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  1. pete for mod.

    nah, the kkk are outnumbered now.
  2. pete for mod.

    a certain mod doesn't own a lupo, purged himself of his license for dangerous driving and never comes on. Pete is always on, has a premium show car and always offers help. pete for mod, it makes sense.
  3. pete for mod.

    just embrace it and cut some holes in a bedsheet.
  4. Loopy the 1.4

    black cat omen.....
  5. Car Wrapping?!

    do it in the morning.
  6. Car Wrapping?!

    don't waste the money. (truth) wraps aren't that cheap and don't last that long. find panels.
  7. pete for mod.

    dirty arosa. filthy fox
  8. pete for mod.

    it would be sacrilegious to the cl shrine.
  9. pete for mod.

    sell subsections! can't rename, the lupo awaits phase two interest.
  10. pete for mod.

    I'm always active, i have a button on my screen which takes me straight here. checking Cl is easy.
  11. pete for mod.

    there isn't enough rogue activity to be moderated really.
  12. pete for mod.

    i cant join the up forum, doesn't allow the username rich.
  13. pete for mod.

    i wouldn't give me mod status either. pete though.... can we get Nicki back? tigz probably still has a lupo at least.
  14. pete for mod.

    some years......
  15. pete for mod.

    democracy doesn't work. i prefer the mattyb dictatorship.
  16. Future Forum Update

    cl is always so up to date.
  17. pete for mod.

    I'm not mod material, mess about too much. been there and done that, you though possess the qualities.
  18. HELP!!!!!!!!!

    challenge accepted.
  19. HELP!!!!!!!!!

    that's miles away! send me your number and we can sort via WhatsApp.
  20. Lupo 1.4 2004 ORIGINAL 13" STEEL WHEELS NEEDED!

    other guy didn't have a choice.
  21. Cheers from Italy

    I'm out your way in November! i saw loads of lupos last time, not many dirty arosa though.
  22. HELP!!!!!!!!!

    no programming, fifteen posted will see one your way, Thursday delivery.