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  1. Sausage

    Lupo gti classic insurance purchased!

    It is good news that you can get classic insurance on a GTI, thanks for the heads up. I just have negative emotions towards insurance companies in general.
  2. Sausage

    Another abomination spotted.

    Wont go far or fast on them batteries. Would be interested to know what motor though.
  3. Sausage

    Lupo gti classic insurance purchased!

    Garaged overnight is a pain in the ass, they wont pay out if it is nicked off the driveway or road or if they do a google streetview and find you dont actually own a garage.
  4. Does it go into limp mode or is gutless? Codes would be useful too.
  5. Sausage

    Lupo 1.4tdi

    There is ( or was?) a wiki at the top: http://wiki.clublupo.co.uk/Main_Page but it seems to be down at the moment.
  6. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/1999-VW-Lupo-1-4S-100bhp-track-sprint-car-roll-cage-bilsteins-fully-rebuilt/253870738374 Yeah ok.....🙄
  7. Sausage

    Turbo or supercharged

  8. Sausage

    Turbo or supercharged

    You can buy a very nice 1.8T converted Lupo for 5k or less. Not many GTI ones about and so not many for sale (i've not seen a 1.8t GTI for sale in last 3 years afaik) and tbh converting a GTI this late in the day with them becoming rare and collectable will just be a double waste of money, the cost and the loss of value.
  9. Sausage

    New Brakes!! Suggestion please.

    Some VR6 stuff might be usable with mods, but not really looked into it. Otherwise I've seen custom carriers to take bigger brakes but add in disks and calipers and it ends up several times the price of G60 kit for minimal gain on a road car. Plus if you go bigger you will need 16" wheels. G60 is the most cost effective so far, but feel free to find and share alternatives....
  10. Sausage

    Turbo or supercharged

    This going to cost you several thousand if you are paying others to do the work. You'd get better bang for buck with a 1.8t conversion.
  11. Sausage

    Lowered Practicalities

    I really should learn to read...
  12. Sausage

    Rear discs

    Only worth doing for aesthetics tbh unless you do heavy track work and the extra cooling and brake pad options would help.
  13. Sausage

    Lowered Practicalities

    Drive on to a couple of suitable bricks / slabs / timber etc to get the extra few inches so you can then get your normal jack under. Place behind wheels on one side and reverse up with some steering lock on and hanging out the door is easier, make sure they cant kick up though.
  14. Sausage

    MK1 Arosa Alloys Help

    Unless you have 256mm (tdi, 16v sport) brakes they should fit.
  15. Sausage

    Door won't open

    Try trim off and lock unlock repeatedly while direct tapping on the mech / motor inside the door with something suitable, before going for destructive options. You can get hands on it in the door and feel if it is at least trying to unlock.
  16. Sausage

    Door won't open

    LOL saw the part of "doors lock and unlock normally" at the end of the 1st line, missed the part about that door not unlocking. My bad. So trim off then and have a rummage? probably have to apply 12v to the motor as said above.
  17. Sausage

    Door won't open

    Prise off the key lock surround part on the door handle, make a metal hook with 90 degree bend and short tail out of thick wire coat hanger or double it up if too weak / thin, pull handle out feed in the hook wire between handle and lock wiggle it behind the lever and pull.... Voila:
  18. Sausage

    Clutch Pressure plate Torque??

    Less than you'd like usually. I dont know the figure but pretty sure they are going to be around 15 - 20 lb/ft. If they are that low then I usually tighten to the click and then a bit more.
  19. Sausage

    Lupo 1.4tdi

    Buy it. Not many about so I wouldnt let small things put you off it. If the price is right i wouldnt let major things put me off it either....
  20. @Rich, go on mention it, what are the differences? My 1.4s has black (i assume gti) headlining, very nice it is too.
  21. Sausage

    Subframe alignment

    I'd have welded the captive nuts in situ before removing the subframe to eliminate the hassle of trying to get it right afterwards.
  22. Sausage

    Nats flash red lupo 1.4

    You could fit taller tyres and reduce the arch gap. 185 60 14 look and ride nice. and replace the carpet with paving slabs..../s
  23. Sausage

    Lupo spitting flames

  24. Sausage

    2004 Arosa Sport 1.4 16V, 31000 miles

    You'd make a profit if you got the passenger side sorted out, cleaned up the wheels and replaced the mirror cover. Someone is going to buy that for 1k and spend £200 on and put it back up for 2k.
  25. Sausage

    Lupo 1.2 TDI annoying driving Noise

    I still dont see why you think he is trying to pull the hub out with the puller as opposed to pressing the shaft out the back of the hub based on that picture. He didnt say the hub / bearing wont budge he said the cv joint wont budge, plus he is pressing on the shaft there nothing else (unless he has the nut on or a socket etc in the hole we cant see, in which case he is pressing on what he is attempting to pull on and should be taken outside and shot).

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