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  1. 2001 Black GTI 87k

    I'm Selling my GTi as I have bought another one, Going to advertise it elsewhere but for now I'm just putting it up on here. I've owned the car for three years and in that time I have had the cambelt/waterpump done, two new window regulators, a new handbrake cable,and replaced the spoiler brake light. This year it's had all new brake discs and pads, and two new balljoints, new track rods and wishbones which are polybushed. The car has a Janspeed catback exhaust which has the twin pipes so still looks OEM and AP coilovers but it's not lowered massively or anything and I still have all the original suspension which you can have with the car. I also have all the rear wiper stuff which will be included incase you want to put it all back. Other than that it is standard. The car has a full service history, done roughly every 7 thousand miles and there's loads of receipts for thing's that have been done over the life of the car. It will also have a full year's MOT that I am getting done tomorrow. Current mileage is 86954 but that will increase slightly as I am still using the car for now. Obviously for a 16 year old car the paintwork isn't flawless but when its cleaned and polished it looks very nice! The EPC light is on for an implausible brake light signal, I have replaced the brake switch with a genuine VW one and all the brake light's function properly, not sure if it's just a case of resetting the light but there are no issue's with this at all and it's never really bothered me. The starter motor occasionally does the VW squeak but again that's never really bothered me much either! Only have a few pics for now, I will get a few more when it's daylight. Price I'm after is around £3500 though I'm willing to listen to offers, and i'm based in Manchester. DM me for any more info, cheers.
  2. In my new GTI the stereo only seem's to work after I've been driving the car for a while, it won't switch on or show any signs of life, then all of a sudden it bursts into life when i'm driving along. It's definitely not the stereo because it does the exact same with two different ones i've tried...Things I maybe think it is (shot's in the dark to be honest) bad earth/wire damage perhaps or battery not strong enough? Noticed theres some greenish gunk around the battery connections aswell, dunno if that's significant? The car had barely been used before I got it so could it maybe be the alternator? It's very odd, once it does finally come on it works totally fine
  3. 2001 Black GTI 87k

    Just a quick bump to say if anybody wants to take this off me this weekend. They can have it for 3 grand!
  4. 2001 Black GTI 87k

    yeah they're the ones!
  5. 2001 Black GTI 87k

    Just adding to this to say the car now has a full year's MOT after getting a CV boot replaced. And if anyone offers £3500 you can have the standard alloys and the BBS 764's which are the rare 16" version of these BBS wheels.
  6. Japanese LUPO GTI's

    I would say that due to the rarity and desirabilty of GTI's, the fact it's an import wouldn't really have any kind of detrimental effect on the value. I don't see it as a negative and I was actually looking at getting one before the blue one I ended up getting popped up!
  7. Nope, nothing then either. Had a go this morning.
  8. Rather than down the road though it takes about an hour of driving roughly to come on, not really relative to any sudden bumps in the road or anything like that. It's very odd. Edit: This has just popped in my head actually, the stereo hasn't forgotten any settings or anything when it comes on, which would suggest it is constantly getting power?
  9. Gonna get myself a multimeter and have a look when I get chance, cheers.
  10. Jamie's black GTI

    Decided to make a thread here to keep track of my progress with my GTI. Bought her back in January when she looked like this... Definitely a few rough edges (lacquer peel, kerbed alloys) general 14 year old car wear and tear! Changed a few thing's whilst waiting to pass my driving test, but it was mainly a case of keeping her clean and kissing her goodnight..the usual. Got myself some pressed plates and got some Cambridge lights which I de-tangoed Then I passed my driving test and could finally drive her! This was my first ever drive out on my own, First stop was for some petrol Absolutely love driving her, amazing little car! have also had the alloys refurbished and polished/cleaned like a right nob head Did a little touch up job on the rear brakes aswell because they had been replaced with grey ones and it annoyed me everytime I saw them!
  11. Jamie's black GTI

    Was it on Ebay? didn't realise! I saw it on Auto Trader and it was only up the road so I went and stuck a deposit down sharpish! Considering it's only on 59k with leather seats and air con it was ridiculously cheap, so cheap in fact I wouldn't want to say what I paid for it ha! Didn't know that about the 03's being the last year of Raven blue either, interesting!
  12. Jamie's black GTI

    Cheers! Relatively low mileage, leather seats and air con aswell! Got myself a right bargain! I've only swapped over the Cambridge lights and the Stereo, I'm gonna sell the BBS splits separate and the rest will be staying on the black one. Gutted to lose the exhaust but I don't have the mean's to swap them over unfortunately.
  13. Jamie's black GTI

    So this happened... Will be selling the black one. Gonna be looking at around £3500 for it on 87000miles. Will put up a post in the selling section soon
  14. Janspeed exhaust

    Might possibly have just bought another GTI now I'm looking for an exhaust for it, preferably Janspeed as I don't want to change the Twin pipe look and I like how the Janspeed's sound!
  15. Ryan's 20VT Lupo Track Car

    Just had a look, Very helpful cheers! I've just replaced my wishbones and saw the state of all the ARB bushes while I was at it. So they are next on the list!
  16. Just got one working for Firefox aswell! Nice one!
  17. Lupo Gti for sale

    Damn, missed it. Would be very interested in the blue one though aswell!
  18. Lupo Gti for sale

    Would be interested in seeing pictures of this that work! Sounds like a nice GTI!
  19. Ryan's 20VT Lupo Track Car

    Let us know how you get on with the drop link eye bushes? Replacing ARB bushes is next on my list, but I can't find 22mm powerflex eye bushes anywhere either
  20. NEW Shoes > BBS RC321

    Damn those wheels look nice. Would love a set of my own
  21. At my last service the car got an advisory that the rear bushes were on the way out, looking at the wishbone's aswell they are pretty horrendous so I decided I'd just replace the whole thing and do the ball joints at the same time and try stiffen up the ARB. (already changed track rods about 6 months ago) I managed to pick a set of wishbones up that already have powerflex bushes fitted, and I have ordered all new bolts for fitting. Was just after a bit of advice for when I set about removing the old one's and fitting the new one's. Any helpful tips, things to be careful of or like an ideal order to remove everything? Second part is polybushing the ARB. I know the GTI bar is 22mm but I can't for the life of me find powerflex drop link bushes that are 22mm? Are the end's narrower or do they just not do them?? And I assume its best to just get new drop links and fit the bushes to them? The steering is pretty vague and the wheel can be wobbled a bit with barely any steering action going on which is why I decided to give everything a freshen up. After 16 years it all looks pretty grim. Think that covers everything. Apologies if it is slightly rambling
  22. wishbone/arb advice

    Cheers guys, did manage to get them done. undoing the ARB and shifting it out of the way seemed to be the key to making it a lot easier! Still, not the most fun thing I have ever done, but happily the car feels more solid now!
  23. wishbone/arb advice

    Thought about maybe trying to open the gap slightly, probably a mm or 2 would do it. Gonna try and take the drop link off the ARB aswell to make it easier to slot it in level without it in the way. Ran out of daylight today so I'll have a go in the morning 🙄
  24. wishbone/arb advice

    Doing this now and for the life of me I can't get the polybushed wishbones to fit back in the gaps. Any one got any tips??
  25. NEW Shoes > BBS RC321

    Pretty much the reason why I gave them a miss aswell. Will just keep holding out for a decent set popping up!