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  1. Japanese LUPO GTI's

    Just a quick update for all of you who kindly gave me your thoughts on Japanese GTI's. I ended up sourcing a cracking 53 plate UK car with 42,000 miles on the clock. Its been serviced every year at VW main dealers and is totally unmolested. It even came with a brand new set of red edged mats still sealed in their bags and before anyone asks no I don't want to sell them. This is my third GTI as I just can't seem to live without one
  2. Pair of Toyo Proxes T1R 205/45/R15 81V

    Hi Jamie, If you could PM me your email address then I can send the pictures and info you require. Cheers, Tim
  3. One tyre has 6mm tread and is in perfect condition. The other has 5mm of tread and has a little wear on the inside edge. Price - £40 for the pair. Buyer to collect or arrange and pay for a courier.
  4. Vw UP Gti News

    I looked at a white one yesterday in my local dealership. It had a black roof and mirror caps and really looked good. I was also impressed with the interior which I think has some real quality touches in line with the Polo GTI. Unfortunately it wasn't available to drive as they have already taken a deposit on it.
  5. I am inputting a valid VIN into ETKA, however, its saying its an invalid entry. Can anyone please tell me if you just need to input a certain part of the VIN.
  6. Japanese LUPO GTI's

    Thanks - Its the garage in Bristol. They have had a red one for quite some time. So I am still looking so if you have a mint, low mileage, totally standard GTI in Anthracite, Laser Blue or Reflex Silver then please let me know.
  7. Japanese LUPO GTI's

    Many thanks for your response. I do think that I may well have found a UK registered from new car which ticks all the boxes.
  8. Japanese LUPO GTI's

    Scroat, just responded to you PM with a list of questions. Cheers
  9. Japanese LUPO GTI's

    Scroat, just responded to your PM with a list of questions. Cheers.
  10. Japanese LUPO GTI's

    Looks on the small side for an extinguisher so could well be a flare as you mention. I assume if there is an issue with the wiring it shouldn't be an issue for a competent auto electrician? If I buy one then I would like to change the radio back to a VW Gamma unit with a VW CD below in line with the UK cars.
  11. Japanese LUPO GTI's

    I have been studying pictures of the Japanese imports advertised by Locate A Car on Autotrader. Does any one know what the red canister type thing is which is mounted in the passenger footwell on the left hand side and appears on each of the 5 cars they have.
  12. Japanese LUPO GTI's

    Thanks all for your input. I couldn't think of any downsides to an import, however, I guess I was looking for reassurance from those in the know. However, as mentioned a little earlier, if anyone is thinking of parting with their Anthracite GTI then please let me know.
  13. Japanese LUPO GTI's

    I guess I am being cautious particularly from a resale perspective. I plan to keep the car for a while, however, its good to know if you are potentially going to take a hit should you wish to sell it. If anyone does have a mint unmolested low mileage Anthracite GTI they are thinking of parting with then please let me know.
  14. Japanese LUPO GTI's

    Many thanks for the info - much appreciated. I was aware of the colour limitations and slightly better spec i.e. side airbags, aircon and kick plates. I was originally looking for one of the extremely rare anthracite UK cars, however, I think I have more chance of winning the lottery. I know the Japanese don't salt their roads so rust wise there shouldn't be a problem. I am however concerned about buying an import and am looking for any thoughts in this respect as well as anybody's experience of Locate A Car or Performance Point.
  15. Japanese LUPO GTI's

    I have been looking for several months for a mint, low mileage, standard GTI and needless to say I haven't found one yet. Initially I discounted the Japanese imports however I have started to consider these as an option. Is there any obvious downside to buying an import and has anyone had dealings with either Locate A Car in Lichfield or Performance Point in Bristol.