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  1. gonna order a new switch tomorrow. Does anyone know what's best to use to remove the collar that holds on the lock housing? Bearing puller maybe?
  2. In my new GTI the stereo only seem's to work after I've been driving the car for a while, it won't switch on or show any signs of life, then all of a sudden it bursts into life when i'm driving along. It's definitely not the stereo because it does the exact same with two different ones i've tried...Things I maybe think it is (shot's in the dark to be honest) bad earth/wire damage perhaps or battery not strong enough? Noticed theres some greenish gunk around the battery connections aswell, dunno if that's significant? The car had barely been used before I got it so could it maybe be the alternator? It's very odd, once it does finally come on it works totally fine
  3. Bought a New Lupo

    after having a GTI without and now one with AC. I could never have a car without it again!
  4. I did yeah, they were both fine! Has a brand new battery in now aswell.
  5. I see what you mean with the screw for the switch now actually. its behind where you put the key in and not the part that needs drilling. Doesn't look too difficult in that case! The only difficult part i can imagine is getting the collar off the steering column. I've removed the steering wheel and indicators before so that parts straightforward enough!
  6. Actually just watched that, ha! Done a bit of googling and looking on here and it does seem like it could be the problem. From what I've seen you have to drill the lock housing to get the ignition switch out, then replace the housing. Could prove costly!
  7. I will add this to things to check. Easy to replace?
  8. No I still haven't got it sorted. It actually works perfectly fine and comes on instantly when its warm and sunny, so it's cold weather/damp that's stopping it working which is what I have been thinking it probably was. Anyone know what could cause this? Bad earth connection maybe? I know this was earlier mentioned, I know nothing and I'm useless with wiring though. Anyone know where the stereo is earthed so I can try and look for problems? Wouldn't know where to start with earthing it independently to be honest though . The interior light coming on when you remove the key doesn't work/works exactly in tandem with this problem aswell. But it works when I open the door or switch it on manually regardless of temperature. Don't know if this is significant?
  9. How much was the coilpack? On my last car I just bought a Bosch one for about £60
  10. Jamie's black GTI (now Raven Blue)

    Have thought about it. Its more the pain of actually doing it that has stopped me so far
  11. Decided to make a thread here to keep track of my progress with my GTI. Bought her back in January when she looked like this... Definitely a few rough edges (lacquer peel, kerbed alloys) general 14 year old car wear and tear! Changed a few thing's whilst waiting to pass my driving test, but it was mainly a case of keeping her clean and kissing her goodnight..the usual. Got myself some pressed plates and got some Cambridge lights which I de-tangoed Then I passed my driving test and could finally drive her! This was my first ever drive out on my own, First stop was for some petrol Absolutely love driving her, amazing little car! have also had the alloys refurbished and polished/cleaned like a right nob head Did a little touch up job on the rear brakes aswell because they had been replaced with grey ones and it annoyed me everytime I saw them!
  12. Jamie's black GTI (now Raven Blue)

    Not much to update, got a new gear knob from a mk7 golf gti, don't have any picture's unfortunately. It's hard to get a decent pic of a knob! Finally ordered coilovers, and new top mounts. Went for ST-X's over the AP's this time. Couple of just cleaned shiny pics from today. Love the blue more and more as time goes on. Just looks so beautiful in the sun!
  13. Stef's laser blue GTI

    Cheers for the wipers info mate! I quite like the red trim around the grille!
  14. Stef's laser blue GTI

    Stunning car, very envious! Edit: Where did you get the wipers?? I struggled to find some the right size!
  15. 2001 Black GTI 87k

    I do still have them actually. They won't have tyres though
  16. 2001 Black GTI 87k

    I'm Selling my GTi as I have bought another one, Going to advertise it elsewhere but for now I'm just putting it up on here. I've owned the car for three years and in that time I have had the cambelt/waterpump done, two new window regulators, a new handbrake cable,and replaced the spoiler brake light. This year it's had all new brake discs and pads, and two new balljoints, new track rods and wishbones which are polybushed. The car has a Janspeed catback exhaust which has the twin pipes so still looks OEM and AP coilovers but it's not lowered massively or anything and I still have all the original suspension which you can have with the car. I also have all the rear wiper stuff which will be included incase you want to put it all back. Other than that it is standard. The car has a full service history, done roughly every 7 thousand miles and there's loads of receipts for thing's that have been done over the life of the car. It will also have a full year's MOT that I am getting done tomorrow. Current mileage is 86954 but that will increase slightly as I am still using the car for now. Obviously for a 16 year old car the paintwork isn't flawless but when its cleaned and polished it looks very nice! The EPC light is on for an implausible brake light signal, I have replaced the brake switch with a genuine VW one and all the brake light's function properly, not sure if it's just a case of resetting the light but there are no issue's with this at all and it's never really bothered me. The starter motor occasionally does the VW squeak but again that's never really bothered me much either! Only have a few pics for now, I will get a few more when it's daylight. Price I'm after is around £3500 though I'm willing to listen to offers, and i'm based in Manchester. DM me for any more info, cheers.
  17. Lupo Repair videos

    Dunno if anybodies seen these, noticed them a few months back but forgot to post it on here. There's a playlist of videos by autodoc showing how to do many of the things that get asked about a lot on here! Very helpful videos, I've stuck it in my favourites! https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLWep5LzT0sxk0hWJmmAizUJiR6WDiuWX3
  18. Sifty's red GTI

    Do like a red GTI. Very nice!
  19. Jamie's black GTI (now Raven Blue)

    Definitely won't be going silly low. I want to still enjoy driving it and 100% don't want to ruin it! Alloys are all about personal taste I guess and I'll be keeping the originals anyway
  20. Jamie's black GTI (now Raven Blue)

    Not had chance to do anything really to this yet, cold weather is seriously off putting! Do have a list of tasks though, front bumper looks slightly mis-aligned so gonna remove that and try to re-align it, got a replacement tailgate loom to fit aswell as a couple of other niggly bits! Coilovers and the new alloys I have in boxes in my room are the first jobs after the boring stuff is out of the way! Still massively in love with the blue!
  21. 2001 Black GTI 87k

    Honestly there's pretty much no difference, apart from I much preferred the clutch in the 5 speed but I doubt that is specific to every GTI. I think the whole 6 speed thing is for brownie points more than anything!
  22. Indicator stalk question

    Yeah it's fairly easy to do exactly how rich said! Did it on my last lupo after the clicking noise became almost permanant! Most annoying part is getting the airbag off!
  23. Gti Tailgate

    I haven't managed to find anyone with a spare bootlid, so I've been looking into getting a new loom for this and I've found the part number for it, which is 6E0 971 145 E and a website selling one https://www.online-teile.com/volkswagen-ersatzteile/6E0971145E_Wiring-Set.html If I buy this though, will it include everything on the loom like i'd removed it from the car, or will all the clips and fixings need buying seperately? May sound like a stupid question but its not very clear on etka whats included.
  24. Gti Tailgate

    Anyone selling one? As a long shot a raven blue one, but I'm not overly fussed on colour as long as the wiring loom is intact!
  25. Gti Tailgate

    Nah, I saw those on ebay but I'd rather just replace the whole loom to be honest.