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  1. jparkes43

    Burning oil

    ^^^^ ok i wont worry about mine then ahah, mine likes to use a good amount of oil tbf James
  2. jparkes43

    Loopy the 1.4

    how old was the oil!! James
  3. jparkes43

    2001 1.4 to carbs

    Thanks @mk2 sounds like its quite possible to do. just the fiddly thing of ignition timing James
  4. jparkes43

    2001 1.4 to carbs

    right ok that makes sense. thanks Anything else i need to know etc?? James
  5. jparkes43

    2001 1.4 to carbs

    ok thanks, fooling it sounds alright. fly by wire james
  6. jparkes43

    2001 1.4 to carbs

    thinking twin webbers etc. like two 35's James
  7. jparkes43

    2001 1.4 to carbs

    Hello Wanting to do carb conversion on my 1.4 16v 2001 lupo. I know about the advantages and disadvantages etc so that doesn't matter. just wondering, what i need to do with all the electronic parts i take off etc, i can work with the mechanical side of things thats no issue. James
  8. jparkes43

    Loopy the 1.4

    That looks good! Jame
  9. jparkes43

    Loopy the 1.4

    Yea its not good! hopefully i can sort of panel beat it out ahah James
  10. jparkes43

    Loopy the 1.4

    Ah ok thats good then! it does of course!! Yea its not to bad thankfully but as you say easy job to be honest. more annoyed about my pressed plates! Thanks James
  11. jparkes43

    Loopy the 1.4

    noooo!!! noooo!! sorry to hear. hope you got details etc so it can get sorted. i got reversed into with a tow bar in my front but i didn't see it happen walking back to my car after school. not good. James
  12. jparkes43

    Vw lupo project

    will be following this one close! James
  13. jparkes43

    Random plug on the dashboard loom

    Is that going to be in all spec cars? i need a place to take a switched 12 volt source in my E1.4 around that area. James
  14. jparkes43

    Project Rally lupo!

    Oh sorry. well thats good news! have fun with the new engine. and congratulations on your great rally!! James
  15. jparkes43

    Project Rally lupo!

    oh no! something broke?? James

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