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  1. 1.7sdi to PD130

    if it kept breaking down...
  2. 1.8T Lupo Conversion

    sell the 1 litre and buy a Sport model, its a much better place to start modifying from
  3. Customised TDi

    I don't like the wheels everything else seems good
  4. Customised TDi

    on ebay, a conversion but nicely done http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Volkswagen-Lupo-Tdi-Sport/272869671897?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2060353.m1438.l2649
  5. Arosa Mk 2

    lower front grill required for a mark 2 Arosa, happy to collect within 100 miles or so
  6. I've given the car an Italian tune up this morning and the judder is less pronounced which does suggest a sticky caliper
  7. I have a similar issue with one of our TDi's in the 2 and a half years I've owned it I've changed the discs 3 times and need to again. Last time I fitted Brembo discs and changed the front nearside caliper. I have also put replacement front alloys with new tyres on the front. The car does not have abs. I'm at a loss to explain this, the car tracks straight, brakes straight and does not pull to one side under acceleration, each time I've changed discs I've bought progressively more expensive items. Once replaced the new discs work fine for 3 months or so and then a judder starts. Any ideas perhaps changing the offside caliper?
  8. Anyone picked up this months evo magazine?

    you haven't missed much, the article on the Nissan Skyline variants was interesting though
  9. Biggest wheels possible..!!!

    these can look great but beware of speed bumps and potholed roads, put some money aside for wheel bearings too as they won't last very long with wider lowered rubber
  10. The jazz blue sport

    great project, keep up the posts, like you I've owned both a 100bhp sport [Arosa] and several TDi's both Arosa and Lupo, what is your impression or put it another way which do you prefer. Their characteristics are very different but I find the TDi to be as quick and because it's got low down grunt to be a more relaxing drive
  11. miss fueled an Arosa

    ok I will do that tomorrow
  12. miss fueled an Arosa

    Yes, had trouble starting it after filling it up with diesel but since then he's driven home, I'd guesstimate the tank has 2/3-3/4 diesel in it which is way above the 5% that the rescue companies indicate to be manageable. He says once started it was running normally with no misfires but from what I've read the risk is to the diesel pump rather than the engine as such, anyone else done this and got away with it?
  13. miss fueled an Arosa

    my son has put about 12 litres of petrol into his tdi Arosa, leaving it about half full, realising his mistake he returned to the petrol station and filled it to the brim with taxi fuel, should he have it drained or might he get away with it
  14. That's a fancy splitter
  15. Hi all :)

    It's been lowered, nice alloys and black is always a good colour but it needs washing regularly as it shows the dirt