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  1. Dodgy central locking

    Slight amendment to the original post..... CL works the same on both sides, in that it will open the door and the boot, but not the other door. Any clues (other than the above YouTube link)?
  2. Dodgy central locking

    Much obliged
  3. Tdi sport. CL via the drivers door opens that door and the boot, but has no effect on the passenger door. CL via the passenger door operates both doors and the boot. Any suggestions on the issue, and an idiots guide on how to remedy? Also, ball park figure for a replacement clutch on said vehicle? TIA
  4. TDi - what to look for

    * thread resurrection * So, picked up a very tidy little tdi at the weekend. What a great little motor! My daughter has a SDi, son now has a tdi, we’ve already been through a 1.0 and a 1.4 (open air), so we (I!) just need a gti for the full set
  5. TDi - what to look for

    Hmmmmm Rich, you’re starting to not sell the idea to me
  6. TDi - what to look for

    Seems that it’s just bushes / syncro’s on the box then, and a well serviced engine is good as gold cheers folks
  7. TDi - what to look for

    Cheers Rich, appreciate that
  8. TDi - what to look for

    Hi there! We have previously had a 1.0 and a 1.4 openair, and currently own a SDi, but looking to enter the world of TDi. In addition to the usual Lupo ‘things to look for’, is there anything specific to look for on a TDi? TIA
  9. Glow plug light flashing ?

    Cheers mukka
  10. Glow plug light flashing ?

    Time to hijack and resurrect a thread..... My SDi has just started to flash it's glow/EML. I've put an obd reader on and it comes back with no faults. It resets the light, then after about 30 miles it's back on again. There is no issue with it starting (instant on first key turn) or with its performance. Any thoughts?
  11. Brake light issues

    You make all this sound so easy Skezza 😄
  12. Brake light issues

    Yup, high level stays on when side/headlights are on. Brake lights work fine otherwise
  13. So, the SDi I've recently bought has a brake light issue.... Brake lights work fine under daylight. However, when the head/side lights are switched on, the brake lights stay on too. Before I take it to an auto electricians and pay through the nose, anyone have any ideas that a simpleton could follow?? Should prob mention that the previous keeper has fitted a set of LED running lights too...
  14. SDi common problems

    I literally have no idea what that means 😄
  15. SDi common problems

    ...and when she wants to move on to something newer in a few years, I'll prob keep it for myself !