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  1. you sure vagcom isnt coming up with anything? 2nd vote for cam sensor.
  2. What do you mean "same spot"? You mean a geographical location?
  3. Tdi Breaking

    Can you list what bits you have left? Cheers
  4. Ok, I am a tight a$$ so cheap ones it is.
  5. bearing replacement

    just removed my two front bearings using ebay kit. Wouldn't budge at 1st despite heat and liberal soaking i was thinking my tool would strip too. Went on interwebs and found video of tool in use and noticed he was using the 62mm bush not the snugger 65mm like i was. Magic then happened: there's a step there, so i think the 65mm bush was hooking up on it despite being nearly the same size as the bearing. Circlips are a b4stard, you need to wack them down, soak them and heat them, then pry a bit at a time, 2nd one had rusted eye.
  6. No pressure in clutch pedal

    I would have thought so.
  7. No pressure in clutch pedal

    very likely, but he said he doesnt think pedal position has changed. I was under the impression the pedal dropped a bit when the pedal box failed, but it could just be failing and not yet failed enough for the pedal to move?
  8. No pressure in clutch pedal

    Cable stretched or about to break? where's the bite point? You need some eyes on the clutch arm on the box while the pedal is slowly pressed to see what is going on.
  9. Newbie member... Thanks for the add

    ^what he said^ SDI has the sh1t3 085 gearbox too. Plus TDI can be remapped easily and cheaply to 100+HP.
  10. Need both front bearings. There's some pricey, not so pricey and some damn cheap front bearings on ebay. Do I take a punt on the sub £9 ones, play it safe in the £16 bracket or go all out at £27 a side? Anyone fitted el cheapo bearings and they lasted ok?
  11. No pressure in clutch pedal

    Has the pedal up position moved down? Or stayed the same? Is it cable or hydraulic?
  12. Copart Spotted thread

    Anyone have an account?
  13. VED band and engine conversions

    I like a challenge, i retain £30 tax without having to duck and dive, plus it will handle better with a 3 pot. Will probably do a 4 pot at some point though.
  14. VED band and engine conversions

    They slip when the torque gets much beyond 250nm and heavy duty clutches are slim pickings and expensive for them, 4 pot flywheel and clutches gives bigger clutch and cheaper HD options. I think the 138HP one on here a few years back used G60 flywheel and clutch and standard 02J box if I remember right so I can make do with just flywheel and clutch. http://forums.clublupo.co.uk/index.php?/topic/78710-seat-arosa-14-tdi-1749v-138-hp-212-lbft/
  15. VED band and engine conversions

    Just want one that can take a 4 pot flywheel and clutch for now, so if my 02J can i'll stick with that. I have an 02R box here as well off a BNV.