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  1. 你好~

    想請教一下有關避震器的問題,我現在在考慮KW V1跟ST X,不知道你對這2款避震器有什麼心得?? 謝謝!!

  2. Tie rod end

    Thanks!! mates~ I will notice the information you provided !!
  3. 4-2-1 Manifold Friedrich Motorsport

    i met you in " Lupo GTI TAIWAN"
  4. Tie rod end

    Does any one here replace this part or know where to buy this part? thanks!!
  5. Help! looking for P/N of steering angle sensor

    thanks! mate~ it's useful!
  6. Did any one of here replace this part? I can't google this P/N thanks!!
  7. Hi~the gti from Taiwan

  8. Fault code : P1649

    Thanks~mate...i am going to try what you said
  9. Fault code : P1649

    Fault code : P1649 Data Bus Powertrain Missing message from ABS Control Module Is there any solution except replace ABS unit? thanks!
  10. OKD coil

    Is there anyone here who know this brand ?
  11. Hi~the gti from Taiwan

  12. Lupo gti brake servo

    Appreciate that! mate~ Please check the PM
  13. Lupo gti brake servo

    My gti is left-side & one of gti owners in Taiwan provided a P/N as attachment Is there possible that it's different about right-side and left-side??
  14. Lupo gti brake servo

    there are two P/Ns I found about brake servo. 6N2614100E & 6X1614205A Which one is correct? or both are correct?? thanks!!
  15. 4-2-1 Manifold Friedrich Motorsport

    Never mind~I just need 4-2-1,not 4-1.....