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  1. a beetle is a lot more to look after. steering racks, bushes, top mounts, all weekly items.
  2. Teesside, ask for lodgey and tell him you are section five.
  3. a 1.4 lupo won't have the power for towing anything remotely that heavy.
  4. this isn't new information to those that use tps for service stuff. if you used the Teesside one then there are ways to achieve an even greater discount
  5. wire break if that doesn't work.
  6. same on the tdi, that was a ball ache.
  7. sacrilege, don't sell it down that path.
  8. then he needs to buy the original wheels. 195/45 like everyone else?
  9. I'd punt it at 5k if it had standard wheels.
  10. such an awkward place, does anyone else change it?
  11. maybe by better quality he means thicker? maybe even gearbox oil ?
  12. daily lupo gti next. either that or another mk2.
  13. tdi is a workhorse, nothing more. saying that, i miss mine. The Tt sucks.
  14. shocks

    i dunno if he will go for that.