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  1. mk2

    Greetings from the Canada!

    Yeah! LOL I think @Rich does it just for effect... I'm sure there's something going on there....
  2. Do you have a diagnostic thing? Cheapest is probably a bluetooth to phone thing.... could be anything. welcome to club lupo!
  3. mk2

    Regards from Rome (Italy)

    Google translate is awesome when i try to speak northern....
  4. mk2

    Hounslow on A4. Black Lupo.

    was this you in a black SE or sport? We eyeballed each other with 'the all knowing nod of approval'... on the A4 me going west, you going east from heathrow. 15:20 today. black sport.mp4
  5. Just tried the wiki tab at the top, which now dumps out. Start at cl main landing page then select it... dunno what happened to it? Anyone?
  6. Oops. Took ages to put that together... fingers crossed. oh, and while you're still alive, how do users change their status colours? Uh, just noticed this moment while looking at my status... I've gone green! Cool. Can I be I dunno, orange? Like Kermit says, it's difficult being green. Great post whoever did that (can't remember...)!
  7. mk2

    1.8t drives in a 1.0ltr lupo

    Sell this car and get a wrecker.... your project is one of those tricky ones that'll probably be abandoned eventually, unfinished with too many difficult things to sort out for the average car enthusiast. Half shafts, for example need special heat treatment once cut and joined, and balancing if uneven. lots of welding lots of wiring lots of custom gear shift stuff custom exhaust the list goes on and on... it's a good looking motor... oh and welcome to club lupo!
  8. The correct part is always best...
  9. You could use the polo one if you can find a way to slide them into the same position as the lupo one. The wishbone has a slots in. In theory, it could be moved.
  10. mk2

    Greetings from the Canada!

    That is an absolute invite for @mscherryviolet to comment? Do tell....!
  11. mk2

    Lupo Body Modification

    The corners, just behind the wheels have no strength and are just bendy plastic. That bit could be easily removed, but you'd get a lot of rear spray. The bit inbetween could be modded. You need to see what the structure is like on the car, the bit that is covered up by the bumper. I'd say that the bumper isn't that strong. It's held on by two screws at the top, 3 in the wheel arch and two underneath. Takes five minutes to remove it. the big question is what would you replace it with? You need some kind of non sharp surface to hide everything and to keep it looking sweet.
  12. I need to replace the driver's door hinges. Vdub want £22 each incl vat. No way. so I've been looking at other similar aged vdubs and they all appear to use the exact same hinge. I think. Bora/golf4/passat/lupo/audi.... but the parts numbers are all different. I'm not convinced. The correct Lupo number is 6E0831402C. on an Audi it's 8K0831402E on golfs it's 1J0831402C on passat 8E0831402C You get the picture. so, does anyone know which variant works out the best value for money? I'm sure they're all exactly the same. I've seen stuff on ebay going for about £5 each brand new, but, not a lupo part number. I'm not going to start ripping my mk4 golf to bits, just to find out. They do look exactly the same though... Anyone?
  13. Not sure what i'll be doing, but the drivers door moves up and down by about 10mm at the lock! Pin completely worn i reckon. So i'll try just swapping the lower one and see how it goes. The top one is known to be a tricky one to swap. Ideally brand new hinge. Just looking for cheap & new, as i could get a whole used steel door for £35.... Either way I'll need to do some painting.
  14. mk2

    Greetings from the Canada!

    That EPC Is probably caused by gloop clagging up the throttle valve spindle. If it goes all stiff (when really cold), it gives wrong TPS readings, resulting in the ecu thinking it isn't responding.... do the usual mod of bypassing the oil breather down to the road. No nasty fumes for the engine to inhale. Cleaner burn, more power (slightly), better emissions. Happy engine. Happy owner.
  15. We need that wiki back up and running... loads a good info in there. @MattyB where are you?
  16. Plug gaps are not as critical as people think... usually about 0.8mm does the trick. 0.6-2.0 will work. Plug temperature will affect performance though. I like to run a plug with a heat rating one hotter than standard. Means you can run a bit richer for fractionally more power when you remap- and no plug fouling. Nice clean plugs even when rich, because the extra heat prevents the soot from sticking. Changing plug leads and ends don't have any effect unless the original ones are faulty.
  17. That'd made a lot of noise while driving...
  18. mk2


    Would you split? Just need the front top left one, as I have a very very small nick in mine. (And just checking, it is dark grey cloth?)
  19. mk2

    Greetings from the Canada!

    If you get the bearing completely off, measure it, I'm fairy sure it'll be a bog standard deep groove thing. Off the shelf from any bearing supplier. I bet that must have made a lot of noise, grinding away.... There's a clear reason why engine bays shouldn't be washed... once a rubber seal gets a bit worn, water gets in, dragging all sorts of particles of hard silicates (sand) with it. Sand, water and a bit of grease work superbly as an abrasive- lots of bearing wear.
  20. Have a look under that big plastic cover... it's all happening under there
  21. It's probably sucking in breather fumes, but could be the piston rings, worn valve guides, head gasket, bunged up throttle valve, all of the above... Try diverting the breather pipe down to the road and blocking off the flange that sucks all the gunk into the engine. Then take it on a good motorway run to clean things out. When's the last time you changed the air filter?
  22. mk2

    Greetings from the Canada!

    It's got a polo part number... 6N0820803B Just had a look online. It's pretty much universal for many many cars. Mainly german stuff though. Looks like you degassed it then... it's hard to find R134A over here now (not inexpensively). I was going to say that if you can get that clutch off, it's worth having a go at simply changing the bearing. And they're cheap. But having heard about Canadian weather, you have no rush...
  23. mk2

    GTI Upgrades

    Yeah, and if you get the angle wrong it actually makes everything worse... you need a zig zag vertical movement, not a wave action. No horizontal scoring. So you can't start or stop the drill while the brush is in the bore. Ever.
  24. Been researching different design diesel engines out there over the years out of curiosity... Is the VAG group SDI lump, the smallest direct injection engine in a modern era car? There are loads of turbo'd diesels from various manufacturers that are DI, but me thinks the 1.7 is the one. There are bigger 1.8/1.9/2.0 litre things. Can't find anything similar or smaller than the 1.7. Indirect injection, there are lots... anyone?
  25. mk2

    Smallest non turbo diesel DI?

    Yeah, seen that pic... i've also seen a few hg for sale, all with a swirl chamber redirectors. Me thinks it's an indirect injection lump. i know nothing as i keep telling everyone.

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