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  1. Future of Club Lupo

    Picked up my pair last night, after waiting months also
  2. New powerflex bushes for lower engine mount

    might be something they'll do in the future if you ping them a message
  3. New powerflex bushes for lower engine mount

    havnt seen one available but if got the big one above fitted
  4. New powerflex bushes for lower engine mount

    https://www.powerflex.co.uk/road-series/product-details/Lower+Engine+Mount+Large+Bush/12118.html This one rich
  5. Has anyone used/tried the powerflex poly topmounts? would you recommend them or is it best to just go oem? Cheers
  6. Passenger window switch

    Thanks matt have made sure of this and the connections dont allow the wrong side to be used on the other side Ill have to see what the plugs looks like see if theres any corrosion or anything
  7. Passenger window switch

    Yes exactly mate swapped all 3 to brand new ones :/
  8. Passenger window switch

    Has anyone else has the problem where the switch will put the window down but wont bring it up? Just put in a new genuine switch and hasnt made any difference? Cheers
  9. Clayton's Tornado Red GTI.. Recaro Pole Positions In!

    looking good, looks very similar to one I drive demon tweeks for the wheels by any chance?
  10. Gti clutch recommendations

    does anyone know the part number for the sachs ones? found a few but don't want to get down to doing the work then the part be wrong? cheers
  11. Gti clutch recommendations

    Are they the right ones rich? Says they also fit more modern golf's and the like?
  12. Gti clutch recommendations

    cheers mate, pretty pricey though
  13. Gti clutch recommendations

    Cheers how much would a kit be ?