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  1. same, if this is actually a thing!
  2. Skajme

    Hi, this is New noob from S.Korea

    Love a good white GTI!
  3. Skajme

    Steel doors on GTI?

    Pretty sure the screen should be sekurit aswell!
  4. Skajme

    Steel doors on GTI?

    it should be sekurit glass and not pilkington, tell tale sign! My old Gti had a standard window on passenger side which i had to replace!
  5. Decided to make a thread here to keep track of my progress with my GTI. Bought her back in January when she looked like this... Definitely a few rough edges (lacquer peel, kerbed alloys) general 14 year old car wear and tear! Changed a few thing's whilst waiting to pass my driving test, but it was mainly a case of keeping her clean and kissing her goodnight..the usual. Got myself some pressed plates and got some Cambridge lights which I de-tangoed Then I passed my driving test and could finally drive her! This was my first ever drive out on my own, First stop was for some petrol Absolutely love driving her, amazing little car! have also had the alloys refurbished and polished/cleaned like a right nob head Did a little touch up job on the rear brakes aswell because they had been replaced with grey ones and it annoyed me everytime I saw them!
  6. Skajme

    Jamie's black GTI (now Raven Blue)

    Binned probably, I didn't ask for it back
  7. Skajme

    Jamie's black GTI (now Raven Blue)

    Ask and you shall receive! (hopefully this works) VID_20180611_150718.mp4
  8. Skajme

    Jamie's black GTI (now Raven Blue)

    New exhaust and bought some Wing mirror covers that I painted black. Ship shape Couldn't recommend Tony Banks enough! Exhaust is perfect and sounds lovely!
  9. Skajme

    Subframe bolts

    Seat parts shop website is a handy place for bolts and things http://www.seatpartsshop.co.uk/ just search the part number on the right hand side
  10. I needed to do this and came on here for a guide...all the ones on here say to remove the glass then mess about with clips to remove it. I couldn't figure this out without feeling like i was going to break something so I checked Youtube and found this.. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rl0-1K8DL5I It's a polo in the video but the mirrors the same. It works perfectly and is super easy! Most of you probably already know about this, but I though it was handy!
  11. Skajme

    Lupo GTi (Jap import)

    bloody lovely that! Nice pics!
  12. Skajme

    Gerti - My 'New' Gti

    Nice, I used to have a black one! So nice when they're clean...unfortunately doesn't last too long! Have to agree on disliking the original Steering wheel. Tempted to get a Lupo 3L one for mine!
  13. Skajme

    Hello from Sheffield

    Nice car, quite like those wheels! I'm around Sheffield/Barnsley fairly often, I'll have to keep an eye out for it!
  14. Skajme

    GTI Upgrades

    Damn, those wishbones look smart!
  15. Skajme

    Jamie's black GTI (now Raven Blue)

    Cheers! I wouldn't want it too low. Worrying about hitting speedbumps and stuff is not my idea of a good time! Going aftermarket, but I will be keeping twin pipes, I want it to look how the janspeed one looked basically! Cheers! I do love the blue!
  16. Skajme

    Jamie's black GTI (now Raven Blue)

    Went All Types in North Wales today, not a bad day! The car's looking spot on with the Coilovers finally on and I've got a new exhaust getting sorted on the 9th of June! All coming along nicely
  17. Skajme

    Wanted- GTI back box heat shield

    Sorry for another topic, but is anyone breaking a GTI or got a spare one of these lying around? Mine is just...missing. part number is 6X0803310N if that helps anyone? And i'm guessing it's just held on with those circular clip things? Failing that is the rear heat shield even totally necessary if I don't find one? I feel like all heat shields do is come loose and rattle, Can't imagine there is too much heat at the back box compared to further along anyway.
  18. Skajme

    Wanted - Boot bump stops

    I'll have a look, cheers! The bootlid doesn't half bang about with it missing!
  19. Skajme

    Wanted - Boot bump stops

    anyone have one lying about they can send me? or know how much one would be from VW? I only actually need the rubber bit on the end! Part number is 6X0 827 499 F they look like this Cheers
  20. Skajme

    Jamie's black GTI (now Raven Blue)

    A guy up near Windermere had it on his, but he's putting his back to standard to sell so he offered it to me as a swap plus cash. Wanted the boot handle smoothed anyway so it made sense!
  21. Skajme

    Jamie's black GTI (now Raven Blue)

    haha it's on the list, drives me insane every time i see it!. Stainless cat-back will be getting fitted at some point in the near future!
  22. Skajme

    Jamie's black GTI (now Raven Blue)

    Got a new bootlid, mk5 golf handle! All the internals are there. Just needs powering I think Improves the look of the car infinitely in my opinion! Gonna stick a GTI badge back on and I'll be sorted
  23. In my new GTI the stereo only seem's to work after I've been driving the car for a while, it won't switch on or show any signs of life, then all of a sudden it bursts into life when i'm driving along. It's definitely not the stereo because it does the exact same with two different ones i've tried...Things I maybe think it is (shot's in the dark to be honest) bad earth/wire damage perhaps or battery not strong enough? Noticed theres some greenish gunk around the battery connections aswell, dunno if that's significant? The car had barely been used before I got it so could it maybe be the alternator? It's very odd, once it does finally come on it works totally fine
  24. gonna order a new switch tomorrow. Does anyone know what's best to use to remove the collar that holds on the lock housing? Bearing puller maybe?
  25. Skajme

    Bought a New Lupo

    after having a GTI without and now one with AC. I could never have a car without it again!