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  1. sell the fox.
  2. Spain, dislike drugs, Portugal, like drugs. Mexicans, like tacos, Portugal, like drugs. very cultural here thanks.
  3. we have a couple of your mexican relatives (Spain) on here.
  4. that's strange. I assume you have changed ignition components?
  5. check the condition of the front lambda sensor wiring. I recently had to replace all my ignition components.
  6. I have modified for years but my current gti is stock and will stay that way. restoration on the next gti though.
  7. I should be getting a pair of OEM gti ball joints from ex German dealer stock early next month. if they're the right parts I will order me a couple more sets and then post up where.
  8. I said a child was scum, we all love the arosa inferiority craic.
  9. did you give the lupo to the child you like best? Arosa given to the scum.
  10. scrappy theft just makes it more reasonable when you have to pay. that's my moral justification of it. today I am removing a double stitch leather interior and a full pd130 conversion on 112k for the sum of £150. that feels like theft.
  11. I'm pikey, if I see a gamma in a scrappy and the code is the handbook, I know I can sneak one out. want a single din cd player to match it?
  12. the welded in roll cage fad has gone now hasn't it?
  13. sections at a time.
  14. the top part with the numbers just pops off so it can become either if you have a six speed one.
  15. I'd buy that.