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  1. Lupo GTI Instrument sounder

    my buzzer for lights only works off the passenger side on both lupos. the 6n2 door switch system is so much better
  2. Lupo GTI Boot Tools

    hook (built into the car) screwdriver and spanner. also the cap removal tool and the locking nut. if you want a set, send me a pm and i will happily arrange something.
  3. Lupo GTI Instrument sounder

    yes, you can remove it (ask how i know) so you can reinstall it. i have some spare clocks which i have raided the less from if you fancy the challenge?
  4. Noisy power steering

    did you spray it with a lubricant for when the wd evaporates?
  5. Audi R8 Oil Cap?

    Ainsley will too busy with being a fanny laughing away at his own jokes.
  6. Emissions fail

  7. Wanted Lupo GTI seats

    just buy some golf mk4 ones?
  8. Audi R8 Oil Cap?

    yes, makes it quicker too.
  9. found on r32oc. did you take the arch liners out? Audi use the same screws but in stainless.
  10. Noisy power steering

    also i find filling with atf instead of the vw green **** provides a longer life due to viscosity of fluid.
  11. Noisy power steering

    i had a polo gti in with 5.5 litres of oil in it, sounded terrible and puffed oil out. customer panicking. alt belt off and the noise went, was the pas pump, worked fine but sounded like nails.
  12. more on the r36 turbo. link for a thread ideally. difficult conversion!
  13. Gearbox oil change.

    smartest thing you have said. my Mrs drives a fox.
  14. Misfireing issue

    go to machine mart and buy a compression tester for twenty five quid. if that's good change an injector round and try to change the cylinder missing as diagnosis.
  15. Misfireing issue

    compression test time. location?