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  1. Jamesstrutt

    garage clearout

    Any update on the seats mate?
  2. Jamesstrutt

    Wanted Lupo GTI seats

    Looking for a set of Lupo GTI seats or just front pair.
  3. Jamesstrutt

    Wanted Lupo GTI seats

    Nah they don’t look right for a Lupo in my opinion.
  4. Jamesstrutt

    Club Lupo Keyrings...

    Thanks ?
  5. Jamesstrutt

    Wanted Lupe GTI seats

    Hit me up Lupo GTI seats
  6. Jamesstrutt

    Club Lupo Keyrings...

    Ok I have sent the money across now
  7. Jamesstrutt

    a club lupo member has a laser cutter...

    Really like the look of these ? I think if you polished the whole key ring it would look beautiful. Defiantly think you should keep moving forward with this!
  8. Jamesstrutt

    Club Lupo Keyrings...

    Are there any key rings left as I would be interested in purchasing one? cheers,
  9. Jamesstrutt

    garage clearout

    I would be interested in the Gti seats if you could dm me some photos?
  10. Jamesstrutt

    Photobucket problem

    Does anyone know how to view photos on old threads as photobucket is preventing me from viewing photos on the forum and are wanting 300 a year or something to view them. Is anyone else having this problem and knows how to resolve it?
  11. Jamesstrutt

    garage clearout

    Are the Lupo front seats still available?
  12. Jamesstrutt

    My vw Lupo Openair

    Nice progress man. Anthracite grey is a quality colour too
  13. Jamesstrutt

    Anyone selling a foglight bumper??

    Anyone selling or know of anyone selling the lower half of the bumper with fogs?
  14. Jamesstrutt

    Light blue lupo sport Poole

    Spotted this light blue sport a few months back in Poole, also managed to get a quick photo
  15. Jamesstrutt

    White lupo Wiltshire

    Passed a low white lupo heading towards Downton, Wiltshire.
  16. Jamesstrutt

    Light blue lupo sport Poole

    Nice one, do you have a build thread?
  17. Does anyone know if the back box on a 1.4s just un clips or is it welded straight onto the pipe?
  18. Jamesstrutt

    BMW E30 318i Restoration (None Lupo content)

    Nice, look forward to the updates.
  19. Jamesstrutt

    Hit me up with a wheel set

    Ahaha you know it
  20. Jamesstrutt

    Hit me up with a wheel set

    Looking for a good fairly cheap wheel set. If you have any that you're selling comment below. Must be wiling to post if you are distant from my location. Also I quite like the bbs RA and RZ.
  21. Jamesstrutt

    Hit me up with a wheel set

    What's the condition like, any pics?
  22. Jamesstrutt

    BMW E30 318i Restoration (None Lupo content)

    Nice, love the E30 beemers. Looks like a pretty intense restoration, have you got any plans for the engine?
  23. Jamesstrutt

    Yellow Lupo - New ICE p2

    Looks really nice mate, love the wheels. You should take the adjusters out the back to get it sitting abit lower, or are you going for the face down ass up look? aha
  24. Jamesstrutt

    annoyed with new coilovers!

    Loosen off the bolts at the bottom of the coilovers Strutt and pull the hub towards you. That's what I did to get my camber the best I could before getting tracking and camber sorted at the garage.

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