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  1. Unique Volkswagen Lupo 20v turbo - Show car

    It was up for a ridiculous 19500 last september which was at least 5x what it is ever possibly going to be worth. With it being this "unique" (read ugly AF) you have cut your potential market to a tiny number so your best bet is to make it much less "unique" if you want to sell it on.
  2. If you mean each revolution of the steering wheel it has a click at the same place then I'd be looking at the steering column joints mainly the one connecting it to the rack.
  3. unless you have a Lupo (or one of them arosa things) to show us we dont care.
  4. sucking noise around throttle body?

    stick some pipe in your ear and see if you can narrow it down (with the other end of the pipe, not just having pipe in your ear as some sort of talisman).
  5. cheap oil for sdi owners...

    must be a typo, they will just cancel the transaction and refund most likely.
  6. Exhausts hang on, err, hangers by rubber mounts, they arent rigidly fixed: You can see the direction of travel on the hangers is left and right in relation to the tips on the one in the pic, so the tips will move in that direction and settle where they hang easiest. You can move the rubber along the hanger and then put a zip tie on behind it to stop it sliding back again. Or your rubber mounts are tired, either way zip ties all the way....
  7. sucking noise around throttle body?

    Check for asthmatic badgers....
  8. Well my 1/4 inch ratchet and short 10mm socket wouldnt go on either clamp because the door reinforcing was right in the way, but i had lowered the whole lot including window down about an inch, maybe if i hadnt done that it might have gone on? But either way a difficult nut to reach, old swanny did the trick though as it only needed to be loosened off a bit to release the window.
  9. Swanny for short? Was eyeing up new regulators in case this one didnt seem happy, will go that route if / when it plays up again.
  10. Finally got around to doing my drivers side window which has been stuck since last summer.... These are a pig to get to if the window is stuck up, this is the shape 10mm spanner you need to get on the hidden window clamps as no room for socket and nut is recessed : Get to it like this: Battery died so repair done with no pics... Nicked this one off here to show broken part, the red plastic part with spring had broken allowing cable to pass thru it, fixed with gorilla glue and zip tie. Greased everything up while in the drive mechanism. getting cable back on drum was tricky so unhooked from the rollers at the channel ends to give enough slack, then hooked cable back over those when motor all back together.
  11. Lupo picture thread

  12. Small aesthetic mods

    Damn that looks nice.
  13. Small aesthetic mods

    Now that's just being silly.... i am going to investigate the front wing exit for the TDI though..
  14. Project Rally lupo!

    Can you point me to these little straps, the duct tape holding mine on is starting to peel....