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  1. Rich

    Heavy clutch pedal

    Ah, LHD. You don't have pedal box problems, don't worry about it.
  2. Rich

    lupo tdi gearbox cables

    Pikey spec time. Unclick cables. Click the tower into reverse. Have someone hold the selector down and into reverse. Click the cables back on.
  3. Rich

    Heavy clutch pedal

    Be careful as the heavy pedal leads to the death of the pedal box.
  4. Rich

    Heavy clutch pedal

    Worn pressure plate?
  5. Rich

    VW Fox Windscreen washer bottle leaking

    That's too far north. If you were closer i would do it for £150 plus sundries (belt and oil, etc)
  6. Rich

    SDI to 3L style conversion

    I've got a load of specific ecomatic parts from finding one in a scrappy. No idea if they work but I got a comprehensive amount of stuff so I'm fairly confident I could convert a regular SDI mk3 over to digiswing with the electronic pas and vacuum etc..
  7. I'm pretty sure people are fencing 6n boxes out as 6n2.
  8. Rich

    VW Fox Windscreen washer bottle leaking

    That's pretty north!
  9. Washers are easy, transference of water, easy for everything. Different pumps, different problems. Same mechanics.
  10. Rich

    SDI to 3L style conversion

    The TDI is just cooler and has 256 up front. Better image too. Seats are negligible as you would change for the 3l ones if available. I wouldn't bother doing any of it, I would just buy a golf MK3 ecomatic and use that, maybe take it on a diet. The ecomatic seems to be the 3l of its time, many features were carried on to the 3l.
  11. Rich

    Short shifter (Lupo 1.4 75cv

    Short information, short shifting. Golf MK3 GTi/vr6 b and m would do it.
  12. Rich

    Short shifter (Lupo 1.4 75cv

    What model is your lupo as there's a few types of selector mechs.
  13. Rich

    SDI to 3L style conversion

    Discs are only on GTi and sport petrol models.
  14. Rich

    VW Fox Windscreen washer bottle leaking

    Same as a 9n polo, I'll have my bumper off in a week or so, I can take you a pic?

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