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  1. I had exactly these symptoms when my cam sensor went. Fine when cold but once hot would cut out completely and only restart when cooled down a bit.
  2. It probably just needs the linkage adjusting. Worth a punt if the price is right. Shame it's not nearer to me 😭
  3. I have just stared stripping my old tdi to sell for parts. im keeping a few of the best bits for myself but everything else is up for grabs. Airbox has already gone. Smaller parts can be posted no probs, but will have to figure out if the larger bits can be posted or not. If not then collection from BN150 nr Worthing it may take a day or two to get the bits you want stripped off and packed, so please be patient. PM me for prices etc
  4. A flap wheel on a drill will sort it No need for expensive machining. I opened up the crank cases on my old C90 with such a method. Works a treat 😀😀 #ghetto engineering
  5. Ok no worries. I won't be travelling all the way to Birmingham if I don't have a clue what price your looking for. glwts
  6. Price???
  7. Do it 😀😀👍👍
  8. Here's a pic of mine. It might help a bit. It's a Tdi
  9. I figured that apart from the looks, (which I doooo so like) the amount of time I actually get to drive my car how I like to drive is probably 5% due to busy congested roads. So with lowered springs, 95% of the time I'm driving it's uncomfortable, impractical, painful over speed bumps, scrapes up steep driveways, a pain to jack up and service blah blah. So 5% I'm grinning and amazed at the solid handling and 95% I'm gritting my teeth whilst sitting in queues of traffic.
  10. I've been through this dilemma recently. My old Arosa was lowered on 30mm quality Eibach springs. My new Arosa is stock. When I got it the plan was to swap the springs over to the new one Maybe im getting old but the more I drove it stock, the more i liked it. I am now a convert and am never going back to a lowered car 😀😀
  11. Polo Tdi's of a similar age have the same EXB gearbox. I fitted one to mine 😀
  12. The switches are known to be troublesome and a common problem You can trouble shoot them by connecting a known good switch to the connector of a knackered one
  13. EXB 😀
  14. You will never find the words "cheap insurance" and "17 year old" in the same sentence
  15. There's a ton of turbos on eBay for £50-£60. Always a gamble but for that sort of money well worth a punt