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  1. Old Lupo owner...

    It all because everyone knows that 3 cyls are just plain wrong... Here's a pic i found on t'inter'web:
  2. WANTED - SDi gearbox

    I have two sdis with very dodgy boxes. One is whiney. The other chatters. They'll go pop soon. Just no time for me to pull them and do the bearings. I think its the same for everyone... There are a few old but salvagable sdis on gumtree like this one (could pull the box out of that and sell the remaining parts): https://www.gumtree.com/p/volkswagen/volkswagen-lupo/1239635362
  3. Hello all, fox 1.6

    Not a stretched limosine... nice photoshop work!
  4. Centre Bore on alloys too small

    Lots of before and after pics please
  5. Lupo GTi problems

    Scrub that... Ignore the throttle thing... Misread your Q. Yeah, check timing. Nothing to do with the throttle!
  6. Lupo GTi problems

    Yeah sounds like throttle position sensor is giving the system unusual numbers. The throttle servo works by supplying a varying voltage (pwm actually) to the throttle motor- which should respond exactly with what is being supplied. So ecu demands say 15% throttle then measures the tps voltage, which should tell it that it is 15% open. It should tally. If it doesn't, it usually means the tps is knackered, the throttle valve is stiff (gunged) or the whole assembly is on the way out. Or it even might be a loose connector to the throttle body. the other is like mobieus says...
  7. Hello all, fox 1.6

    So not a stretch then...
  8. Try Boyriven. When I do retrims, they usually have the genuine stuff, or at least know where to find it.
  9. Centre Bore on alloys too small

    It'd take a machine shop five minutes a wheel. And it'd be accurate too. I'm sure that there's someone local to you with a decent size lathe. They'll simply need to know the exact size of the hole needed. I'd imagine a fiver a wheel would cover it. Just make a few phone calls or speak to your nearest farmer in s wales. They know all the right people!
  10. Old Lupo owner...

    Are those plastic wheel nut caps from an old polo? I like the look of those steels on it. Retro looking good now....
  11. Hello all, fox 1.6

    Muy bien! I like it. I agree with Rich. Nice paint job. You need to drive to cartegena and take some pics along the main strip there. Or go down south in the mountains and get some of that awesome scenery in the background. Beautiful car in beautiful country!
  12. Strange Noise From Driver Door

    Yeah, it sounds like it's the really common tie strap issue that stops the doors flying too far open. They creak, grind, pop and make all sorts of noises. Do a search and you'll find loads of solutions. First step might be a bit of grease needed...
  13. I wonder how common this is...? When I got my second SDI, it too had the lower cam belt cover completely mashed. I eventually had to go to Vdub, as people don't like to separate them from engines they have for sale (even though most people change the cam belt before they fit a new engine- and can use the old cover). cost me about £30 in the end. But I am trying to get my car back to mint condition again.... Oh by the way, if you have an auto gearbox, be sure to get it serviced- everyone forgets to do it- just needs a fluid/oil and filter change just like the engine.
  14. Not starting

    Does the starter click when you turn the key? Can you push start the car... it's either a starting issue or a running issue. both very different things to solve. Once running is it fine, or is it a case that it cranks but doesn't fire into life?
  15. whats it worth?

    They are going up in value. Store it ten years, then sell it for more...