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  1. Rich

    Anyone selling a 1.4 sport

    Nice laser blue sport for sale on fleabay I believe. Cheap too.
  2. Rich

    New owner 1.7 SDI

    Became standard eventually
  3. You shouldn't be messing with the elderly neighbours car if you don't know what you're doing.
  4. Rich

    New owner 1.7 SDI

    The black one was an s spec. It had all the usual thing associated.
  5. Rich

    New owner 1.7 SDI

    If it has abs there will be a light for it on the dash and a pump in the bay, same place as an 8L S3 would have one. Yes, the SDI can have abs, Danno has one.
  6. Rich

    rear light relays

    No relays. Check earth's and look for corrosion on the boards if the lights are cracked externally.
  7. Rich

    Lupo Enamel Pin Badges - £5

    Especially with the excellent Spanish contingent which we have on here
  8. Rich

    Cherry’s Fresco

    No sunroof though. Poverty spec.
  9. Rich

    Cherry’s Fresco

    Those rusty pinholes that always appear in them?
  10. Rich

    Greetings from the Canada!

    It's because the plastic eggs are perfect for narcotics. Plus there's not enough chocolate and sugar for the yanks. And the instructions for building the toy would have to be more in depth. Think size of Haynes vs size of the Bentley
  11. Rich

    Cherry’s Fresco

    A 76 year old enthusiast wouldn't be driving a Lupo. You'd have a senator or something similar.
  12. Rich

    Greetings from the Canada!

    I don't need to be around for any of it.
  13. Rich

    Greetings from the Canada!

    I pointed out where there is a black headliner and she can't be arsed
  14. Rich


    Aren't you busy with a TT now?
  15. I physically go into ecp all the time. I mostly stopped buying parts before the job and now do it halfway when I can compare.
  16. You could always remove the crank and clean it a bit. Essentially it is magnet which sometimes gets an excess of crap stuck to it.
  17. Rich

    Lostprophets Ticket

    I know someone who has Ian Watkins signature, in a sick way I bet that does have some value....
  18. I'd say engine speed sensor.
  19. Unipart used to be good for getting it right.
  20. Stock photos, majority of parts places will happily sell you whatever with no knowledge of what they supply.
  21. Rich

    Lupo Enamel Pin Badges - £5

    Andy M, 2 x Silver Rich, 2 X silver, 1 X fresco (since it is going down)
  22. Just don't waste your time and go to the dealer. If you need some from Europe then get blueloop on it, I'm sure he won't mind playing donkey service.

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