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  1. Skajme

    New fuel line

    Basically went off what you said! Very helpful, cheers!
  2. Skajme

    New fuel line

    Sorted it out this morning. Pretty easy job to be honest. Undid the rear two fuel tank strap bolts so it dropped a couple of centimetres to help me push the line through, disconnected and pulled out the old line, then pushed the new one through and connected it all back up. Everything is now working perfectly. Only took about an hour. Cheers for the help!
  3. Skajme

    New fuel line

    Probably was a bit of luck, i did look into how you remove them, though I'm fairly sure that the previous filter was the original one from new which can't have helped! Cheers for a more detailed description on how getting it off works though, I suppose its one of those things that's simple when you know the proper way!
  4. Skajme

    New fuel line

    Ordered one from VW, It was only 33 quid. For that its probably better to have a new one. Any tips on how to replace it or does it just feed down through easily enough?
  5. Skajme

    New fuel line

    I possibly was, but the other side came off easily enough. The full end of the line, clip and everything has snapped off. Its the hose that goes from the top of the tank down to the filter are they the same on all lupos? And is it easy to replace? as in can i do it on my driveway?
  6. How hard is it to replace the fuel line from the tank to the filter? And is VW the only place to get one? I have managed to snap the end off the line trying to get the filter off as nothing at all was budging it
  7. Skajme

    Jamie's black GTI (now Raven Blue)

    Cheers mate! Nah I didn't realise that, kinda sucks! My insurance is due Jan and I was actually thinking of looking at a more specialist place to insure it anyway. Will have to have a chat with them when it comes to it! Small update, got myself a custom steering wheel! Flat bottom like the newer VW ones but with the standard lupo centre so theres no issues with airbag/horn! Love it
  8. Skajme

    Jamie's black GTI (now Raven Blue)

    cheers! I can yeah, it's 6R0035849
  9. Skajme

    Jamie's black GTI (now Raven Blue)

    A few more pictures, Nothing has really changed apart from a few interior knobs and switches. Really need to remove those window tints.
  10. Skajme

    My best find!

    Not a bad find... I bought a 2004 Raven blue Gti on 59k with leather seats and aircon for 3 grand!
  11. £205 isn't too bad of a price to be fair! If you get this done you'll have to post up some pictures of it! Would be very interested in the outcome!
  12. Skajme

    BBS RC 321's... who has em?

    They are such nice wheels, they suit the gti perfectly! definitely should have been a factory option!
  13. Skajme

    BBS RC 321's... who has em?

    Damn, I want some
  14. Skajme

    Jamie's black GTI (now Raven Blue)

    I had it done at Tony Banks exhausts. They added another hanger near the tailpipes to give it more support
  15. Skajme

    Lupo / Arosa Pop Out Rear Windows & Seals

    I'd have been interested but you are too far away!

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