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  1. tom01997

    garage clearout

    Got details and pics of the body kit dude?
  2. tom01997

    Lupo For Sale!!!

    Can't buy it, but damn this is gorgeous! If you don't mind me asking, how were the rear arches done?
  3. tom01997

    "Switchback" DRLs

    Have considered it but would be hard to actually make money on to be honest, and not everyone likes them - USDM kits seem more popular at the moment. I haven't got them fitted anymore unfortunately so I can't get you any photos, I rushed fitting them and the wiring needs a good tidy up. When I refit them, i'll take some photos if you're interested. There's a diagram I drew to try and explain the relays a bit better as that's probably the most difficult part - here. The pin numbers are written on the relays to make life easier. You want two 'changeover' relays. If you want to get the little holders printed, the STL file for printing is here. Dimensions are in mm - I used 3DHubs to get them printed in Nylon so they're nice and strong, but ABS would probably work ok. Make sure it's a "HD" print though, as some parts of the holder are fiddly and some printers won't be able to do it.
  4. tom01997

    My project loopy

    I'm willing to ignore the lurid green, given that the wheels are looking absolutely fantastic 
  5. tom01997

    My project loopy

    I like where it's at now tbh, give it a bloody good polish as imo some of the paint looks a little matted (might just be the pics), maybe joey the headlights to complement the fresco green, and i'd definitely polish the hell out of the new wheels till you can see your face in them! And another note, I do believe your amp fuse is in the wrong place in the boot, ideally it should be as close to the battery as possible in case it chafes and shorts on any metal on the way from the front of the car to the back... As sausage said, i would also love to see a turbo'd 1.0 just because it's a brilliantly ridiculous idea Really love it though, nice to see another fresco loop!
  6. Yeah... I may have been factually incorrect there Hence why in my other topic i wanted a grommet near the pedal - the kits suggest mounting the actuator cable onto the throttle pedal but it is just too tight under there. I can't even get my hand in, let alone tighten up bolts! I think there is a little ball joint between the pedal and the throttle sensor linkage bit that one kit suggests you fit a ring loop onto; So that would make it a little easier I suppose.. The second issue is that in order to get the cable to pull the pedal at the right angle I would have to make a hole in the firewall for the cable to pull through. But the throttle pedal is almost directly in line with the wheel arch, and so once the cable got through the firewall, it has nowhere to go except into the wheel! If anyone can correct me on this, please do! Vagpart shows a spot, but I can't see it for the life of me because it's so far up the dash! For the time being, I have returned the kit within the 7 days so I don't have to pay a £50 handling charge, but I do have a few cables I can play around with - I may try and route a throttle cable into the engine bay myself, from the pedal, and if that cable works smoothly enough, re-order the kit and affix it to that. But as far as I can see, there isn't any easy way of doing this - it may even be a dashboard out job. Let's face it though, it never was going to be easy!
  7. Thanks guys, think thats the closest im gonna get. If you see my other thread im trying to fit a cruise kit but need a grommet as close to the pedals as possble and wanted to know if there might be one below the steering column that I hadn't spotted...
  8. Right then, which one of you clever clogs can tell me where in the firewall I might find a grommet, preferably near the pedal cluster? Seen some posts on here about amp wiring but the photo someone uploaded has gone dead
  9. Right, i decided not to import a kit from Aus/the US, because it's too much mucking about with customs and shipping times plus the lack of support available etc etc. Picked up a kit called a Waeco MS50 from a local company called Conrad Anderson. The kit uses a vacuum servo, not an electric servo so it has be tapped into a vacuum hose off the inlet manifold. Hopefully the vacuum on the little 1.0 is strong enough to hold the throttle cable, if not I am told a vacuum reserve tank can be used to help out? If anybody is knowledgeable in this field, an explanation of how vacuum lines work, and how a reserve tank could help, would be much appreciated. Anyway, the control buttons that come with it look positively non-factory, so if I do get it working correctly, i'll try and get a T4 stalk and see if i can get that to work with the kit too.
  10. tom01997

    Vw lupo window winders

    I pinched some off my '72 beetle that had 'wolfsburg edition' on them, pleasantly surprised they fit, all metal so they aren't going to break any time soon! Get a bit cold in winter though Think they were 2 for £20 IIRC...
  11. Hi Skezza, im in Cyprus till Sunday but will be ordering something next week hopefully! Might put a how to up if there is enough interest?
  12. I know for a fact my 1L is cable driven, so thats no problem. And I could but surely idt be far easier to use a tdi one of it just bolts on
  13. It seems to use some kind of servo motor that you physically attach to the throttle cable, then wire in to vss, brake light and clutch switches for it to do its job. Provided the sdi isnt drive by wire it should work
  14. Have seen some 'rostra' universal cruise control kits online and am wondering if anyone can give me some info on the cruise control stalk used on transporters, like this one; From what I can tell, the rostra kits use momentary buttons to switch the cruise on/off, and set/resume etc. Does this stalk also use momentary buttons (i.e. non latching)? Also the kits require a clutch switch, does the one off a tdi bolt straight on to a non-tdi? Here's a link to the kit i'm on about http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Rostra-250-1223-Universal-Cruise-Control-Kit-with-250-3593-Dash-Mount-Control-/260987064062
  15. tom01997

    Gearknobs and Options

    Excuse the untidy car, here's your 8 ball

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