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  1. Yep, prob go 280mm at the front same time depending on what wheels I can get over them.
  2. Oh, I want your rear beam for my TDI if you go ahead and the price isnt stupid.
  3. I've wanted to see a rear engine one done for a while now, but I would agree that a GTI isnt the place to try and do this in. If you had done this previously to a base shell and knew what to do and not f@ck it up then I would say go for the GTI as well, but as it is fix or sell on the GTI and do it in a diesel with cheap tax on it. Who sells a GTI for £300 anyway?
  4. Get VCDS on it and read the temperatures there, if the ecu is reading very wrong temps from the sensor it will be throwing a wobbly, if the temps look about right then it is elsewhere.
  5. I'd say £2k at the moment.
  6. Take starter motor off and try it direct on a battery, there will be vids out there on how to do that, you can use jump leads but be warned cheap jump leads wont carry the current and the starter will turn slower than expected, just do it straight on the battery if in doubt. Here you go (might be crap havent really read it tbh): just hold the starter motor body on the earth pillar on the battery and jumper the other bits with a wire and a spanner, but make sure you are holding it tight.
  7. Pics might help as it depends on the damage, if the frame is bent as well as the skin and your dent goes thru bonnet lines then you wont get it out to any satisfaction. You will make it look better but you wont remove it with plunger, puller, shutting it on various shaped lumps etc. Not that it isnt worth a well thought out try though. The problem is that a damaged vehicle often attracts more damage from low lifes so probably better off with another bonnet.
  8. Mileage will kill the price plus people are dumping diesels now sadly hence a sudden spike of Lupo TDI on ebay so your price is very very optimistic.
  9. List it on here if you decide to sell it as I could also be interested as long as it is Y plate or newer.
  10. Same struts both sides or does it have an odd strut on the front? (have a peek under the arches) Defo looks odd.
  11. What code was it? It helps because you can look it up and narrow it down some more... If you have 2 keys try the other one for starters. Otherwise temp sensor is a good candidate if your temp gauge is reading off.
  12. Well whatever floats your boat i guess...
  13. Christ, did the ****s working there have unusually long arms with evidence of knuckle dragging?
  14. Probably turbo but no point buying another until confirmed unless the time argument counts for more than having a spare turbo siting about if it isnt that. Ecu can kick it into limp modes which feel exactly like very little or no boost so you cant just assume it is tbh. Bought a Mondeo tdci with no boost years ago, compressor seemed all right for play, but despite that turned out to be snapped turbo shaft, that was a year old recon unit with 1K receipt, you must prime oil feed before starting engine on replacement turbo otherwise it will have a short life. Top end will need inspection if it got low on oil anyway before spending out.