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  1. cam_d

    tdi owners K&N reviews

    it's very interesting isnt it, I have been reading that if the tdi breathes better it gets better mpg and runs a bit smoother. don't know what to believe haha
  2. cam_d

    tdi owners K&N reviews

    Anyone out there running a K&n? planning to get one, not sure there is a benefit on a diesel?
  3. cam_d

    1.4 tdi Arosa s

    yeah the speakers are a brilliant upgrade, I highly recommend them, I'm looking to sort out rears and amp them next. my subwoofer is a 12" which IMO is too big and doesnt react fast enough
  4. cam_d

    Lupo Gti, Recaros, bags, Exip Mega...

    Perfect Thanks
  5. cam_d

    Lupo Gti, Recaros, bags, Exip Mega...

    Another quick question, do these dim with the adjuster? - the LED's
  6. cam_d

    Lupo Gti, Recaros, bags, Exip Mega...

    thanks for the help, appreciated mate
  7. cam_d

    Lupo Gti, Recaros, bags, Exip Mega...

    I keep looking back on this thread, it's a stunning car Was it these shape LED's? http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/10x-PLCC-2-3528-SMD-LEDS-SURFACE-MOUNT-BLUE-PINK-RED-WHITE-GREEN-SMT-/310314933505
  8. The pictures never worked before. Cheers for this link I will be doing this
  9. Roof lining looks fantastic... Really need to do that
  10. cam_d

    Adam's Bagged Anthracite Lupo. * BAGGED IT*

    little things like the indicators do make a huge difference
  11. cam_d

    My Lupo GTI

    lovely colour
  12. cam_d

    Lupo GTI Super 1600 ITB (264bhp)

    i'd love to hear this in the flesh ")
  13. progress is incredible bud
  14. cam_d

    Laura's Lupo

    still to see one of these in this colour
  15. cam_d

    The Mean Green Bogie!

    bargain, look forward to seeing what you end up doing

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