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  1. Lupo TDi timing belt change advice

    I’ve learned more than I needed to know about Wakefield takeaways, but has anyone any advice on the original question? What else should I change, and any brands to choose/avoid?
  2. Our TDi is way overdue a belt change, but with MOT time looming I thought I’d pick the brains of the Lupo collective about what’s involved. Do we need to insist on VW parts, and if not what are the best brands to choose? what else should we change if anything? and, do we need to use a specialist or can any competent mechanic do it?
  3. Lupo TDi timing belt change advice

    I've never heard of anyone coming out of Wakefield slimmer than they went in.
  4. Lupo TDi timing belt change advice

    We're in West Yorkshire between Leeds and Wakefield.
  5. Well I suppose it had to happen sometime; after many years of fault-free service our TDi has finally decided to throw a fit. After an uneventful drive to work yesterday (to dodge the train strike), when I started up to go home I was met with a fair amount of vibration, and a noise that sounded like a mini tractor. There were no warning lights, and there was no sign of belt damage, obvious leaks or split hoses, and the coolant looked clean and the correct level. It's a 54 Reg TDi Sport with a measly 82,000 miles on the clock and we've owned from 18 months old. Any ideas before I throw myself on the mercy of someone who knows what they're doing? And when I get there, does anyone recommend a specialist in or around Leeds?
  6. Rough Running TDi

    I think embarrassment might be my middle name. I realised after driving home that it sounded a lot rougher than it felt. A good look underneath in daylight revealed that the joint at the rear of the catalytic converter has completely failed (see the picture), and the front exhaust bracket also looks like it’s parted company from the pipe. Hopefully it should be a relatively easy fix.
  7. Rough Running TDi

    I'll report back once I've had a chance to have a look.
  8. Rough Running TDi

    Interesting thought; We had an intermittent engine electrics warning light a few months ago (but with no obvious symptoms), and when we had it diagnosed it came back as a temperature sensor problem.
  9. Rough Running TDi

    Sorry @Rich, yes. It seemed to get a bit better once I was moving. I'll take the cover off and check the injector wiring as suggested by @lupogtiboy.
  10. Lupo boot storage tray?

    I'll grab a picture of mine when I go back to it this afternoon for reference.
  11. Lupo TDI Misfire

    Ouch! That's (partly) what did for my (first) Polo SDI. As an aside, is the book 'death of a salesman'? :-)
  12. Cruise control

    Thanks Skezza and Jon. I'll look into it.
  13. Cruise control

    I'd be interested in doing this to ours. What parts would we need, and how tricky a job is it?
  14. Stolen - Lupo 3L- X100MPG - FOUND

    It might be worth talking to the Citizen's Advice Bureau who can be quite knowledgeable about awkward problems with local authorities. And as suggested above; if you're reported it missing to the Police, tell them you've found it and where. It might only be council procedure that's not been followed, but that affects any right in law they may have to remove your property.
  15. Stolen - Lupo 3L- X100MPG - FOUND

    They do not need to be sympathetic; they need to follow procedure. Given they've already failed to do that, If I were them I'd be taking your money (presumably there will be a fee for release) and getting the case closed before I got my knuckles rapped.
  16. Yellow Yorkshire

    Spotted a lowered yellow X-reg Lupo when I was parking up near Bewleys this morning. Was it anyone on here?
  17. Highest mileage 1.4 TDI

    I wish I'd been (much) more diligent with mine.
  18. Highest mileage 1.4 TDI

    The timing belt on my second engine stripped its teeth and it went crunch. The rest of the car was beginning to get rather tired and it was a lost cause. It was also Evergreen, and it was beginning to affect my eyesight.
  19. Highest mileage 1.4 TDI

    My Polo Variant SDI finally died last summer at 260,000 although it was a bit of a Trigger's Broom, being on its second engine after the original seized at about 100,000. This was probably the result of poor maintenance on my part, although it did happen suspiciously soon after having had the belts changed. I want to enter our TDI Sport as having the lowest mileage. It's a 54 plate, which we bought when it was about two years old. I need to check but I think it's only done around 65,000.
  20. Green Dragon in Leeds

    I saw a nice looking 02 plate dragon green Sport this morning in the car park near my office. Someone obviously got round to washing theirs over the weekend.
  21. Newwww Member :) Just bought a Lupo tdi

    welcome aboard. We bought ours about six years ago and won't part with it.
  22. Another new one

    Hi Everyone Having gained a lot from forums for other cars over the years, i thought it was about time I saw what was out there for the Lupo. I have to confess that it's not actually mine but my Girlfriend's, but she loves it like a child and I'm in charge of its upkeep. That said, it's a lot of fun to drive, and a bit of a change from my Discovery.
  23. Another new one

    Thanks. I've already begun to soak up some of the useful information.