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  1. mk2

    Greetings from the Canada!

    Oddly enough, i like yank chocolate (no innuendo please!). Reeses peanut butter cups. Mmmmm. strange rules in places like arizona. You can have a gun on your passenger seat, but any sign of a kinder egg, you'll be arrested!
  2. mk2

    New owner 1.7 SDI

    Welcome to club lupo SDI and Gti are the best Lupos, so good call. never seen one with ABS, but I'm sure it was an option. only suggestion is to disable the egr system. pedal creak could be pedal box. They do creak just before they let go. The rest position of the pedal is the give away- if going or gone, it's lower than the brake pedal at rest. check gearbox. Flush and refill. lube gear linkages. not a lot else really. Very reliable, economical car.
  3. That hose flange costs pennies- like £3 from ECP or someone. But you can ghetto fix it ( @Skezza 's favourite method) using some stixall. Clean it well and dry before you do it though... whirring could be leaves in the alternator or a rattly loose cam belt cover. Usually something plastic in the engine bay? It's worth tracking it down though just in case something potentially serious.
  4. mk2

    Cherry’s Fresco

    Ok, enough of this carp. I can't stand senators. Ugliest modern era car by a mile. Give me something like a 750iL E38 please. Proper car.
  5. mk2

    Cherry’s Fresco

    Nah, where the 4 police tracker antennae fit.... but given the age, lots of additional ventilation too. Helps rid the condensation in this cold weather.
  6. mk2

    Cherry’s Fresco

    I might have, especially with fluorescent jam sandwich stripes... very comfy car. The 4 little roof holes are annoying though.
  7. mk2

    Cherry’s Fresco

    Everyone knows I'm 76. Why am i always complaining about my back and knees....
  8. mk2

    Greetings from the Canada!

    My guess is that is due to kids... kids and cars don't mix. In fact from what i've been told, kids and nothing mixes well. Everyone i know with young 'uns have the backs of their seats kicked in, chocolate and various susbstances mashed into the headliner, carpet, seatbelts, cloth and door handles covered in icky goo... bring back vinyl for families!
  9. mk2

    Greetings from the Canada!

    We haven't seen a pic of the inside of your fresco car for a while @mscherryviolet.... last totalled one had some excellent arty additions all over the place in the form of cherry stickers and a funky headliner. Or have you gone all sensible on us
  10. That's another good one! Bet there was a lot of head scratching at first.... i wonder if @Rich is reading this? He's got some good stories i bet???
  11. mk2

    Clayton's Tornado Red GTI..

    Great pics! Nice.
  12. Oh, great problem! I love these sorts.... clutch and revs... cutting out... completley unrelated. Got me thinking.... Mmmmm. It could be volts, but once warmed up the battery pretty much sits at 14.4v. Try and reproduce it with all the electrics on. Fan, lights, demister etc. ok, this might be a stab in the dark. Clutch switch has wiring that is on the same loom that the ignition relay is on a few cm away. When you declutch, switch mounting moves, tugging slightly on the harness that goes into the back of the relay. The added tension caused by the pedal being pressed causes the wire to act like a guitar string that vibrates perfectly when you rev the engine. The added vibration causes a harmonic ringing of the contact inside the relay which then disconnects the power. Engine cuts out. Mad idea? Or coukd be crank sensor, but i can't think of a link to the crank sensor and the clutch action...
  13. The crank sensor then...? Depending on what software's in your ecu, try getting it running then disconnect the crank sensor. Engine should die. Then try starting it with it disconnected. If it runs, roughly, then everything else is probably fine. If nothing, either you have a duff cam sensor or the 'other' version of software. But when u plug it back in again, shoukd be working as before. Crank sensors can be temperamental. if you look at trace of the O2 sensor on the diagnostics, it should be steady. For a misfire, going low means no spark, going high means no injection. But @Rich is right. If crank, could be multiple cylinders all missing for a split second.
  14. Abso-bloody-lutely true. I get so so mad....
  15. mk2

    Lupo Enamel Pin Badges - £5

    Anyone know what's happening with windscreen stickers?

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