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  1. mk2

    Lupo GTi (Jap import)

    how many rpm to get the 226? i wanna do the math 2.8 or 2.9?
  2. i don't like "Up"s either. Very sensible getting rid. Fox (Brazillian factory) was better than Up, but still didn't have build quality of a lupo. Mk2 golfs are still running...! What has happened to Vdub's build quality???
  3. mk2

    BOLA GREEN AROSA S. 2003 .

    what year? how much rust?
  4. mk2

    Lupo GTi (Jap import)

    agreed. very very nice. well taken pics too.
  5. mk2

    Hi from Plymouth

    welcome to our little lupo world! nice looking motor.
  6. the injection system is the same. identical. but, the quantity adjuster or plunger is programmed to dispense more fuel at higher revs in the 1.9. BUT, if you could reprogram an SDI ECU (remap), it'd work fine. I'm 100% sure, now that I've been through the entire injection system. lupo quiz... i've thought of a new part. need to take a pic of it first. no-one will ever get this one!
  7. mk2

    Gerti - My 'New' Gti

    i'll buy your steering wheel
  8. mk2

    Carbon Lupo

    seriously cool. i'll have one please.
  9. mk2

    Hay, im after a bit of advice please

    it's just a pulley. whole used engine £200 on ebay. so maybe a fiver? "i hope it's not too expensive dear seller. i only have a thousand pounds on me...."
  10. mk2

    CL down this morning?

    fits on a micro sd card then, the size of my little finger nail....
  11. mk2

    Hay, im after a bit of advice please

    i don't know the part, but couldn't it be welded?
  12. mk2

    Front springs from 1.0

    done! pm'd
  13. @MattyB what happened?
  14. mk2

    Front springs from 1.0

    would you split? i only can use the rears, as the fronts are different for all models... different mass engines!
  15. mk2

    SDI alternator removal - how the heck!?

    to move the slam panel, don't you need to access the bolts behind the bumper? as in you can't get to it without stripping lots out of the way? never done it, but the gap is small, like 10-12mm...