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  1. lupo_crush

    VW Lupo 1.7 SDI 2001 Spairs or repair

    It’s not true Salisbury is safe! And we get free parking on a Sunday tyvm. If it helps I am in Amesbury just off the A303.
  2. lupo_crush

    VW Lupo 1.7 SDI 2001 Spairs or repair

    Andrew I am truly grateful for the last 5 year of fairly trouble free and certainly very cheap motoring. Might have to keep it at this rate. Still no offers.
  3. lupo_crush

    VW Lupo 1.7 SDI 2001 Spairs or repair

    Feel free to bring your respirators. 🤢 I would love to fix it up and keep it on the road but the wife is a little less willing than me.
  4. Make: VW Model: Lupo SDI MOT: 28/11/18 (Fail) TAX: £30 p.y Milage: 105,000 I am sad to have to do this but I am going to have to let my Lupo go as it has failed its MOT today I have attached the list of faults. Other than what is listed the car is in not to bad condition. It is clean and drives well. I am not in the position to break it for parts. If I had the time and space I would fix it myself but this is not an option for me. Location: Salisbury Wiltshire Price: £650
  5. lupo_crush

    HELP! SDI power steering pipes burst.

    Refurbished powesteering line. £60 from pirtek. Cracking job. Even put a joint in for me after the flexi hose part to make to easy to fit back in with no problems. Gave it a quick service at the same time new oil and filters. 35% off at Euro car parts helped out.
  6. lupo_crush

    HELP! SDI power steering pipes burst.

    Thanks, have you both used pirtek before? Would they make a set of hoses for it? Is this the only option? Anyone in the Salisbury area that could help me out?
  7. VW LUPO 1.7 SDI 2001 I am looking for some help getting my trusty steed back on the road. Monday my power steering pipe split spraying fluid all over my drive. If Mondays are not bad enough already. I am struggling to find the part online or with a breakers. Dose anyone have any? Or knowlage on how to get it back on the road? Or is willing to help me? (Wiltshire area) I don’t really want to give up on it just yet.
  8. lupo_crush

    Lupo 1.7 SDI Power steering problem

    Thanks Skezza, You seem to be the go to guy for SDI's. I will try and take a look. Will I need a ramp or are they easily accessible under the car? What do i need to check for?
  9. Good evening all, Pretty new to the whole forum thing but have been amazed by all the knowledge on Club Lupo. Now I need some help. I have a 2001 SDI with about 80,000 on the clock. Problems 1. Power steering only works going right. I have topped up the fluid and tried to bleed the system but still no luck. Going left is much harder working against the pump. Turing right is not smooth it feels like it jolts and the power steering kicks in. I would love to tell you how it started but i lent my car to a friend as his car was in the garage being fixed and got it back like this. If there is anyone local to me (Salisbury Wiltshire) that has good knowledge of this to help. I have a few more smaller issues to fix along the way so this list may be added to. Hope someone can help.
  10. I am also interested in doing a EGR removal on a SDI has anyone got a step-by-step for this? Also what was the quality of the ebay part?
  11. lupo_crush

    New to Lupo's I bought it!

    Ahh first picture posted and it worked. Wahoo!!!!
  12. lupo_crush

    New to Lupo's I bought it!

  13. lupo_crush

    New to Lupo's I bought it!

    Hi all, I am for Salisbury Wiltshire and wondered if there is anyone in my area? I eventually went and picked up a 2001 SDI with 85000 ish on the but clock needs some work.
  14. lupo_crush

    New to Lupo's Should I buy it?

    Firstly I would like to say hello to all. Secondly I am days away from potently owning a Lupo. This is what i have found can anyone advise me if it is a good purchase. 2001 VW LUPO 1.7 SDI diesel 84000MILES All four tyres have really good tread the front two which are winter tyres were new only 6months ago.maintenance that i have done since owning the car arethree services cam belt at 60000new clutch tracking new tyres brake master cylinder front discs and pads drivers window regulator and window switches The alternator, battery and rear shocks were done just before we brought the car. the body work is generally in good condition but the are a few dings and stone chips.the previous owner had the car covered in sticker for his security business and damaged the paint when removing them so had the car re-sprayed, there are a few over spray bits where it obviously was not masked up properly but isn't too drastic. had/done the cambelt and full service when I got the car at 60000miles and have done two other oil changes since I have owned it. So the next service it would probably be worth do the fuel filter and air filter as well. The only two faults I know of on the car are the back light for the heater controls doesn't illuminate and if you do ever have trouble with the drivers door taking the door handle off will be tricky as I had to glue the cover back on so nothing to major. Hope this helps anything else you would like to know just ask. the car is good mechanically the only advisories on the last mot was offside rear shock absorber has a light misting of oil, near side front suspension arm has slight play in a pin/bush, and offside front suspension arm has slight play in a pin/bush. It did fail the last mot on parking brake efficiency and anti rool bar drop link. I fitted a new drop link and rebuilt the rear brake I didn't change the rear shoes as there still like new. I have put new front discs and pads on the car since I have owned it I'll have a look at how many millimeters the pads have and send you another message. I have also changed the clutch about a year ago although it didn't need doing as it was the clutch peddle that broke(apparently it is quite a common problem with all vw of that era). There is some history quite an few receipts. There is a receipt showing that the battery and alternator was changes just before I brought the car. This is all information from the seller. What do you guys and girls think?

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