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  1. Gearbox oil change.

    Depends on the year i think or maybe what they had in the parts bins at the time.
  2. Gearbox oil change.

    02T gearbox, big hex plugs on the diff housing, low one is drain (duh) under left drive shaft and filler is up near speedo plug opposite side.
  3. Yeah take it somewhere to get it checked out for free.
  4. Take in quick fit or ATS and ask them to check it over, they should spot anything obvious like knackered joints and bushes for you for nothing. Did they check the camber as well? Any odd tyre wear?
  5. Lupo 3L Gearbox stuck in upper gears

    it probably is just the actuators etc as they do get problematic on the 3l, but as the gearbox is basically an 085 box and your mileage is high it is well overdue for failure or a rebuild. The state of the oil might tell you something.
  6. Lupo 3L Gearbox stuck in upper gears

    I'd be draining the gearbox oil and looking at it for metal flakes, smell of burnt oil etc and then changing it asap unless you know it has been done recently. Your low mpg and gearbox issues could well be linked (increased drag in gearbox).
  7. Ryan's 20VT Lupo Track Car

    I've been after some Pro race 1.2 for a while, but as i'm too much of a tight a$$ to buy them new I will have to wait.
  8. Throttle response

    If it drives all right and it isnt bad enough to make gear changes annoying then I wouldnt worry about it. My TDI does it but drives absolutely fine. Heavy flywheel is right up there as the suspect. Make a vid and link to it if you like though...
  9. Ryan's 20VT Lupo Track Car

    Very damn nice. You Sir have excellent taste.
  10. Throttle response

    Has it always done it or is this a new thing? Same hot or cold?
  11. 1.7sdi to PD130

    Eh? What is the point of insuring it as a 225 if it has an undeclared diesel conversion in it. You are paying for no insurance at all apart from not getting pulled on ANPR.
  12. 1.7sdi to PD130

    You are a very naughty boy Rich. Although that temptation has crossed my mind for my red TDI with its knackered gearbox and vacant engine bay. But i will resist that slippery slope. JDD 02R box, VNT turbo, bigger injectors, 228mm flywheel and clutch etc going in.
  13. if you are happy with the readings then 0.1mm is likely within limits, I was expecting more, but you could well feel it. Could also be variation is disc thickness not just run out. If you havent already I'd take it off and clean up the mounting faces, remount it and measure again though. Check your wheel bearings for play while you are at it (wheel on, rock 12 and 6 o clock)
  14. 1.7sdi to PD130

    Here are the boring bits: If yours is £30 tax then sell it and get a 1.4 TDI and tune that to within an inch of its life instead. If yours is £30 tax and you convert it your VED will go to £245, if that doesnt bother you or your VED is already that much then carry on.
  15. 1.8T Lupo Conversion

    This ad for a lupo 1.8T details the parts he used, so give you an idea what you need as in parts: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Vw-Lupo-1-8-20V-Turbo-/292282098232 i bet his gear ratios are woefully short though using a GTI box instead of a diesel one.
  16. Pedal box help!!!

  17. VW Tyre sizes For avus scala snowflakes on a lupo

    www.willtheyfit.com bang in the sizes there and see what you get or what you are hoping to achieve. wheel size will be on the wheel somewhere probably. If they are 14 then your tyres will need to have lower profile to give similar rolling diameter for gearing and clearance issues. So 185 55 14 is a common size tyre for lupo, but others will also work depending on how low the car is, wheel offset, etc..
  18. 1.8T Lupo Conversion

    Didnt know VW did one: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_discontinued_Volkswagen_Group_petrol_engines#1.0_R4_16v_Turbo_82kW
  19. 1.8T Lupo Conversion

  20. 1.8T Lupo Conversion

    That's a hell of a bargain Lupo btw...
  21. Gearbox parts

    While waiting for the VAG springs to turn up a few mins of twiddling with the spring wire yields these beauties: Needed the ends bending a bit to make them do their job properly... Both 3rd and 4th synchros are knackered though... Cant justify £60 on them plus any other bits so this box is for parts...
  22. Having a job finding anyone selling cheap syncro kits and parts for the 02J box. Plenty selling rebuild kits which are just bearings and seals, I need a spring clip and maybe a syncro as there's a broken syncro spring on 3rd/4th gear which is just a metal spring clip worth pennies like in this pic: I'll probably end up buying spares or repairs box and raiding it for bits at this rate. Have a box lined up for the red TDI, this is just to satisfy my curiosity tbh.
  23. 1.8T Lupo Conversion

    Have a think about turbocharging the 1.0 for sh1ts and giggles, dont think it's been done (probably for very valid reasons) and see if you can graft a 16v head on there same time. Would love to see a 1.0 like that. otherwise the 1.8T has been done plenty, but i dont know much about doing it. Probably an 02J box with long diesel ratios if running smaller wheels / tyres though.
  24. Rare 2001 Lupo 3L 1.2 Tdi Manual - Now Fixed

    I'm interested in this. What gearbox is in it now? (edit: ok re read it, original box). Would you deliver this to south Wales?