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  1. Bems

    BBS RC 321's... who has em?

    For info the set I have are a different no to the ones above but fit spot on
  2. Bems

    BBS RC 321's... who has em?

    Sorry mate they’re keepers. Sure it was ebay.de I found them on but was a few years back
  3. Bems

    Standard suspension..

    No issues used plenty in the past but been a while now. Several people on another forum had suggested that TPS had tightened the rules regarding non trade enquiries/sales. Suggested it was because VW wanted more direct trade.
  4. Bems

    Standard suspension..

    Hasn’t TPS tightened up the rules a little regarding walk ins?
  5. Bems

    Standard suspension..

    Let us know what you’re quoted please
  6. Bems

    BBS RC 321's... who has em?

    Buy, refurb yours then sell a set
  7. Bems

    BBS RC 321's... who has em?

    Yep 195/40/16
  8. Bems

    BBS RC 321's... who has em?

    €400 still sounds like a fairly good deal though
  9. Bems

    BBS RC 321's... who has em?

    Yeah I’ve got a new set of centre caps too, a bbs set which came with them & a brand new Vw set
  10. Bems

    BBS RC 321's... who has em?

    I got my complete set 3 years ago locally which was very fortunate. There was a guy selling a set down south at the same time but I got a bad feeling from him so bailed out. They were hard to find back then but I didn’t realise they were going for as much as they seem to be now, mental!
  11. Bems

    BBS RC 321's... who has em?

    Hope they do turn up! How much they end up shelling out for them?
  12. Bems

    BBS RC 321's... who has em?

    How expensive??
  13. Bems

    Bilstein Lowering Suspension Lupo GTi

    Same. Sent a few messages to him but he wasn’t keen on setting up a courier. Said it made payment more difficult! I suggested removing from ebay & selling on here, no response! Like you say someone got a bargain
  14. Bems

    Anti Roll Bar ARB

    Go for a whiteline arb. Bargain upgrade https://www.awesomegti.com/shop-by-brand/whiteline/whiteline-rear-arb-fabia-polo-ibiza-a2-arosa-lupo-bwr19z/
  15. Bems

    NEW Shoes > BBS RC321

    Looking good. Where did you end up getting the vw emblems? I have a new set of vw ones but would be good to get some for the other ones as I'm not keen on the bbs ones myself

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