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  1. Looking for VW Lupo coilovers!

    Got some un used fk AK coilovera for £150 in box still
  2. Wheels Wanted

    I've got some borbets type A's in chrome dish and gold inner! 15x7j front and 15x8j rear slight curving but nice shiney wheels! Would take £350? Nearly new tyres all round
  3. Wanted: lupo coilovers

    Where are you I've got a brand new unfitted set of fk aks for £150?
  4. Borbet Type A Alloys

    Cheers matey!
  5. Borbet Type A Alloys

    Good condition Borbet type A's in gold and silver. 15x7 front 15x8 rear. 4x100 fitment. Nearly new tyres. Will give them a deep clean before sale have been cleaned but will repolish them. £350 ono
  6. Not Happy

    You can always buy it back off them cheap if they write it off but still I would love to come across a gti for that little! Sounds like they're trying to really **** you over not good brother! I had some issues insuring my lupo and spoke to quite a few people including citizens advice! Try them I guess Hope everyone is all okay though!
  7. Blocking EGR value on 1.4 TDI diesel

    Ah cheers mate!
  8. Blocking EGR value on 1.4 TDI diesel

    What should I have done differently? Just for future reference?
  9. Blocking EGR value on 1.4 TDI diesel

    Well I just took of the egr put a plate in between it the egr and gasket?
  10. Blocking EGR value on 1.4 TDI diesel

    What won't? Just asking because both of them happened on 02 Ibiza when I had one! Maybe different for a lupo?
  11. Blocking EGR value on 1.4 TDI diesel

    No your engine management light will come on but if you get a £10 code reader for it you can normally take the light of for a few days
  12. Blue lupo at magor

    Saw a nice blue lupo in magor services yesterday pretty low an had white wheels if I remember rightly?
  13. lupo gti

    Ah I didn't realise my bad I thought the gti had one. Sorry guys!
  14. lupo gti

    Is it most noticeable when you are bring the pedal back up to bite? If so it could be the fly wheel is going/gone which could be costly. The symptoms of a DUal mass flywheel failure are rattling on tickover from the passenger side which goes away when clutch is pressed and a heavy vibration that can be felt through the passenger's floor IMO! How ever could just be clutch is gone
  15. Getting messed around!

    I will i just don't really have any experience with insurance as its the first policy I've done myself. That's for the help guys! Will keep you updated invade anyone has a similar problem!