update. Changed the sensor, but then it wouldn't start! Put back the old one, but same situation.. turns but won't start. Got power, spark and fuel. All checked. Not a fuse. Alternator was new 6 months back. Battery is ok, checked with a multi meter. Had a cuppa, scratched my head and it finally fires up with the spare key, now it's fine on both keys! Any idea guys? Would this be anything to do with the ignition switch? I've heard they can go a bit weird and cause cutting out and starting issues.
  15. Yeah man, I agree. Really *don't* want to take this apart again in a hurry.