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  1. Lenny - Show Car on a Students Budget???

    oh nah I'm not saying it looks anything as far as bad! Just agree that the other way around with cut wings would look nicer. Love the car in any case! Look forward to seeing what you do with it!
  2. Lenny - Show Car on a Students Budget???

    Proper nice this! Do agree on the bumper/wing situation though, the sharp corner draws the eye a bit, up against the softer shape of the rest of car
  3. Jamie's black GTI

    Had a drive up to Castleton in the Peak District a week or so ago, Always got to take a few pics of the car haven't you! Finally got around to going into VW and ordering the ignition leads today aswell. £82 all together, Not too bad!
  4. Anthracite GTi

    Absolutely stunning
  5. Lupo gti

    Could do with a new coolant tank! Would help finish it off nicely
  6. Lupo gti

    Is that more acceptable? haha *Edit yeah just seen the above post! Fair play, I still like them on the red though
  7. Lupo gti

    Yeah I like the Gold wheels aswell! At one time I was toying with getting my Bathursts done gold!
  8. Lupo gti

    That engine bay looks so much nicer! Awesome work!
  9. Clayton's Tornado Red GTI

    Saw this at Fitted, Absolutely stunning car!
  10. Jamie's black GTI

    Cleaned the engine bay a week or so ago. First time ever attempting it properly, think it came up pretty nice! Went to FittedUK at the weekend aswell, Figured it would be rude not to take a pic, even if I was just in the car park. There was some seriously nice Lupos in the show though. Probably not far off 20 of them! Changed the front discs/pad's aswell and lowered it about another 2cm while I was at it. It's at the height I always wanted now! Very pleased.
  11. Jamie's black GTI

    Had an issue with a cylinder 3 misfire and sluggishness now and again in 3rd/4th gear at lower speed's. I had a look at the spark plugs first which still looked brand new, so next was the other end where the HT leads connect to the ignition pack or whatever its called .Anyway the third one along looked like this Couldn't get my phone in to get the inside of the pack properly. Pretty gross! I gave it all a good clean with contact cleaner and got 90% of the corrosion off. Went out and gave it a good blast and it seem's to have fixed it. Hopefully that is the end of the issues! Also I've replaced what turned out to be standard passenger window glass that was sticking open and giving the regulator major problems with a gti window that I snagged for a tenner! Can't complain. Finally,Here's a picture looking not very clean
  12. Didn't wanna start a new thread but the last week or so I have been getting this 'juddering' loss of power when accelerating in 3rd/4th gear. The check engine light flashed on aswell then went off again. I've just been out and checked it on a cheap code reader I have and its coming up with this code '16687' which is a cylinder 3 misfire. So my assumption is that it's probably coilpack/HT leads? What's the best thing to do here? Get parts from VW or are third party one's viable quality and price wise? If the prices aren't much different I'll obviously just get VW replacements, cheers.
  13. vw lupo gti, raven blue,

    This is going to look so so nice when it's done
  14. Hello all, fox 1.6

    That is a decent looking Fox!