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  1. Japanese LUPO GTI's

    In singapore there used to be (dunno if still true) what was called the certificate of entitlment or COE. You had to have one of those bits of paper before you could buy a car. Any car. I think it was done to limit numbers of cars on the road there. They were sold at auction for silly money, like £100,000 at one point. Needless to say many people who could afford a COE at that time drove silly cars like Lambos, ferraries and bentleys. Mad. And i also think the same 10 year rule applied. No car older than 10 years old. So no classic or vintage car scene, except people who could keep a car offroad as a hobby. I think it was done to keep emissions down, but i could be wrong. I heard about the Japan rule too. Which is why so many decent cars get exported to NZ and the UK (as they drive on the left like we do). In india and other places that drive on the left (developing countries) you need a 'carnet de passages en duane' (go google it), which restricts car imports of used cars. Funny old world. Oh, and in Australia, there used to be what was called a luxury car tax. If you drove a bog standard poverty spec beemer in the uk and brought it into aus, you'd have to pay a huge tax duty- luxury tax! I think the uk genuinely is the most liberal market for cars and car engineering- way more than the usa.
  2. L100OPO

    Mmm, nice. Would love to, but cash is a problem at the mo.
  3. For the fronts you need a hydraulic press. No options. I go down to our local machine shop armed with a box of chockies, icecream or beer depending on time of year and humbly ask if i may use their machine for half and hour (to do both). Have never had a no reply yet
  4. Problems starting - When Warm?

    Once it's running, you could try the old pull the sensors test... one by one and reconnect. If it has no effect, it's probably that sensor....
  5. L11PVW

    I wish you'd posted this about ten days ago...! Got any pics of the sdi? Sure you don't want to sell the whole car as is, if it's potentially a runner....
  6. New member

    Rich, behave... yeah welcome. Check the gear changes and gearbox oil. Other than that all should be just basic maintenance stuff. Got any pics? Hiw much did you pay?
  7. Fixed. Full power restored. it was the injectors. ok, so all i did is swap the injectors from the used spare engine to the one with the gutless symptoms. New washers again. I bet the threads on the pipe nuts are wearing out the number of times i've done this now... so much for two sets of known to be good injectors. Hmm. Ok, I'm going to go back to the guy who cleaned and tested my original set (and the spare set i bought) to find out what is going on. I saw the spray pattern myself, so i know it can't be blocked nozzles. I also read the gauges as they 'popped' and they were all almost identical. This is all most peculiar. I'll run with the 'new' injectors for a few days to let everything settle in, maybe chuck a can of purge through the system too, as the nozzles that came out of the old engine were a bit gunged. But i thought, no cleaning; I'm just going to bung them in my engine without doing anything at all to them and see what happens. All good! then i'll see what the injector balance is like and post my results here.
  8. Vw Lupo odd accessories section

    Now the question is why do we all submit to rich's requests...? Hmmmm?
  9. Lupo 3L Gearbox stuck in upper gears

    Hey hey, RAB is back...
  10. 2001 Black GTI 87k

    Nurburgring in a lupo... that i'd like to see a video of. Short wheel bases and track don't go well together. I bet that turned a few heads! Awesome.
  11. Greetings from the Canada!

    I reckon that'll be just about the smallest car on the road.... i can't wait for pics of it parked in a mall parking lot perfect for the delivery run though.
  12. Vw Lupo odd accessories section

    yeah, i've done just that to one of my mk2s... it has (probably the only one in the uk) ac. and bluetooth/wifi hifi. no EW or CC but yes to RCL. very few wifi connected car hifis out there. i can park near the house and download up to 32gbyte of music without plugging anything in... philips. just fitting RCL to my black lupo if someone can supply me with the little LED door button bezel. then i can finish it. I put that philps hifi in the black sdi and love it. no cd player but they're already extinct anyway.
  13. Vw Lupo odd accessories section

    the main reason i like mk2's.... enhancements: dont forget adding a stupid touch screen. you can't grope around for a button- you've got to take your eyes off the road and 'read' the screen before selecting something. hmmm. french cars started that idea.
  14. Vw Lupo odd accessories section

    i'll buy one off you for my black sdi... And there I was feeling all smug that my two almost mint cars (dont mention the power issue in one), were just about "complete". yeah, and to keep rich happy, yes i do need to change my cracked undertray on the black one... not as smug now