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  1. Haydyybear

    rear beam swap. brake line problems

    yeah I just wanted to see if it was just my friend that had troubles with the lines, ill be trying when my new hubs turn up and about -5 I believe it will be as im adding 3-2 washers yeah they'll be covered in a lot of wd40 before removal and ill be as carful as possible haha
  2. Haydyybear

    rear beam swap. brake line problems

    so the 6n2 stub axles have the calliper carrier attached?
  3. Haydyybear

    Rear beam replacement

    yeah im very tempted to just cut the mounts off to be honest.
  4. Haydyybear

    rear beam swap. brake line problems

    yeah I have just discovered this haha didn't really pay attention even tho I stripped the bloody thing. so what do you recommend?
  5. Haydyybear

    rear beam swap. brake line problems

    I have a whole gti beam assembly, just going to swap out the whole beam as ive striped the gti one back and painted it. the carrier is attached to the stub axle on a gti tho so I can just add washers behind the stub axle and it will angle both where as with the sport id have to fit washers behind both the stub axle and the calliper carrier
  6. right im in the process of swapping my sport beam out for a gti beam as I want to be able to add camber easily and as the gti has a single construction stub axle and this will be easier to work with! ive been told the rear brake lines will snap if I try un do them? so looking for advice/ tips and tricks and if anyone knows where to get lines?
  7. Haydyybear

    Rear beam replacement

    when changing the rear beam did you get new rear brake lines? as im swapping my beam for a gti beam and been told the lines will just twist and snap?
  8. what was the name of the bulbs?
  9. Haydyybear

    Joey headlights !!!!help!!!

    Can anyone help by telling me how to split standard lupo headlights? And how to remove the black box on the back?
  10. Haydyybear

    New wheels for lupo

  11. Haydyybear

    New wheels for lupo

    They are a size of 15x8, 4x100, et0 60.1 so has anyone got any idea if they'll fit stright on or will need arch rolling or spacers?
  12. Haydyybear

    I removed my bump strips and...

    Did you sort this? As I've recently brought a lupo and I've just tried removeing the back half of the bump strip and I've been left with similar marks and I've tried ag tar remover
  13. How do I lock the fule cap on my lupo as it won't lock?

  14. Haydyybear

    door strap repair

    Mine has done the same I think the only way to fix it is by just getting a new component, scrap yard is where I'll be looking

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