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  1. so... I take it is an 02J shifter and is not actually the shaft that is stripped, but shifter tower bushings degrading allowing the play. So, either find replacement part or mess about removing bearings which people say can be a pain.
  2. Lupo engine swap

    I was going to do this conversion. In the end bought a GTI. The work involved and cost of getting the bits together wasn't practical. You'll probably increase insurance cost, still not have as many features of a GTI and still have a s****y gearbox. Although if you can source all the parts cheap and have spare time, why not.
  3. I have a polo 6n2 TDI same gearbox as Lupo TDI (correct me if I'm wrong) The counterweight is very wobbly in all directions. It is tightened adequately. I'm assuming it could be either of 2 things 1. The counterweight it self is stripped 2. The shift tower is stripped Is the tower it self easy to remove? Remove the cables etc then the 3 bolts and the tower just lifts up? nothing going to fall out or anything I need to be wary of? Could you get me price of tower that I need? Believe gearbox code is EXB
  4. Lupo sport breaking

    still quite few parts remaining Front upper door Cards Rear door cards Dark Grey Carpet Black Interior plastics front and rear mud flaps rear lights GTI Black grab handles GTI black Headlining GTI middle sunvisor candy white panels Passenger Mirror In a few weeks more will be available: Sport Gearbox AFK engine (Still runs just burns oil due to piston rings.. head may be some use etc) Full sport rear beam Front hubs reconditioned front calipers driveshafts PM for any more details, postage is available on most items.
  5. Were did you get it from? I have got the polo 9n one which is identical to the GTI one but is just missing the little nipple at which if i remember right goes to the throttle body.
  6. Could you grab a few photos of it on your GTI, specifically the radiator pipes?
  7. I've bought a polo 9n one for about a 10er hopefully it'll fit. If not I'll see if you still have the spare
  8. My GTI looks identical with the AP one (bottom pic) The AT (top pic) looks like the one installed on standard lupos. So the one I've linked earlier, I cant see why it wouldn't work unless the diameters are different? For the 3x lower price it costs I may give it a go.
  9. Tried this but the epoxy melts and the seal is ruined when to temp. Rich says they are lupo specific but with a bit of searching there are a few that look quite similar. Are you able to check? VW polo 9n - 032121111AP - http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/SKODA-FABIA-COMPLETE-THERMOSTAT-HOUSING-032121111AP-110351-/181856645387?epid=1149426275&hash=item2a5780310b:g:Q0EAAOSwd0BV6Ghu That one looks very similar ^
  10. Up date on this... PCB has water damage and has damaged some traces. So had a go at fixing but the traces are really small and there was a bit to fix. In the end it was unsuccessful. So i now need new clocks. I have the old style sport white clocks which revs to 7k whereas many others only rev to 6k Can i just replace the background to the new clocks and get the mileage adjusted? (Clocks are interchangeable and not paired with the ECU)
  11. funny enough I used your post in your build thread to dismantle it
  12. i ripped it apart yesterday and replaced the clock display but still doesn't show correct. I cant confirm the old one works but I'm pretty confident it did. Can you purchase the clock separate? Take it I'm going to have to replace the LED light as well
  13. Issue with the LED clocks, anyone know how to fix this? Seems the display and back-light is not working.
  14. Wishbone

    Yes really easy to do, May as well replace them then, Instead of loosening the 3 bolts just undo the 1 nut holding the ball joint in place. You will more than likely need a spanner for this as from memory I couldn't get a socket in there. To release the ball joint I usually just use a hammer and smack on the hub next to the ball joint whilst pushing down on the wishbone. To get back in just use a jack pushing up on the ball joint then re tighten the nut.
  15. Good idea, ill give it a go