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  1. Rich

    GTI Upgrades

    All this off road jacked up time and you have done minimal cleaning. Tbh you're neglecting the shell and you could have done so much more Also post a picture of the tool you're using for the driveshafts
  2. Rich

    Another abomination spotted.

    Needs lifting out and putting in a 6n2 with double batteries.
  3. Rich

    My best find!

    So it didn't come with the minidisc player? 🙄
  4. Rich

    My best find!

    There have been many GTis from Japan with a yellow garage in the pics.
  5. Just stating that the comparison of the tie rods is good. I like the innuendo though.
  6. If you don't mind one that has been outside for a few months I could check condition and strip ? Has been outside for four months.
  7. Specifically those seats? I threw a pair recently.
  8. https://www.ne-motorsalvage.co.uk/salvage-vehicles/details/VOLKSWAGEN-LUPO-3-DOOR-HATCHBACK/3659 Probably worth the bottom figure to transplant into something else. DC/DC (ugh) is 250 ISH to buy Other bit I can't remember is $700 Batteries are about £250 ish shopping about for all four.
  9. The ones which are glued on and come off? More door cards and glue.
  10. Take the battery out and look under the tray.
  11. Fortunately for you it is all colour coded.
  12. They're so cheap you should just buy more. MK2 arosa ones are more hard wearing items oddly enough.

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