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  1. Lupo 3L rear springs

    i'd guess that 3L springs are slightly less stiff than regular lupos, if only because the car weighs slightly less. for front springs, i'd probably go for 1.0l springs. for rears, SDI. anyone know the lbs/inch rates on the springs?
  2. has anyone else noticed that the cabling to the headlight bulbs is as thin as thread? i bet uprated cable running 150/95W halogens would be quite effective...
  3. never seen one of them... got info?
  4. VW CD player

    rip out the boot mounted changer and fit a usb/sdcard reader dongle emulator (behind your head unit). the head unit thinks a changer is fitted and cycles through the files on the memory stick thing as if it was a cd... genious!!! and if you use a wifi enabled sdcard, you can update all the mp3 files when the car is parked outside your house
  5. SEAT Arosa 1.4S

    and with rare mudflaps...
  6. on some software you need to set the default interface to slowest and specify 'use the K-line'. there's a chinese app that you have to do it every time you use it. but it has loads of functions not in VCDS lite.
  7. it uses the old slower 'k' line...
  8. Broken Passenger Side Door Handle.

    nut and bolt, if it is what i think it is... the inside door handle? glue a nut on the inside, behind the panel, on the internal steel skin. then it wont drop off when you put everything back again
  9. Seat Arosa Sport pedal box

    that's a great diagram... where's it from?
  10. Lupo 3L TDI

    i'll stick my neck out on this one, and say it is not possible to retro fit an autobox. well, not without a lot of work.
  11. i'll do that. so they're stainless under a black coating of some sort... ok, i get it now. never knew that still learning....
  12. Multi Lupo owner newbie

    i'm still at two lupos. trying to find an arosa sdi with £30 tax. hens teeth.