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  1. TDI has just gone bang - advice needed

    Pics and location? I have spare head also .
  2. Cylinder 1 and 2 misfire

  3. Changes to wheels

    www.willtheyfit.com if you go up wheel size you generally drop the tyre profile to end up with similar tyre diameter. Like this. There is some margin but it affects gearing and speedo error slightly. I have 185 55 15s on mine at the moment.
  4. Lupo 20v Mid Engined RWD Build

    That is the plan.
  5. Lupo 20v Mid Engined RWD Build

    H'mmm £820 now. I'd want the shell for free for me to bother with it.
  6. Lupo 20v Mid Engined RWD Build

    I noticed that slight issue.
  7. Lupo 20v Mid Engined RWD Build

    We did, and it turned out pretty much as expected with one less GTI. I might have a punt if the bidding doesnt go silly, but it's lost a lot of good bits already that devalue it massively and limit its options.
  8. Lupo 20v Mid Engined RWD Build

    There she blows.... https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/2002-VW-Lupo-GTI-1-8T-4x4-Quattro-R32-S3-Project/232685804832
  9. Cylinder 1 and 2 misfire

    Rich is spot on as usual, it will be cheaper to find another engine than fix this one, but you can learn plenty by finding the problem on this one before making decisions. But seriously just find another engine.
  10. Cylinder 1 and 2 misfire

    Redo with wide open throttle (wot) and use PSI, cyls need to be within 10% ideally. When i did a compression test on a 1.0 it was 150 psi on all near enough. 6 bar = 87psi 7 bar = 102psi.
  11. Cylinder 1 and 2 misfire

    Redo with WOT and all plugs out 10 seconds cranking to confirm but that is knackered. Head off after confirmation. Head gasket, valves, piston rings most likely suspects. Has it overheated?
  12. Modification help

    Google arosa mods pictures and see what inspiration you find there.
  13. Cylinder 1 and 2 misfire

    Fix the issues with the injector wiring if you have any that might be a problem. If the plugs are wet on the duff plugs after a run then fuel is getting thru though. Compression test next, buy a kit (£20) if you dont have access to one, no point paying someone to do it for more than a kit costs.
  14. Cylinder 1 and 2 misfire

    Does it stay on 2 cylinders or revert back to 3 or 4? Error codes? Confirm spark on 1 and 2, confirm fuel at 1 and 2, do a compression test (burnt valves, head gasket etc). TB might need alignment procedure if you have cleaned it.
  15. Black Lupo Newquay