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  1. dubpilot

    Arosa / Lupo Thule roof bars

    @lizzy, would you consider posting?
  2. dubpilot

    Wanted lupo sport!!!

    Not a lupo but I've got a 2002 Arosa Sport with 102k on the clock. FSH. Aside from the lupo gti wipers, all stock. Will sell for 1k if you are interested.
  3. dubpilot

    4x Brand New VW Starlite

    Yes mate, still for sale.
  4. dubpilot

    4x Brand New VW Starlite

    Still available mate, you interested?
  5. dubpilot

    4x Brand New VW Starlite

    4x brand new VW Starlite - cash on collection near Guildford, Surrey £300 ONO
  6. dubpilot

    Brand New (Rare as!) Original VW Starlites 14x7j

    Hey Matt, sorry I don't know. It's someone's Arosa on here.
  7. dubpilot

    Brand New (Rare as!) Original VW Starlites 14x7j

    Yes James, still for sale. You want them?
  8. dubpilot

    Brand New (Rare as!) Original VW Starlites 14x7j

    Hi Rowly, where are you based? Could meet you half way if not too far.
  9. dubpilot

    Brand New (Rare as!) Original VW Starlites 14x7j

    Anyone interested? Need the space now.
  10. We all know a set of these are as rare as rocking horse sh*t. Very hard to find a used set in good condition, let alone BRAND SPANKING NEW ones from the original German stables. Well here we are, what a find! Never fitted, never used, like the Virgins of Olympus. Reduced!!! £300 Cash on collection. No offers please as I'm happy to keep hold of them for another 10 more years if no one wants them. I sold my 2nd hand set last year for £350. Happy to meet within 20 miles of Guildford Surrey. Please PM me if interested. Joe
  11. dubpilot

    Arosa Side Light Bulb

    Just search for 501 bulb on ebay mate. I'd go for the LEDs. This will help: http://forums.clublupo.co.uk/index.php?/topic/62156-information-seat-arosa-mk2-bulb-guide/
  12. Anyone looking for a complete factory tool kit, the set that fits into the spare wheel? I have one, please let me know if you want them. Too heavy to post so collection or meet up around Guildford. I'm near where the no rice meet used to gather. Cheers.
  13. dubpilot

    Back to small...

    Major service done, rear brakes brand new. Ouch!
  14. dubpilot

    Genuine VW Lupo GTI rear bumper 6E0807417B

    Does anyone know if the GTI bumper fits a standard lupo (with exhaust modifications)?