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  1. TDI has just gone bang - advice needed

    if you're local and want to sell it then i would discuss as I have a spare head kicking about and I am a chancer.
  2. Hello :)

    they're French now, they have looked French for a few years anyways
  3. Hello :)

  4. Hello :)

    tdi ftw! cheap tax and running costs.
  5. Water in passenger footwell - stumped!

    i will be doing it again this week on my golf before it goes.
  6. Auto lights

    it is about time matt came down a unit...
  7. GTI UK Passenger mirror code

    I'll post internationally tbf. i will dig it out and post a pic tomorrow.
  8. cheap battered lupo sdi

    of course he will be
  9. cheap battered lupo sdi

    yes, apparently it will return with gusto.
  10. Auto lights

    he is in love.
  11. Auto lights

    Mattarosa fwend.
  12. drill the strut holes a little lower on the beam?
  13. MK4 Golf R32 Steering wheel on a Lupo GTi

    you only need a horn one day of the year....
  14. GTI UK Passenger mirror code

    i have a spare passenger stubby. electric too.