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  1. As said above, you cant and shouldn't. Just get a car transporter man to move it instead and save yourself loads of headaches and potential expensive disasters. Cost me £80 to get my Lupo delivered to my driveway, worth every penny.
  2. Those arosa wheels look good without the centre caps and painted satin black (if you do a reasonable job at it). Save your money for later when your insurance is slightly less stupid than it is at your age.
  3. Ideal track car is dealer parlance for the ID is suspect would be my hunch, so the fact that he wont mot it is because either he cant (no vin) or it is suspect and he doesnt want it flagged up on databases. So it is what it is, parts or a track day car most likely. But if you are interested you really need to go see it and get the story and triple check the vin is looking right and matches any docs with it. But we could just be reading too much into that and it is just a dealer in higher end stuff and cant be arsed messing around getting an old clunker thru and MOT.
  4. Why is the swear filter so harsh on this site? this isnt disney is it?
  5. PB pulled a **** move recently about 3rd party hosting and in whatever dreamland they inhabit they think trying to charge people £££s for something that should be free is a good idea. You'll find many threads all over the internet with broken pic links now as a result of their stupidity. I'm in the same boat looking for another pic host, there are plenty but i havent bothered yet.
  6. You know we need to see pics right? hint dont use photobucket as they are ****.
  7. Done it a year or so back on a TDI ecu so not sure if the same, used some free software and a KKL lead with genuine ftdi chip on and a homemade harness. I havent plugged it in a car it was just a spare that needed immo off to be of any use to me though so I gave it a go. Think it needs to be done off the car (hence the harness) so it can be opened and put in boot mode to dump the eeprom, but i may be mixing that up with something else tbh.
  8. Follow the strainer tube up? Looks like it is around the crankshaft nose but might be the wrong engine in pic. Check the strainer for blockage while you are there.
  9. How much for the complete rear beam? cheers
  10. More info needed... knocking is where? Define "knocking"?
  11. That's worth knowing, what golf bits though, mk1, 2, 3,...?
  12. Now it makes sense, thanks.
  13. I know but he's possibly putting a front subframe in the back with an engine.
  14. Can't help feeling sad about this one. There's still time to sell it on to me you know....
  15. Grease proof paper in between the adaptor and hub? Or a smear of grease. i tried copper grease once as used to have sticky wheels (no adaptors) on a mondeo difficult to remove and thought it might help, it made it much worse, copper, alloy wheels and steel hubs didnt get on. So dont try copper grease.