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  1. No pressure in clutch pedal

    cables don't stretch that much.
  2. Hi all :)

    i only ask what we all want to know.
  3. Ratty Lupo. 

    Please. My paint is now blue where the boot shuts. 

  4. New Member!

    hello. i am dk02 gti so were semi related.
  5. i would be relentless with the hammer to break the taper. hasn't failed me yet.
  6. massive bar but i am lazy and don't axle stand anymore.
  7. if you're good you won't need the torx bit. it is all in the preparation
  8. Clutch adjustment

    standard pedalbox craic by the sounds of it. location?
  9. if you're trying to google a solution, a pd engine is a pd engine, you can look at golfs, passats etc, all use edc15.
  10. vagcom is **** most of the time.
  11. mine went through a spare of cutting out. turned out to be the cam sensor.
  12. Breaking Lupo gti

  13. The jazz blue sport

    looking good.
  14. engine manual

    the engine is liable to have the code auc. a 6n2 polo Haynes should suffice.
  15. Powerflex Bushes - where to buy?

    the black ones are really solid and if you use the car for anything besides the track you will ruin the general comfort of it and dislike the car. eBay seems the cheapest though.