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  1. Wanted OSF Wing for Lupo GTi

    Good morning @Trumpeter Ben’s forum handle is @Skegga His mobile ‘number is on his ads. in “Breaking”. All the best, Martin
  2. Wanted OSF Wing for Lupo GTi

    @Andrew1971 No worries @Trumpeter Try asking Ben Gregg, he is Birmingham way I think- I can’t remember his forum handle, but he does post on the Facebook groups under his actual name. All the best, Martin
  3. Wanted OSF Wing for Lupo GTi

    @Trumpeter Thankyou for your offer, if I get stuck I will let you know. All the best, Martin
  4. Wanted OSF Wing for Lupo GTi

    Good morning peeps Sorry to crash your thread (can’t find the “embarrassed” emoji ) , but would any of you happen to have a Massingberd Northallerton VW keyring and possibly business cards from around 2002 that you would consider parting with? My GTi is their ex demo. from 2002 and I’m trying to find a good condition year correct keyring and two business cards with “Tim Lomas” and “James Fawcett” on them, but haven’t had much luck so far.... Thank you for reading, sorry once again for crashing your thread @Trumpeter All the best, Martin Mods: Please remove if inappropriate , only posting here as have had no luck with a “Wanted” ad.
  5. Anyone picked up this months evo magazine?

    Couldn’t find a hard copy left in the shops to buy , so here is a link to a PDF I found with a certain well known search engine: http://serialmagazinepdf.com/2017/09/evo-uk-issue-240-november-2017/ Mods, please remove if inappropriate All the best, Martin
  6. 4 branch manifold lupo gti???

    This one: https://www.kamracing.co.uk/car-tuning/volkswagen/vw-lupo/intake-exhaust/vw-lupo-1-6-16v-gti-kam-racing-manifold-cat-pipe.html Martin.
  7. OY02 JZK Black Lupo GTi Crawley, West Sussex.

    Well it is still there, so I guess it must be having work done, think I can see tyre stickers from the opposite side of the road where I am standing....
  8. OY02 JZK Black Lupo GTi Crawley, West Sussex.

    Good morning Martin, It was parked around the side not directly out front, so goodness knows if it was being worked on or not. I saw it approximately a year and a half ago (I think....) parked up in the Tesco's just down the road, it had a male driver at the time- it was one of those "look it's another Lupo, and it's a black GTi same as mine" moments.... Martin.
  9. 'afternoon everybody Spotted earlier today at Kwik Fit's branch in the Three Bridges area of Crawley, West Sussex. Standard height L41 Lupo GTi with standard rear tail lights and alloys. Was it you? (curious to know as mine is the same year and colour) All the best, Martin
  10. Lupo GTI, Engine cover "GTI" emblem

    That's pretty awesome, I wonder if they are obsolete now? Martin.
  11. Opinions/Info required on value

    What exactly is wrong with the wipers?
  12. @forsh21 All four in working order before removal from my car. Martin.
  13. Good morning @forsh21 , The set of four callipers are still available. Martin.
  14. Good morning Nadeem, The rear callipers are still for sale, they come as a full set of four with the front callipers. Strictly cash on collection in person only from near Gatwick. Kind regards, Martin.