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  1. Any pics of the KW's? What mileage they covered & price?
  2. archbishop of canterbury
  3. You must notice a big difference now then with the BC's and that weight saving. Must be a hoot
  4. Look really good. Imagine there's a decent weight saving. They 15" yeah. What rubbers on them, standard size?
  5. It was on the forum a while back. Guy had big plans for it, he changed out the drivers ball joint & got the wrong one. That's all I remember. He went awol after that
  6. The recaros are looking tasty
  7. Well if you have a drivers stubby then the whole lot. Normal, just the case.
  8. Drivers wing mirror? I'm only after the cover
  9. Must be building a whole new car in that loft
  10. So did anyone go for this?
  11. It was a guy called Andy Bryant that contacted me.
  12. Yes they stain badly but they scrub up easily. There was a leather option too. Personally given the choice of a polo or the vrs I wouldn't even need to think about it.
  13. Best you try a few. See how you feel afterwards. Honestly tho I traded the vrs in against an A3 170bhp sport back tdi which was pants by comparison so says a lot for the Fabia. cruise control & heated seats were what we had, both good additions. The heated seats were instant & could melt you're arse on top setting. Handy for winter. Worth noting she was very sure footed in the snow too which is something I can't say for the A3
  14. Can't say I've driven the arias but had an 04 vrs years back. Superb car, pre 05 plate cars have more low down torque so feel quicker. Cost of ownership was cheap, can't remember exact numbers but wouldn't imagine you'd feel the pinch over the arosa. Would say numbers apart the vrs would feel quicker & would definitely be a better place to be. Miss mine, genuinely one of the best ownership experiences I've had.
  15. Yeah it sounds great to but at nearly £600 for similar set up to Janspeed... No thanks