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  1. tdi owners K&N reviews

    it's very interesting isnt it, I have been reading that if the tdi breathes better it gets better mpg and runs a bit smoother. don't know what to believe haha
  2. tdi owners K&N reviews

    Anyone out there running a K&n? planning to get one, not sure there is a benefit on a diesel?
  3. 1.4 tdi Arosa s

    yeah the speakers are a brilliant upgrade, I highly recommend them, I'm looking to sort out rears and amp them next. my subwoofer is a 12" which IMO is too big and doesnt react fast enough
  4. Lupo Gti, Recaros, bags, Exip Mega...

    Perfect Thanks
  5. Lupo Gti, Recaros, bags, Exip Mega...

    Another quick question, do these dim with the adjuster? - the LED's
  6. Lupo Gti, Recaros, bags, Exip Mega...

    thanks for the help, appreciated mate
  7. Lupo Gti, Recaros, bags, Exip Mega...

    I keep looking back on this thread, it's a stunning car Was it these shape LED's? http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/10x-PLCC-2-3528-SMD-LEDS-SURFACE-MOUNT-BLUE-PINK-RED-WHITE-GREEN-SMT-/310314933505
  8. The pictures never worked before. Cheers for this link I will be doing this
  9. Roof lining looks fantastic... Really need to do that
  10. Adam's Bagged Anthracite Lupo. * BAGGED IT*

    little things like the indicators do make a huge difference
  11. My Lupo GTI

    lovely colour
  12. Lupo GTI Super 1600 ITB (264bhp)

    i'd love to hear this in the flesh ")
  13. progress is incredible bud
  14. Laura's Lupo

    still to see one of these in this colour
  15. The Mean Green Bogie!

    bargain, look forward to seeing what you end up doing