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  1. Bought a New Lupo

    I believe the guy who was advertising it recently, who presumably the OP purchased it from, stated in his ad that he believed it to be a launch car in respect of the introduction of the 6 speed gearbox.
  2. Stef's laser blue GTI

    Looks good. Any plans to return the heater controls, fan and headlight switch back to OEM?
  3. GTI floor mats (non GTI considered)

    PM sent
  4. GTI floor mats (non GTI considered)

    Did you sell these after? I am looking for a second hand non GTI set, preferably in black, which I can put into my car in order to save wear and tear on the originals whenever it needs to go in for an MOT, service etc.
  5. Water in passenger footwell - stumped!

    Quick update. Speaker pop riveted back in with 4 rivets the correct length (thanks lupogtiboy) and a liberal amount of bathroom silicon (thanks Rich) and hey presto leak fixed. Happy days
  6. Water in passenger footwell - stumped!

    That's a great help - thank you.
  7. Water in passenger footwell - stumped!

    The car is low mileage and completely stock so I would prefer to use rivets. Does anyone know the size of the original rivets?
  8. Water in passenger footwell - stumped!

    There are only 2 rivets holding my speakers in on both doors. I had the check straps replaced om both doors a couple of weeks back and I am therefore pretty sure you have solved the issue for me. I will use some bathroom sealant around the bottom half of the speakers as Rich has suggested and then reattach them with 4 rivets each side. Thanks guys.
  9. Water in passenger footwell - stumped!

    Rich - when I remove the speaker is it likely to be apparent what is causing the leak. Also forgive my ignorance but what am I looking to seal with the bathroom sealant. Finally do I need to use rivets to reattach the speakers to the door or can I use screws. Appreciate your help.
  10. I have traced water in my passenger footwell to one of the usual culprits being a leak from the speaker. However, I am stumped as to the cause of it. The speakers look totally original and are held in place with 2 rivets (exactly the same of the drivers door). The membrane on the passenger door has 2 small tears around the area where the speaker cable needs to come through - these are however significantly bigger than the drivers door membrane which just has a small slit for the speaker cable. I have taped up the passenger door membrane however the leak hasn't gone away. If you pour water over the passenger door you can see a small trickle of water from the bottom of the speaker which then of course bridges the door seal and seeps into the cabin. The 4 drain holes in the bottom of the door are clear. By way of precaution I have also cleaned out the drain holes behind the scuttle panels. Any ideas please?
  11. SOLD - 2 x Toyo Proxes T1R 205/45/R15 81V

    Price reduced to £30 for the pair as I want to shift them.
  12. Japanese LUPO GTI's

    To follow once I have had an opportunity to give it a good polish.
  13. Japanese LUPO GTI's

  14. Japanese LUPO GTI's

    Just a quick update for all of you who kindly gave me your thoughts on Japanese GTI's. I ended up sourcing a cracking 53 plate UK car with 42,000 miles on the clock. Its been serviced every year at VW main dealers and is totally unmolested. It even came with a brand new set of red edged mats still sealed in their bags and before anyone asks no I don't want to sell them. This is my third GTI as I just can't seem to live without one