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  1. Rough idle

    Jsut follow the codes: check the EGR valve is not jammed Your new throttle body needs to run it's adaption routines see Ross tech Wiki on throttle body replacement The O2 sensor is a red herring as such by un plugging it you are pushing the engine into limp home mode.

    No evidence for this hybrid anywhere so that suggests it's not viable, however that's part of the fun, as sausage says you need to get basic engineering sorted, do water and oil feeds all line up properly? and will it work mechanically. From doing this in the past a couple of pointers 1/ use a used head gasket so you dont have to orques the bolts. 2/ use plastigague glued to the valve base to check clearances, assemble torque to 50% rotate disassemble measure the plastigague 3/ When looking for clearennces allow for heat expansion and the stretch that happens at high rpms. 4/ you need to map the cam timimg relative to the crank rotation and piston pisition, it may be that you have clearance and that the CAMS need re-timing for the hybrid.
  3. EPC Light. HELP

    Sounds like you have a problem with the wiring loom between the pedal sensor and the throttle body, broken wire / poor connection either at the pedal or at the thottle body. Call a good auto electrician probably not a simple DIY fix as the ECU is between the two.
  4. You can buy service kits from brakeparts.co.uk inc pistons, re-manufactured calipers and other bits
  5. Lupo 20v Mid Engined RWD Build

    There is also a twin engine mini desiged by issgonis apparently horrible to drive
  6. rebuild rear wiper motor

    Rear wiper motor stopped spaying and started leaking into the tailgate, new motor £120 + ouch, Ebay £35 much better, arrived wel boxed didn't work GRRRRR. so simple rebuild instructions for the rear wiper motor. Remove the wiper arm, carefully pull off the plastic washer jet while it's still on the car as it's much easier. remove the trim panel, remove the hose and the connector. undo the 3 nuts drop off the motor. Remove the back panel use TORX bit. if like me your spay tube is broken in half you will need to drill out the tube which is brass at 3.2mm. ( It fails because the steel rusts expands grips the tube and snaps it when it wipes then it starts leaking) I used the new motor as a donor to replace the tube, drill out the steel at 3.5mm or 3.75 if you have it. I didn't so I used wet and dry wrapped around a 1mm drill to smooth out the bore to get a good sliding fit. Plenty of grease on tube and re-assemble and re-fit.
  7. 2001 1.4 to carbs

    Fooling, will be interesting. You need to find the mass airflow meter because you need that, It may be part of the throttle body if so remove the butterfly and feed the air to your carbs through the hole. if not then use the air flow meter to feed the air to the carbs. Fooling the ECU as to injection is easy just put resistors across the injector connectors at the right value
  8. 2001 1.4 to carbs

    Your basic problem is ignition timimg and advance controlled by the ECU, you have two options you can either try to fool the ECU that it's still in charge or you can replace the ignition system with an after market one. Do you have a cable or fly by wire throttle ?
  9. Lupo TDI Misfire

    Glad you got it working OK What happened to your 'known good' injector ??
  10. If the crank sensor is failing then it's more likely to display symptoms when it's warm, sounds like it's time to change it before you are stranded somewhere.
  11. No I was thinking of the arm, release bearing and slave, that alignment where does the arm pivot ? Is it in the correct place ? If you manually press on the arm can you feel the finger springs ? One way to align it all is to partially extend the slave then insert it into the arm then bolt it up.
  12. So the slave is working it's just not releasing the pressure plate, I'd take the slave off and check the throw with a rod from the face of the slave mounting to the clutch arm and see what i got before taking it all apart again. If you're getting enough throw then it's an issue with alignment. You could mimic the slave with a threaded rod and plate similar to brake piston retractor
  13. Aua engine dead

    llooks like that is doable as long as you use the head and block and toothed belt drive from the AXP, just need to check the bolt pattern for the gearbox to make sure it matches. The starter and alternator from the AXP should be OK to use, check all the sensors are duplicated on both engine blocks before you start check all the plugs from the wiring loom are the same. To minmise your issues going forward.
  14. Lupo SDI, A Bizarre Issue...

    Since it's only when you are driving there must be something else contributing, so uphill? down hill? Turn left or right? what else is going on when it happens. Engine mounts or driveshaft sounds favourite from what you're seeing or perhaps exhast touching under hard acceleration Take a passenger to see if it can felt through the body and not just steering and pedals.
  15. .

    Ok so time to dig out the wiring diagram and see where the ODBC cable goes, from memory it comes out of the ECU, the samller connector might be the OBDC you could re try it now that it's no longer lose.