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  1. okay so jts been like a year since i've posted a photo on here. well this is Bernard now...
  2. amckenzie

    Romanian Lupo - the UPO

    looking good dan
  3. amckenzie

    Adam's Bagged Anthracite Lupo. * BAGGED IT*

    it caught on fire man
  4. amckenzie

    karlbop tinkers with a lupo...

    ****! Nials old car!!!
  5. amckenzie

    Project Rally lupo!

    So rad, defiantly going to be following this build
  6. amckenzie

    Adam's Bagged Anthracite Lupo. * BAGGED IT*

    If you don't get car to watch for 2016, there is no hope for humanity.
  7. amckenzie

    Romanian Lupo - the UPO

    very very OEM clean Mr. Dan
  8. okay so yeah.... I really need to update this.... car has changed so much and im actually annoyed that I havent kept up with this.
  9. Okay so, I will be doing a huge update at the weekend... Im sorry Yea man, im in dunstable
  10. amckenzie

    My GTI build to now

    yeaaaaaaaa joe!
  11. amckenzie

    Baby Bender - Lupo 1.0

    Looks insane!!
  12. amckenzie

    Lupo Sport Blog - Last Update - 26/11/2012

    did you break this car, i think i have the front bumper aha

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