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  1. Rich

    Lupo Tdi red letters.

    it denotes nothing, maybe that someone got eBay happy?
  2. Rich

    Here's Hoping

    smart move.
  3. Rich

    Arosa TDI

    i thought you were on Park Road?
  4. Rich

    Advice to increase turbo

    the only reason why.
  5. Rich

    Arosa TDI

    so why wes Langdon? I'm not called Rich so I suppose I cant criticise your anonymous behaviour.
  6. Rich

    Arosa TDI

    those seats do look good. Also, you're not called Wes?
  7. Rich

    pete loves cherry.

    1. Pete


      I love cherry....



  8. Rich

    Will it fit?

    A. No 1.6 gti in mk4. B. Not really but then if you read up when Mitch fitted a bca engine from a mk4 golf you should get an idea. C. Driving a slow car fast takes more skill.
  9. Rich

    Hello from Bristol uk

    not even close.
  10. Rich

    Hello from Bristol uk

    all that you need to know... breathe. eat. crap. avoid St Paul's when the sun goes down and know that you're not cool enough to hang around Southmead.
  11. Rich

    Arosa TDI

    you mention the interior but you don't show a pic. you haven't knocked the service light off. could look cleaner. spaces between points would make it easier too. the car is easily worth it but your salesmanship sucks.
  12. Rich

    LUPO Throttle body

    pop the cap,and clean the tracks with some vodka.
  13. Rich


    i like the wheels, the gold sets them off nicely.
  14. Rich

    Anthracite GTi

    Rich via WhatsApp, available to all for a charge.
  15. Rich

    Hello from Italy

    nice! tdi mk1 arosa.