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  1. Bought a New Lupo

    anyone ever seen an sdi with ac? not sure if it's possible... where'd the pump go? yeah well warm out there.
  2. i'll second what skezza said.... do it
  3. Bought a New Lupo

    high milage isn't usually a problem as most mechanical stuff is easy to swap- bearings, engine, steering parts etc. the bits that do show age like upholstery, trim, hand control surfaces are much harder to find. the stuff i always check first is the inside, then bodywork and lastly mechanical stuff. you can find some 'as new' automatic lupos but then if you swap out for manual, the car is classified as a modified, which no-one wants. they make great parts donor cars though.
  4. Project Rally lupo!

    cracking pics. what happened to your rhs wing? a little strap holding the front in place too! very envious...
  5. Back again!

    keep it as oem as poss. any playing will instantly devalue your investment. if you keep it stock, in decent condition (fix any minor things as they crop up), you'll be able to sell it for the same as you paid. free motoring for however long you keep it. in fact you could get lucky and it might even go up in price....
  6. Stef's laser blue GTI

    nice. look after it please
  7. My Lupo 1.4 Automatic

    wow. immaculate! that is in beautiful condition. definitely a keeper. only one thing i'd check or do is the autobox fluid. they need changing every three years and everyone forgets to do it.
  8. 1.7 SDI gearbox needed

    especially that little cream coloured plastic link thing that snaps onto the two steel ball joints. i cant believe that vdub just used a little disk of neoprene rubber to keep the grease in and the dirt out.
  9. My Lupo 1.4 Automatic

    omg! awesome and not about, but exactly 37000 miles. how good is that?! any pics of the rest of the inside and the engine for all us nerds (i speak for myself of course...)
  10. To Polybush or not to Polybush

    always oem.
  11. Yeah that's exactly what I'd like. But Lupo flavoured. Now, what would I need to make an SDI into that.... Hmmmm???
  12. just curious if anyone has ever heard of unusual editions of Lupo or Arosa? Did Vdub ever make an SDI with an auto box (not the 3L system) or perhaps a version that has the viscous or haldex coupling 4WD system? The Gti has a different rear floor section to regular Lupos. Maybe there's a floor section to handle the rear diff. I like the idea of a Lupo on stilts with 4WD. would be handy where I live. could go sheep herding in the paddocks....
  13. that must have been as a customer special order, or maybe as a promo car in a showroom to show off the sunroof option...? it's also got mudflaps. unusual. electric sunroof with manual windows!
  14. anyone ever done it?
  15. you got me thinking... never good. technically, the 085 box from a 3L would work with an SDI. ok, so there'd need to be some extra plumbing and wiring... the question is though, is the data feed from the ecu to gearbox controller good? what i'm thinking, is would there need to be an interpreter/emulator between the sdi electronics and the 3L electronics. i could do with a new project- 4wd tractor lupo. I dont think monster truck would work though. too extreme for daily use. but which transmission system? i'll need a donor car too.
  16. Lupo parts lw5z

    I don't but... do you still have the old ones? I might buy some bits off you if you do- window control switch cluster and lock pin surround with the led in.
  17. fun fact everyone... it's not an mot fail until you get metal to metal contact. true for all rubber bushed things. it does however affect handling a lot, so worth doing. oem is always best. polyurethane rubbish wrecks handling.
  18. Dashboard backlight not illuminating

    ok, then it's definitely something to do with supply to or from dimmer switch. basically the supply to the entire circuit affected. try what rich says and find the wires which supply the entire illumination system.
  19. piece of production junk. get it off this forum!
  20. Dashboard backlight not illuminating

    do all the dash/switch lights do it, or just the instrument cluster?
  21. if you have dry storage, completely strip and store. you'll get maybe £1k+ for everything in time.
  22. 1.4 TDi losing power

    anyone thought of these? dont have one myself, but some of my mates use them. they dont like vcds and prefer this: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/162989157054 anyone have any feedback?
  23. LUPO GTI

    i might use that line as "my thought for the day"
  24. LUPO GTI

    the big question is "is a lupo gti art?".
  25. LUPO GTI

    I'd be very concerned about condition of rings, valves, brakes, shocks, seals, gaskets, electric motors and sensors. they all like heat cycling to drive out any moisture. unless loads of 2 stroke oil has been squirted in everywhere. in germany someone discovered a garage full of about 30 brand new mk2 golfs. new. 20 something years old. a foot thick dust on them, flat tyres etc. not a single one could be started, many of the blocks had siezed. they were all scrapped (for nice parts...!).