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  1. 2001 Black GTI 87k

    Honestly there's pretty much no difference, apart from I much preferred the clutch in the 5 speed but I doubt that is specific to every GTI. I think the whole 6 speed thing is for brownie points more than anything!
  2. Indicator stalk question

    Yeah it's fairly easy to do exactly how rich said! Did it on my last lupo after the clicking noise became almost permanant! Most annoying part is getting the airbag off!
  3. Gti Tailgate

    I haven't managed to find anyone with a spare bootlid, so I've been looking into getting a new loom for this and I've found the part number for it, which is 6E0 971 145 E and a website selling one https://www.online-teile.com/volkswagen-ersatzteile/6E0971145E_Wiring-Set.html If I buy this though, will it include everything on the loom like i'd removed it from the car, or will all the clips and fixings need buying seperately? May sound like a stupid question but its not very clear on etka whats included.
  4. Gti Tailgate

    Nah, I saw those on ebay but I'd rather just replace the whole loom to be honest.
  5. Gti Tailgate

    Don't want to start a new topic for this as it's related, but does anyone know if you can get a new tailgate wiring loom from VW and how much it would be?
  6. Vw UP Gti News

    Looks very nice in black, have to admit!
  7. Gti Tailgate

    Still looking for one!
  8. 2001 Black GTI 87k

    forgot to update, but this has now been sold.
  9. Anti Roll Bar ARB

    Standard front ARB is 22mm
  10. Gti Tailgate

    nice one, cheers!
  11. Gti Tailgate

    Anyone selling one? As a long shot a raven blue one, but I'm not overly fussed on colour as long as the wiring loom is intact!
  12. 2001 Black GTI 87k

    Just a quick bump to say if anybody wants to take this off me this weekend. They can have it for 3 grand!
  13. 2001 Black GTI 87k

    yeah they're the ones!
  14. 2001 Black GTI 87k

    Just adding to this to say the car now has a full year's MOT after getting a CV boot replaced. And if anyone offers £3500 you can have the standard alloys and the BBS 764's which are the rare 16" version of these BBS wheels.
  15. 2001 Black GTI 87k

    I'm Selling my GTi as I have bought another one, Going to advertise it elsewhere but for now I'm just putting it up on here. I've owned the car for three years and in that time I have had the cambelt/waterpump done, two new window regulators, a new handbrake cable,and replaced the spoiler brake light. This year it's had all new brake discs and pads, and two new balljoints, new track rods and wishbones which are polybushed. The car has a Janspeed catback exhaust which has the twin pipes so still looks OEM and AP coilovers but it's not lowered massively or anything and I still have all the original suspension which you can have with the car. I also have all the rear wiper stuff which will be included incase you want to put it all back. Other than that it is standard. The car has a full service history, done roughly every 7 thousand miles and there's loads of receipts for thing's that have been done over the life of the car. It will also have a full year's MOT that I am getting done tomorrow. Current mileage is 86954 but that will increase slightly as I am still using the car for now. Obviously for a 16 year old car the paintwork isn't flawless but when its cleaned and polished it looks very nice! The EPC light is on for an implausible brake light signal, I have replaced the brake switch with a genuine VW one and all the brake light's function properly, not sure if it's just a case of resetting the light but there are no issue's with this at all and it's never really bothered me. The starter motor occasionally does the VW squeak but again that's never really bothered me much either! Only have a few pics for now, I will get a few more when it's daylight. Price I'm after is around £3500 though I'm willing to listen to offers, and i'm based in Manchester. DM me for any more info, cheers.