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  1. It a lovely car and don't take this the wrong way, but I think the price is way way off what it's worth. Your into mint gti territory at nearly 3K
  2. No. Dont have one of them, sorry
  3. Just had a quick look at mine.... do you have to disconnect the steering column from the rack to get the peddle box out? looks a bit of a mare
  4. You will need a spring and shock absorber for each corner and spring compressor to fit the front springs onto the front shocks. The rears are easy to fit and pretty straightforward. Fitting the front involves disturbing the camber settings and this will need setting back up correctly along with the tracking. i managed to get my camber fairly accurately at home but ideally you would need a garage with the right equipment.
  5. Did clutch change yesterday as it was slipping quite bad with the aggressive map I am using. The clutch arm had rusted through 😭I've never seen this before!! It explains the weird clutch feel that the car has had since I have owned it. lucky I had a spare!! Clutch now feels great with no slippage.....
  6. Engine is now out and available
  7. They have gone now....sorry
  8. Sorry for the lack of response, I'm not getting emails from this site for some reason ?? Yes the car does have central locking. I need the doors to be the last bits to go before it goes to scrap really as the interior will get damaged when it rains. Can I message you nearer the time?
  9. A little Loop SDI has popped up locally to me with only 65K on it. The guy only wants £450. if only I had the space..........
  10. It's funny you mention this coz it drove fine for ages after fitting and adjusting them. Then one day I decided to tweak them some more and just couldn't find that sweet spot again. I put the sloppy old bushings on the silver tdi and it shifts just fine. From this I recon there's slop somewhere else in the chain which makes for a crunchy shift and it's not the gearbox at all Maybe it's actually the gear lever that's the problem?? Dunno???
  11. Tdi Arosa's are really cheap. Evryones running scared of diesels at the moment. Picked mine up for £150 and spent £250 getting it up to scratch 😀
  12. I had exactly these symptoms when my cam sensor went. Fine when cold but once hot would cut out completely and only restart when cooled down a bit.
  13. It probably just needs the linkage adjusting. Worth a punt if the price is right. Shame it's not nearer to me 😭
  14. I have just stared stripping my old tdi to sell for parts. im keeping a few of the best bits for myself but everything else is up for grabs. Airbox has already gone. Smaller parts can be posted no probs, but will have to figure out if the larger bits can be posted or not. If not then collection from BN150 nr Worthing it may take a day or two to get the bits you want stripped off and packed, so please be patient. PM me for prices etc
  15. A flap wheel on a drill will sort it No need for expensive machining. I opened up the crank cases on my old C90 with such a method. Works a treat 😀😀 #ghetto engineering