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  1. Had an issue with a cylinder 3 misfire and sluggishness now and again in 3rd/4th gear at lower speed's. I had a look at the spark plugs first which still looked brand new, so next was the other end where the HT leads connect to the ignition pack or whatever its called .Anyway the third one along looked like this Couldn't get my phone in to get the inside of the pack properly. Pretty gross! I gave it all a good clean with contact cleaner and got 90% of the corrosion off. Went out and gave it a good blast and it seem's to have fixed it. Hopefully that is the end of the issues! Also I've replaced what turned out to be standard passenger window glass that was sticking open and giving the regulator major problems with a gti window that I snagged for a tenner! Can't complain. Finally,Here's a picture looking not very clean
  2. Didn't wanna start a new thread but the last week or so I have been getting this 'juddering' loss of power when accelerating in 3rd/4th gear. The check engine light flashed on aswell then went off again. I've just been out and checked it on a cheap code reader I have and its coming up with this code '16687' which is a cylinder 3 misfire. So my assumption is that it's probably coilpack/HT leads? What's the best thing to do here? Get parts from VW or are third party one's viable quality and price wise? If the prices aren't much different I'll obviously just get VW replacements, cheers.
  3. This is going to look so so nice when it's done
  4. That is a decent looking Fox!
  5. Yeah, if you can please!
  6. Rich?
  7. I'm hoarding so much stuff now that I don't really want to get rid of 'just incase' because its GTI specific. Got a GTI bootlid here taking up loads of space that I've no idea what to do with
  8. Why Guiseley? Strangely specific, ha Durham is a bit far, but I am willing to meet you somewhere along the way for it, if that's cool? How much do you want for it?
  9. Bury, Manchester
  10. I noticed the other day that my passenger side door has pilkington glass in it (part number 43R-007023) where as the other side is Sekurit 43R001351. I'm right in assuming that the pilkington one isn't GTI glass, right? It does look very tight in the runners and goes up very slowly! Anyway, does anyone have a proper GTI window they wanna sell me? cheers.
  11. big fan
  12. double post
  13. Oh ok, cheers for that! The new one i have still has all the wires attached so i will try and do that then tomorrow.
  14. Just picked up a new GTI bootlid, mine has scratched glass, a couple of dents and a few marks in the paint. The £35 quid I paid for the replacement seemed a much cheaper option than repairing mine. Anyway, just wondering if anyone can tell me the best way to go about removing all the wires and stuff from mine? Ideally I want to leave my wires attached to the car and then pull them back through the new lid.