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  1. 4Cough

    V Belt on 1.4 TDI AMF

    I love this forum! You guys are legends! Thank you so much!
  2. 4Cough

    4Cough's Lupo - SA #2

    Howzit Richard, I also need parts, if you would like me to look out for something let me know, you previously asked me to look out for a brake booster for you and then never got back to me, are we going to have a repeat of this???
  3. 4Cough

    4Cough's Lupo - SA #2

    Well I currently have a registered Lupo: So I'm not phased about making this "new" one legal, it's just going to be my toy to mess around with. I've already had to get a windscreen for the TDI and I had to get it from Botswana and ask a mate to bring it over when he went and visited family. With regards to the thread name I have "4Cough Lupo - SA" & "4Cough Lupo - SA #2" you don't like? What do you think will be the headache with the gearbox? lining up the drive shafts?
  4. 4Cough

    PLEASE HELP: Need MM Code

    Good Morning guys, Thank you guys so much for your help! Lupogtiboy, you are an absolute legend, after 2 years of owning my vehicle I finally was able to get insurance on the vehicle. Also I did research on the MM code, seems it is only applicable to South African cars, my apology I did not know this. (It stands for Mead & McGrouther which is a Valuation Book that is updated yearly with Retail & Trade prices, I think it was a bit stupid of the insurance company to ask me for that code if I specified that the vehicle was never sold in South Africa so it would never be in that book. but the Sales model helped a lot) Thanks again!
  5. 4Cough

    V Belt on 1.4 TDI AMF

    Also is this the correct layout:
  6. 4Cough

    V Belt on 1.4 TDI AMF

    Good Morning Gentlemen! I am in a bit of a pickle. while driving home Friday night my battery light came on. upon investigation I saw I no longer have a V Belt. While stripping to see what the problem was I found the alternator pulley was broken and the alternator shaft had warped. I replaced the alternator but VW cannot supply me the belt as they have no stock. they have spec'd the belt as 21.19 x 1188. I thought the belt was too long while installing so I used the belt from my other lupo but then my aircon wasn't working properly. I took the car in to get the aircon pump checked out, I was told nothing is wrong with it, but it seems the wrap angle on the pulley is incorrect. this must be why I thought the other belt was too long, I didn't route the belt correctly. So now to get to the point, if route the belt differently then the smooth section of the belt runs against the aircon pulley, so my question is, is the 1.4 TDI AMF V Belt grooved on both sides of the belt as illustrated here:
  7. 4Cough

    4Cough's Lupo - SA #2

    Good day gents. So as rare as the Lupo is in South Africa, I have managed to acquire a second one 600km from my house from the Coast (Durban) The car is a Japanese Import and is Botswana Registered. I will not be able to register this car is SA (Legally anyways) So I decided to build a Race Car / Toy. The Vehicle cost me R5000 which is about £290 and cost me the same amount just to get it shipped up to Johannesburg. The Car is currently sitting on 137 000kms about 85 000 miles. it's a 1.4 Petrol Automatic. (If anyone has more information about this motor please educate me). I have a feeling the motor is completely toast, we tried to start it with no success so did not waste any time, I got the vehicle Wednesday Night, Sunday the motor and gearbox was removed. The Future Plan: I am currently waiting for a 2007 Ibiza Cupra to be auctioned off from a Insurance company to fit it's 1.8 20vT heart into the little lupo. (Please share links of any links with loads of info so I know what I'm in for). I will be fitting a roll cage and Bucket seats eventually as well So here is some pictures from being loaded in Durban to front end strip, to motor & gearbox removal. and the Ibiza Cupra that I am currently looking at. Looking forward to all your comments, help & support Car in Durban: Loaded on Truck ready to go: Front end stripped and engine lift ready: Motor & Gearbox gone: Ibiza Donor:
  8. 4Cough

    New Electric Window Switches

    Thanks Joe for helping me out.
  9. 4Cough

    Lupo TDI 2002 parts + GTI Centre Cap

    BUMP! Anyone have a Centre cap & Ariel??
  10. 4Cough

    PLEASE HELP: Need MM Code

    Yeah it was imported from the UK, I'm one of very few South African's who own the vehicle here. Only UK imports or from other neighboring countries such as Swaziland, Botswana or Namibia (those are usually UK / Japanese imports) exist in SA. From my understanding.... a VIN number is the number that identifies 1 vehicle, a MM Code is a shorter number that identifies all similar cars for example: 1.4 TDI Lupo - XXXXXX Lupo GTI - YXXXXX Polo 1.6 - ZZZZZZ So I am wondering if the 6X1094 number is the Code the insurance company is asking for
  11. 4Cough

    PLEASE HELP: Need MM Code

    Wow dude! thanks a lot! I am going to send this through to Insurance and see if they are happy with this.
  12. Good Afternoon Guys, I am in the process of insuring my vehicle, No VW in South Africa wants to assist me so maybe one of you guys can maybe help out by calling your local VW. I am looking for the "MM Code" and "Full Description of the Vehicle" as per VW. My VIN number is WVWZZZ6XZ2B032124 Please gents this has been an on going battle for 2 years. Even if anyone here has a 1.4 TDI Lupo who knows the MM Code that'll be perfect! Much appreciated!!
  13. 4Cough

    Lupo TDI 2002 parts + GTI Centre Cap

    If I post a picture, no body going to help hahaha What a savage Rich! lol
  14. Good day everyone, My sister is currently travelling around the UK and I thought this would be a great opportunity to get hold of some parts I need for my Lupo If you guys could please assist me... 1 x GTI Centre Cap 2 x Top shock mounts (1.4 TDI) 2 x Stop Buffer Aerial The last part I'm not sure how to explain but it's a cover that broke off under the car, it attaches to the front bumper and is small and is on the left hand side if looking from the front. I will try take a picture of where it should be.