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  1. Sausage

    Still Around?

  2. Sausage

    Sorting the new Loop

    Damn, where are you finding these?
  3. Sausage

    We need a club lupo quiz people...

    You mean woodruff key. 2nd vote for 1.7 SDI specific.
  4. https://www.allcarpartsfast.co.uk/vw-audi-seat-skoda/vw-audi-seat-skoda-02u301201-cover/ There are B,C, E versions that are much cheaper and fitted to many cars, probably worth finding what the difference is if any.
  5. Sausage

    Aftermarket Steering Wheel HELP

    Why not? When you need it most you wont have an air bag just nice splintery flesh shredding shards of wood to greet your wrists, face, throat and chest.
  6. Sausage

    vw lupo gti, raven blue,

    Entry ticket i'm guessing...
  7. Sausage

    Sorting the new Loop

    Respect to anyone keeping these going and not just breaking them, I really cant get my head around those who break perfectly tidy examples.
  8. Sausage


    H'mmm, my spam senses are tingling.....
  9. Sausage

    Red Tube

    Put a dildo in the holder and use it as a talking point?
  10. Sausage


    I didnt like your splitter in the 1st pic of it but a few pics later and I did. I like this car, dont ruin it by going lower. You can run taller tyres on your 13s as well for less arch gap. Reading about your dad helping you out made me reminisce about my old man, sadly he never showed me anything, never taught me anything, protected his tools like they were the crown jewels and so pretty soon I was the one fixing his vehicles with my own tools as a teenager. Maybe there was some wisdom in his method after all. Carry on....
  11. You need a multimeter for volts and continuity to work out what's going on, probably bad connector (green corrosion) bad earth etc. if you cant find it quick enough you could run a bypass.
  12. Sausage

    1.4TDI left Driveshaft

    Or if the shaft and splines were usable you could have just renewed the joints for about £40:
  13. Sausage

    Volkswagen Lupo GTI Bilstein Suspension

    How much? You can get those delivered for about £15 - £20 by courier, probably a lot less but I'd be happy to pay that.
  14. Sausage

    Lupo 3L TDI loses throttle response

    Do you mean it goes to limp mode (gutless) or has no pedal input and only idles? Fault codes?
  15. Sausage

    Lupo Sport 1.4 16v 2005 05

    Way too high on the price mate for a private sale.
  16. Sausage

    1L Lupo overheating issues

    Take thermostat out and try it without it, do the old hot water test on the thermostat while you are there. Make sure you have flow from the water pump as well.
  17. Sausage

    P0171 - Bank 1 too lean

  18. Sausage

    Help!!!! Overheating

    Yeah use a rag on filler cap as well, i got scalded at roadside when i was 18 despite opening cap carefully.
  19. Sausage

    1.4TDI left Driveshaft

    Is your chassis hitting the shaft or something? The red TDI I have had been running excessive neg camber and lowered, shafts had been hitting chassis, knackered shafts, wheel bearings, clutch and gearbox. It is probably just the cv part that has broken which can be replaced cheap enough, but until you get it off the car and get eyes on it you wont know.
  20. Sausage

    vw lupo gti, raven blue,

    They do, plus smaller = lighter. same with plenty of other wheels, I'm looking for some pro race 2 in 15 at the moment.
  21. Sausage

    vw lupo gti, raven blue,

    I think some motorsport wheels would look better than the mims as you have that theme going on already. OZ Supperleggera, TD Pro Race, Sparco, Compos, Image splits, Revolution, etc.
  22. Sausage

    vw lupo gti, raven blue,

    That can happen when trying to fit your number plate while intoxicated... Did the red one really need a bar to show it has centre lock wheels?
  23. Sausage

    We need a club lupo quiz people...

    Butt plug.
  24. Sausage

    Exhaust help

    Remove back box at joint, tie up dangly pipe so it doesnt knock and drive around. You might like it you might not and zero money has been expended either way. If your back box is very crusty and not worth saving then cut off the box at the box instead so you have the hanger and some extra pipe left, then weld / join something suitable (exhaust place scrap bin for supplies) on there.
  25. Sausage

    Stonor Park 3rd June

    Well glad I didnt bother now then, get your asses down to Retro Rides Gathering Sunday 19th August.