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  1. Lupo GTi Silver 2004

    Is this car still for sale please? Have Pm'd but no response.
  2. OEM wiper arm in good condition with no rust. £5 posted. 21/02/15 - This item has now sold thank you.
  3. PM sent. 22/02/16 - This item is now sold thanks.
  4. This is now £10 posted if anyone is interested.
  5. Thanks to everyone who made enquiries, however, these are now sold.
  6. I have just responded to your Pm. Thanks.
  7. Lupo GTI 2005 (05) 18,300 Miles - SOLD

    The car is now listed on Auto Trader. I have revised the asking price to £6,990 in order to be competitive with the import GTI's. Thanks for looking.
  8. I purchased these two complete new units in March this year from my local VW Dealership. They were fitted to my Lupo for 6 months during which time the car did approximately 300 miles. They are unmarked and priced at £70 for the pair and I would prefer collection. Alternatively I can post at the buyers expense or I am prepared to travel within a 50 mile radius of Cardiff to meet someone. I do have a couple of photos I can e-mail to anyone who is interested in the lights. Please either message me or call me on 07496 521488. Thanks.
  9. Japanese Import Lupo GTI's

    Guys, many thanks for your thoughts. Spec wise I think Japanese Lupo GTI's have side airbags as standard and possibly aircon. I read somewhere that the only colours available for the Japanese market were black, silver or red so any hope of a laser, Raven or Anthracite are unlikely. I am selling my completely standard 2005 05 GTI with 18,300 miles on the clock (provisional advert on CL Cars for Sale) and I am about to place it on Auto Trader but I think I am probably going to have to adjust the price down somewhat in order that its competitive with these imports.
  10. There appears to be about half a dozen of these currently on Auto Trader with the company in Bristol who are specialising importing them. The prices are no doubt attractive, however, how does an import stack up in resale terms against the equivalent Lupo GTI which was registered in the UK from new or are these imports going to adjust the UK second hand market down. Any thoughts gratefully received.
  11. Lupo GTI 2005 (05) 18,300 Miles - SOLD

    Prior to my current GTI, I had a reflex silver 05 plate GTI which had 36K on the clock when I sold it in February 2014 for £7,300. It went within 24 hours of being advertised. I missed it so much that I bought the black one which I currently have in September 2014. Anyway I wish you the very best with the sale of your car.
  12. Lupo GTI 2005 (05) 18,300 Miles - SOLD

    On the basis the GTI you are advertising is 2 years older than mine with more than double the mileage then I don't think a £2K price difference between our cars is optimistic. Late registered, incredibly low mileage and low number of owner GTI's are pretty scarce!
  13. Lupo GTI 2005 (05) 18,300 Miles - SOLD

    If anyone is seriously interested then I can email them pictures. Once the car goes on Auto Trader then it will have pictures with the ad. Cheers.