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  1. Pump timing external and internal (if you rebuilt pump), pedal /TB, IQ adjustment? Here's the hammer mod but i assume you have read this or similar: http://www.myturbodiesel.com/wiki/injection-quantity-adjustment-fuel-pump-hammer-mod/ I assume it is similar on SDI pump. Pedal / throttle body (dont know is SDI needs this): http://wiki.ross-tech.com/wiki/index.php/Throttle_Body_Alignment_(TBA) Why have you done injectors and pump anyway? I assume a problem. You need a baseline before making changes otherwise you dont know what is wrong.
  2. Engines that'll go in the 1.0 Lupo

    VW made a 1.0 turbo already for south American markets, the bottom end will hold up.
  3. No not really, that is one of many maps that limit the engine, it will take the lowest of several maps under different loads and conditions. Here is drivers wish (pedal %) here's another Torque limit (to protect gearbox, clutch etc) Your engine is atmo so will only be able to handle around 27mg of fuel. It may be that some of these maps are redundant anyway depending on how mechanical the pump control is, so just because there are maps for things doesnt mean they are doing anything on an SDI. (it has turbo maps after all in there)
  4. Engines that'll go in the 1.0 Lupo

    Please turbo your 1.0
  5. Pump volts and IQ look right. Copy paste from another forum for A4 tdi: ---------------------------------------------------------- Group 019 (Quantity adjuster) Voltage from modulating piston displacement sensor: 0.500 - 0.970 V Voltage from piston displacement sensor: 4.150 - 4.740 V nothing nothing If specfied values are out of tolerance, possible malfunction of the injection pump quantity adjuster. ----------------------------------------------------------- ideally you need the spec for your pump
  6. Edcsuite probably easiest for looking at the map. MPPS for upload / download.
  7. Aka the hammer mod. VW-Lupo_1,7SDI_EDC15V_0281010379_1037354651_038906012CM_EDCSG.Bin Map for looking at only, needs checksum, if you do anything daft with it and ruin your car I am not responsible ok.
  8. Vw UP Gti News

    Saw it on TGT, it looks disappointing with 113hp and 997kg. ford get 125 from their standard 3 pot 1.0 and some much hotter versions were planned (170hp+). They needed to be quite a bit braver here I think.
  9. On a side note i have the SDI map and it's got all the maps needed for a turbo just sitting there, so shouldnt be too hard to turbo one. pump adjustment and voltage maps etc too obviously.
  10. Lupo GTI info needed Please

    Keep it if you like it, if it is maintained then it should go on for years. These are future classics so worth hanging onto.
  11. Engine help needed

    Depends how bad it is smoking really, if not too bad you can try thicker oil and some treatments but they are only going to mask a problem tbh. If it's bad then you could get yours stripped down and see what you have before making decisions unless it needs to be on the road asap in which case an engine swap would be quickest. If the bores check out all right and engine is otherwise good just go for the rings, if the price of rings, head gasket etc seems worth the effort. head off either way if changing out a bottom end.
  12. Vw fox misfiring

    Get fault codes read.
  13. Lock setting with VAG Com

    Good info thanks.
  14. Declaring coilovers

    True, but that means nothing when they make the rules. I read the small print on my policy a few years back to discover it stated they do not insure vehicles that have been written off previously like CAT C, CAT D. But they are happy to take your money and not pay out when it is discovered your vehicle falls foul of that rule. How the f@ck is that in the small print and not plastered across the top banner of the website and automatically checked on insurance application and your application rejected, oh that's right, they want your money and wont pay out on a claim.
  15. 1.4 16v starting issue

    You got spark and fuel at the plugs?