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  1. Pricing my GTI for sale

    Do love a raven blue should get 4K for this.
  2. M.O.T time.

    My gti also passed on Saturday only advirsories were brake pads so not bad at all 😀
  3. Lupo gti drivers front wing

    The back of it you mean?
  4. Ultimate Dubs 12th March 2017 - Telford

    Oh not to far from me then we should all try and meet up when weather is better as would love to get a local Dub group setup.
  5. Ultimate Dubs 12th March 2017 - Telford

    Hi there, no cant make ultimate dubs sadly. I live in Cannock how about you?
  6. Lupo gti drivers front wing

    Hey all got a spare gti front wing need to get rid of as baby on the way and need the funds. It's up on eBay for £100 but open to offers on it.
  7. Ultimate Dubs 12th March 2017 - Telford

    Definitely mate would love to meet some Lupo/arosa locals
  8. Lupo gti drivers wing

    Got a gti front driver side wing in good condition all clips ok and no dents or fillers. £100 collection WS12 postcode.
  9. Ultimate Dubs 12th March 2017 - Telford

    Cheers mate. Yea will be in Tamworth so not to far away
  10. Lupo GTI 6Speed Custom Leather Interior £2500

    £1900?? Bloody hell thats cheap!
  11. Ultimate Dubs 12th March 2017 - Telford

    Not sure mate as new job and not sure I'll be free for this weekend :/
  12. Red Lupo Cannock

    Yes mate it was you looked smart I was a couple of cars behind in my white gti
  13. Ultimate Dubs 12th March 2017 - Telford

    Would people be interested in doing a stand as not seen a club Lupo stand at any shows.
  14. GTI Janspeed exhaust

    Missus has a janspeed on hers sounds really nice. I've got a scorpion back box sounds decent but I miss the twin pipes