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  1. 1.4 TDi losing power

    I have a load of random bit left from my Tdi all off a working car. if any are of any use then pm me and I can post them to you??
  2. 1.4 TDi losing power

    Yeah I would invest in a lead and VCDS. I bought a cheap reader and although it seemed to work, it didn't detect any codes.
  3. TDi - what to look for

    Check it goes smoothly into 3rd gear with no crunches. Do several quick 2-3rd shifts to be sure
  4. Tdi Breaking

    No sorry, only a few scraps left now
  5. Tdi Breaking

    Only a few bits left I'm afraid. Alternator, turbo pipes .turbo, intercooler, abs pump, engine mounts, battery tray, dials, a few sensors, door panels, air vents. Thats about it
  6. Seat Arosa 1.4 Tdi For Sale

    Well spotted 👍
  7. Seat Arosa 1.4 Tdi For Sale

    It's an app called "Road Trip"
  8. Seat Arosa 1.4 Tdi For Sale

    Car now sold
  9. I have for sale my lovely Seat Arosa 1.4 Tdi I have had the car for nearly a year and have carried out loads of work to make it the great car it is today. It's cheap to run and I get 60mpg all year round and only £0.08p per mile (see attached photo proof) Only £30 road tax and cheap to insure. It does have a remap to 110 hp but I can put the standard 75 hp map back onto it if you want. Current mileage is 131K but these engines are fantastic and easily make it past 200K without problems. Just change the oil religiously every 7K and it will last you forever. It has a Full Service History up to 126K which is when I got it. Since then I have done the following: 2x New Wings Oil/Filter change @ 127K Diesel filter changed Diesel purge New air filter Coolant changed Gearbox oil changed New clutch in July 2017 Underside wax-oiled including real axle and front subframe and rear side of new wings. 2 x new lower suspension arms (front) New anti roll bar bushes 2 new front tyres Rear tyres >5mm Remap to 100hp 60mpg + (see attached photo) £30 road tax Cheap insurance New stainless front de-cat MOT until Feb 2018. Passed last MOT with NO advisories Service history up to 126K Cam Belt changed at 103K A few points to mention. The switch on the driver side that operates the passenger window only goes up and not down although it work fine from the passenger side. I have a spare switch that is simple to fit. The clutch is brand new but very, very occasionally you can hear the release bearing stick on the gearbox input shaft and you hear a small rattle. Dip the clutch and it goes. This is not a problem and shouldn't be a concern. Front brake discs are slightly warped which you can feel through the pedal when braking hard. It went through the MOT fine like this. I have tried to be as honest as possible. I know this car inside and out as I do all my own mechanics. It will make someone a great cheap runaround. I think it's very well priced at £750 and has to go soon as I have just brought a new car.
  10. Blimey that must have taken a lot of typing. Took me 5 mins just to scroll to the bottom. Nice car 😀 I have always wanted one of these
  11. It a lovely car and don't take this the wrong way, but I think the price is way way off what it's worth. Your into mint gti territory at nearly 3K
  12. Tdi Breaking

    No. Dont have one of them, sorry
  13. TDI Pedal Box

    Just had a quick look at mine.... do you have to disconnect the steering column from the rack to get the peddle box out? looks a bit of a mare
  14. Lupo 1.4 tdi sport front struts and springs

    You will need a spring and shock absorber for each corner and spring compressor to fit the front springs onto the front shocks. The rears are easy to fit and pretty straightforward. Fitting the front involves disturbing the camber settings and this will need setting back up correctly along with the tracking. i managed to get my camber fairly accurately at home but ideally you would need a garage with the right equipment.
  15. Just brought my 2nd Tdi

    Did clutch change yesterday as it was slipping quite bad with the aggressive map I am using. The clutch arm had rusted through 😭I've never seen this before!! It explains the weird clutch feel that the car has had since I have owned it. lucky I had a spare!! Clutch now feels great with no slippage.....