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  1. Sausage

    Does my car have wrong gearbox

    Pics would help.
  2. Thanks, he's a top bloke, wish I still had his age and enthusiasm. looks like boot mode on the bench then, I was hoping for OBD options.
  3. Can you find out what he uses to do this himself? There didnt seem to be a cheap option to do this when i briefly looked into it.
  4. I'd be pretty chuffed if I'd done this, minimal fab, tidy install. i hope the single jubilee clip around an inch of rubber is just covering a small hole or something though....(a mount probably) What's the valve thing joining boost side to intake side? Emissions stuff? Cant see why it joins boost side as well. (stealth dump valve?)
  5. Sausage

    SDI clutch noise

    Given that it is an 085 gearbox and they are prone to bearing failure I would err on the side of caution and drain the gearbox oil measure it's quantity and inspect it for shiny metal particles. If nothing too obvious there then refill with fresh and see if it makes a difference. Chances are the output shaft bearing is going and if you catch it early enough it will be a relatively cheap fix. Clutch bearing are usually noisy when under load as soon as you press the clutch and will indeed go on for ages and ages like this if you can put up with the noise.
  6. Sausage

    Nats flash red lupo 1.4

    Have at it my good man. Be different. But do a good job of it.
  7. I'd have run that down to the TDI filter location if there is room there on a GTI, but looks like he has the filter right next to the inlet manifold (if that is the start of a cone filter i see there). Odd, but maybe he already had the parts and they dictated it go that end. The inlet manifold should be the coolest part of the engine, but that would be quickly offset by the engine temp under the bonnet, better off out front away from any heat. Water cooled turbo too...
  8. Sausage

    Selling car online?

    Or, If it is relavent to this forum then bang it on here. Pistonheads classifieds is good unless it's a rep mobile.
  9. Sausage

    Smallest non turbo diesel DI?

    From a few mins on google it looks like the 1.7 SDI is the smallest DI engine, the smaller old diesels (1.6, 1.5, 1.3) in the VAG group are indirect injection. Havent looked at the other makes but pretty sure they will be indirect injection.
  10. So is that adhesive during manufacture got on the splines? Always test the clutch plate on the input shaft, it just saves grief as sometimes what is in the box isnt what you ordered.
  11. Sausage

    Ball joint?

    Cant see a pic or video, but whirring sound on steering could be PS pump. If you have fiddled with the PS pipes and not secured them properly they make a nice metallic clunk when hitting the subframe.
  12. Sausage

    Lupo GTI modifying from scratch advice

    Not much for quite a lot is the answer. Your engine mods make it breath a bit better but do nothing more, a remap might get you 10% more. It's not a turbo engine so remap gains will be small. You would need some expensive engine work to go higher. You would have to spend £1000s to get 200+ out of it, cheapest option quickly becomes engine conversion to something with a turbo on it if you want big power. A well set up GTI with 140 - 160hp NA engine is still a damn nice car to own though.
  13. Sausage

    Nats flash red lupo 1.4

    Hmmmmm. 😱
  14. If the crash bar on the front between the chassis legs is bent much then it has pulled the legs in a few mm, start there when rebuilding as Rich said and get a crash bar to fit back in, long block of wood and scissor jack between legs will probably be enough.
  15. This sort of run around would drive me nuts. Can you dismantle your old MC (looks like press in tabs on the pic) and find what the problem is. There are probably seals available but finding the right ones will be a chore in itself. If you have reached the **** it stage you could probably swap the short rod into the new cylinder assuming it is otherwise very similar, or the new seals into your old MC assuming it isnt worn in the cylinder and the diameters are the same.

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