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  1. non starter, Arosa TDI

    Need codes read, flashing glow light on these means a serious enough error has occurred and there will be error codes stored. Get your own lead and vcds lite for about £5, run it on a £20 laptop if you dont have a spare one.
  2. Tyres

    Should do. If you are buying winter tyres then I'd go for slightly larger diameter than standard though, but if they are used on rims then they will do. Make sure centre bore fits over VW hub 57.1mm if buying used steels from other makes though.
  3. Lock setting with VAG Com

    Probably the boot lock is lazy as well, get some ears near it while it is locked unlocked. No idea about vagcom for settings but it sounds like it is the central locking motors etc. Multimeter time.
  4. Naw, go for 185 60 14s and save on fuel.
  5. Ryan's 20VT Lupo Track Car

    Thanks, but meant gearbox code for the ratios...
  6. Lupo gti doors on lupo

    Anyone point me to the weight reduction figures on changing bits to GTI stuff? in other words how much lighter are the doors, the bonnet etc? cheers
  7. Get a set of wheels with good winter tyres on, preferably on the skinny side, something like 175 and a taller ratio to make the gearing a bit longer. 175 55 15 165 60 15 I run 585 mm diameter tyres at the moment on my tdi anything bigger will be tricky without some mods. It will cost you plenty in fuel, you sure you are saving any money this way?
  8. LUPO GTI 5 Speed v 6 Speed

    H'mm I swear you asked why not when, so my bad.
  9. LUPO GTI 5 Speed v 6 Speed

    It sells.
  10. Lupo 1.8T Weight

    Top man, good info!
  11. Ryan's 20VT Lupo Track Car

    What gearbox and what code is it in this? Cheers
  12. Induction Kit.. Is it worth it?

    Not worth having, invest in exhaust instead.
  13. lower tyre pressures, find a different bias valve or modify your existing one or fit a 2nd one in line, fit a load sensing bias valve from a different car, shave the brake pads to reduce area?
  14. Biggest wheels possible..!!!

    My lupo is lowered about 40 - 50mm and i had to bend the rear arch lips to clear 195 50 15 tyres on 7 inch et35 rims especially when hitting bumps or dips or had weight in the back. Fronts were fine. You could avoid that with slightly narrower tyres, but i am not an advocate for stretch. Having gone from 195 50 15 tyres on 15 inch wheels to 185 55 14 on 14 inch wheels and having my hard ride transformed when traversing speed bumps, I will be trying 60 profile 14s (185 60 14). Your Lupo is a 1.0 with small brakes, you dont need to run 15 inch wheels, you can run 13 and 14 wheels which are usually lighter (=better) and can run larger profile tyres to keep the rolling radius which will give you a better ride. I would be looking at 13 or 14 wheels myself. Read up on offset, but basically the lower offset (et number) the more the wheel sticks out. Play around on here: www.willtheyfit.com
  15. TDi - what to look for

    Easy cheap remaps and plenty of potential for more power too. That with £30 tax, what's not to like.
  16. TDi - what to look for

    Mines fine 2nd to 3rd but refuses 4th to 3rd until warm enough = worn synchro, I live with it. Also: http://wiki.clublupo.co.uk/Lupo_buyers_guide
  17. Hmm, spoke too soon the one i got killed all video playback like youtube etc and my sound was dead as well even after disabling it and getting videos playing again. I deleted it and got sound working again and youtube etc by doing sound troubleshooter. Will try a different extension. This was the one I tried: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/photobucket-embedded-imag/ogipgokcopooepeipngiikdkpmcpkaon
  18. I'm using chrome and i got an extension to fix photobucket links on someone elses suggestion, it works well. Just search for chrome photobucket fix extension and a few will show up. Pretty sure other browsers will have similar by now.
  19. engine rpm. vacuum leak, flakey vaccum pump or flakey servo most likely. As the vacuum leak is a free fix look for that 1st, either the small vacuum pipes or the fat one off the servo which is prone to rubbing and going brittle.
  20. 14 inch steel wheels

    8 inch banded baby g60s but i wont be posting.
  21. Options for GTI tyres

    Do the GTIs rub on 50s because of the extra track width? 50s work great on other Lupo if not too low.
  22. Options for GTI tyres

    My bad, forgot GTI was supposed to be 205 tyre.
  23. Options for GTI tyres

    I'd go for 50s as they are generally cheaper and give a less harsh ride. 45s https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/4-x-195-45-15-R15-78V-Toyo-Proxes-T1-R-T1R-Road-Track-Day-Tyres-1954515/311132429401 https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/4x-NEW-195-45-15-NANKANG-ULTRA-SPORT-NS-2-78V-TYRE-195-45R15-4-TYRES/251166335943 50s https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/4-x-195-50-15-R15-82V-Toyo-Proxes-T1-R-T1R-Road-Track-Day-Tyres-1955015/301338421271 http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/4x-NEW-195-50-15-NANKANG-ULTRA-SPORT-NS-2-82V-TYRE-195-50R15-4-TYRES/260936843102
  24. CJ1's Red 1.4 TDI Sport

    Good work, this reminds me I really need to get off my bum and get on with mine. Red one still marooned in garage with no engine or box in it, black one i'm driving and MOT due soon. Was planning on getting red one on the road and driving it then getting black one finally sorted out, but being an olympic level procrastinator plans and results dont often match up.
  25. Misfireing issue

    just look for widely different pressures, but when i briefly had a 1.0 it was 160psi (or near as damn it) on all 4, 10 seconds cranking wide open throttle with all plugs removed. Anything under 120 would be of interest.