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  1. The jazz blue sport

    And one of them sprayed
  2. The jazz blue sport

    Thanks !! Got my passenger wing mirror glass yesterday so i changed that and fitted the new wing mirror i brought that I resprayed and the colour match is very good
  3. The jazz blue sport

  4. The jazz blue sport

    Been busy since last update, ive fitted a 4 to 1 manifold and centre section delete, which has made the car sound awsome and im sure it feels quicker too, ive removed the cold air feed to the airbox ready for my custom intake build which will run tubing down to a cone that sits just behined the grill on the passenger side, where there is already a hole through the grill to the engine. Also fitted central locking which was actually way easier than i thought it would be, just followed instructions and tapped into a few wires and its done. No more faffing with a key. Also fixed my drivers door handle as it would take a good few goes to open the door, just adjusted where the cable sits in the handle and that sorted it. Had my passenger window regulator out and thankfully its just that which is broken as the motor works fine, i say luckily but the thing was a nightmaire to remove many cuts and bruises were gained ! Also fixed my lights probelm as one would go bright and the other dark when i put full beam on and th3 full beam light was constantly on. Both lights where missing covers and one of the wires had burnt out. Luckily i had a pair of old lights in my shed so i just used all the wires out of those to fix my clearer lights on the car. The other rear opening window is also now in and i think thats just about it so far I think I've ordered a passenger wing mirror cover and a passenger window regulator which should all be here tomorrow. Interior needs a good cleaning and the engine needs a good service soon including a cambelt and maybe clutch change
  5. The jazz blue sport

    Ill keep my eye out for a gti with decent interior then !
  6. The jazz blue sport

    Then later on today I decided to fit the opening rear windows that I picked up from a scrappy yesterday for £20 with all the fixings and interior trim. After an hour of cutting with a stanley blade i managed to get the window 3/4 off however before the final quater could be cut i bent the glass too much causing it to explode everywhere, so for the other side ill tape and smash it to save time and fingers. Looks great though and makes things much cooler inside, unfortunatley it started to rain so I didnt get a photo of the window out Ive ordered a wing mirror cover and a check strap for my noisey drivers door so they should be turning up this week
  7. The jazz blue sport

    Right so today I did some more on the lupo, first thing was to tackle the bonnet release which was broken when I brought the car, this is my 3rd lupo and the 3rd time ive done this job so must be a common weakpoint. The old unit came off as well as the snapped cable, I only changed half of the cable as this is the half that had broken and its much quicker to change the unit at this joining block Easy but fiddly job
  8. The jazz blue sport

    How in depth is doing that ?
  9. The jazz blue sport

    What's that ?
  10. The jazz blue sport

    I went to pick up some bits for the lupo yesterday from a guy breaking an se, managed to get the cambridge rear lights, bonnet cable and plastic internal mechanism and double cup holders Will get a picture of the cup holders fitted today Next on the list to do is tackle the bonnet cable !
  11. The jazz blue sport

    The rear wind screen wiper and washer wasnt working so that was 1st on the list to sort out as it is easily accessible. So after alot of plastic trim removal I could get to the motor, the wires were intact and the washer fluid pipe was dry, meaning the fluid was being stopped further towards the front of the car. I tracked the pipe down the car to find it had come disconected on the join by the passenger rear window, clipped it back together and it worked!! Had to be the easiest fix ive ever made haha. After some persuasion with wd40 and some movement the wiper motor came back to life, a new wiper blade was fitted and that problem is now fixed ! Pictures dont show much but you can see the arm is now not jammed half way across the screen
  12. The jazz blue sport

    Hi, been a member on here for a while now and after having a few other cars I'm now back in another lupo ive had a jazz blue tdi and a silver tdi before both of which were cracking cars and now ive brought a jazz blue 16v sport, always wanted the petrol sport, loved the look of the centre exit and ive heard a few with some nice exhaust systems and like the sound, the one thing I didnt like about the tdi was the fact it didn't sound good. Anyway heres the lupo, it was registered in 2001 it has spots, a sunroof, heated mirrors and mudflaps, not sure what options come with what model but my last 2 sports varied in what they had. I have a few things that need sorting and some that I have sorted already. My plans are to get it looking clean lower it and fit some nice wheels, a decat, manifold and air filter, and a few other bits along the way.
  13. Daily jazz blue 1.4 tdi lupo

    Got them off of ebay if I remember correctly they were under £20 posted Start full time work soon so lowering new wheels and a remap are to come .....
  14. Daily jazz blue 1.4 tdi lupo

    thanks i like cars with strange original colours, as you could probably tell with my mini being inca yellow and my lupo being jazz blue
  15. Daily jazz blue 1.4 tdi lupo

    1st job was to give it a good clean, paint under arch parts such as springs etc black again, also repaint the wheel nut dust covers in black as they had turned a horrible grey colour, repainted the callipers and drums and fitted an engine cover as it didn't come with one. front wheels went from this: to this : changed the centre caps cleaned the rear wheels and added vw dust caps all round painted dust covers black, before: after: changed out the old mats gave the engine bay a detail