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  1. lupy lou

    A BU`s LUPO

    i think?! i have those wheels on my bug!mine r 18's tho!ur loop looks very well indeed:)
  2. Name: Amy Age: 19 lives: Ballyclare Northern Ireland job: student nurse Drives: jazz blue 1.4s and 1.6 new beetle pic: will get 1 from sumwere
  3. lupy lou

    mad spec on 1 litre loop

    was luking through the autotrader 2day and noticed a 2000 red loop, 1 litre wiv coloured coded bits(thought it was an s model), its obviously an import, but wait till u hear the spec it had! `usual-pas` e/w! c/l! front fogs! heated seats! and the price £2495! a cheap car or wot?52k on the clock wot u guys think? should i phone and enquire, wonder wot the interior is like!
  4. lupy lou

    VW Show 7th November at Bathgate Sports (Scottish Lupo Meet)

    does any1 have a link to the website of the show handy? im debating weither to go to show at donninghton or bathgate, which wud b a better show?ie more cars at it?
  5. lupy lou

    VW Show 7th November at Bathgate Sports (Scottish Lupo Meet)

    any1 no where i can get my hands on sum tickets for the show? or how much thay r?
  6. lupy lou

    VW Show 7th November at Bathgate Sports (Scottish Lupo Meet)

    just wondering how close bathgate is to edinburgh, coz me and the other half wud like to go, we wud b flying to edinburgh, any info on accomodation wud b gud 2!
  7. lupy lou

    17"'s is it worth it???

    if i had a gti i wudnt hesitate to put 17's on her,with the big wide arches and all it wud look sweet, but as i dont ave 1 the biggest i wud put on wud b 16's. ur gti has the power anyway, which is y i think u sud go 4 it, it wud b different if it was a 1 litre, cud u imagine, how uncomfortable and slow that wud b?(i cn a red 1litre other day wiv 17s on her, it did look well and made me look) but i wud definately go 4 look(styling) over performance... especially if its a gti, they r bound to go very well anyway!..but thats just my thoughts!
  8. lupy lou

    lupo mag

    how come theres no lupo mags out?am i missing sumthin?seen that carbon bonnet loop in this weeks vw performance, but thats it!lupos have been out since like 1999 and there are friggin new mini mags everywhere!its just not fair! :cry: vw performance mag is how i seen club lupo advertised style="vertical-align:middle" emoid=":D" border="0" alt="biggrin.gif" />
  9. lupy lou

    Hella or Cambridge

    cambridge definately!but thats just me
  10. lupy lou

    top speeds for loops

    as the book performances are usually way out on times for `0-62` and top speeds i was wondering wot sort of times other loops were putting out. just to compare and as ive only bn in my own loop and another s model. my loop- 1.4 16v...75bhp ive never timed `0-62`, but im interested to c is it less than 12 sec and so far my top speed has been 125mph, think it was pretty much flat. just thought it wud b interesting to c wot top speeds 1litres, 1.416v 75bhp, 1.4 16v 100bhp and gti's were putting out in comparison. apologies if this topic has bn discussed before.
  11. lupy lou

    any peeps from ireland on here?

    nope aint seen any black dun up loops about here, will keep my eyes open. sounds nice tho.will ask around.
  12. lupy lou

    lupy lou

    hhmm... price of rear spoiler, now ur askin!was 2+half years ago, but i cud find out 4 u.i get a pretty gud discount from vw tho...-not as cheap as £10!! style="vertical-align:middle" emoid=":evil:" border="0" alt="evil.gif" /> . yeah rear lights were lupo se lights(that the same as cambridge ones?)they were£36+vat each, theres sumthin funny about the rear fog lite tho(mines ok), think they have sorted it now tho, dont think earlier rear smoked lights had that function.guy i no had problems with his, which put me off getting them 4 awhile, but glad i did tho.both bought from vw. i wanted my car to look like a sport, and ur prob wondering y i didnt just buy1, but at the time i was 17 and learning to drive, insurance is a ****** and theres noway i could have affored 2 buy the sport (new) or pay the insurance. some companies wudnt even quote me 4 it, but im happy wiv my car, she quick enough for me and only group 3 insurance. wot more cud i ask 4!? im glad u al like lupy :wink:
  13. lupy lou

    lupy lou

    WELCOME!J (cheers cliff owe u big time!) this is my ickle lupo!....-“lupy lou” apologies for not mintin her before i took picks, was just sooo excited and wanted to post pics on here asap this is my 2002 jazz blue lupo s, (1.416v…75bhp) hope u like..... rite now all mods done to lupy since i got her....... when i was ordering lupy i ordered factory fitted fog lights, heated washer jets electrically adjustable door mirrors etc and abs. she arrived wiv a spoiler and 14" kyalami loys on her, next step was to lower her, so bought 30mm eibach lowering springs, and got a clifford alarm..wiv remote central locking. Then gota grill off vw, then got lupo se rear lights. Also put a 16v badge on the back or her, instead of 1.4 badge. put an oettinger badge on the front grille, put a gamma radio in her and a 6disc font loading cd player, also i `de-locked` her, which i think looks pretty well. Hhmm...think that everythin at the min, want new loys for her...among other things, exhaust, k+n etc thanx for all the comments guys! spoiler is just a genuine vw one, it’s in the lupo brochure, grille is in there 2, the only reason I still ave dealer sticker on bk window is just to make the car look not like an import! is that stupid? cheers for postin them cliff, had no idea u were goin2!?did I send u ne more? style="vertical-align:middle" emoid=":D" border="0" alt="biggrin.gif" /> thumbs
  14. lupy lou

    `0-60` for 1.4 16v? :P

    100bhp lupo is 10.0 sec(`0-62`), insurance `group-6`, top speed 116mph according to the book 75bhp luper is 12.0 sec(`0-62`), insurance `group-3`, top speed 106mph according to the book, but ive had mine doin 125mph, never timed `0-62`, will have to. any use?
  15. lupy lou

    john's (lower than b4) lupo

    i thought they wud buff like mad, uve just talked me into buying 17"s, was gonna go 4 16" coz thought 17" wudnt fit and be really uncomfortable, were ur loys dear?ur pics r kool by the way 8)

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