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  1. Ryan's 20VT Lupo Track Car

    Not too sure if the vid i posted works so i uploaded to youtube if anyone wants to have a listen just a couple of little revs and a little launch control
  2. Ryan's 20VT Lupo Track Car

    Hello everyone, i am starting this abit late as i have done quite abit to the car since i got it, but better late than never! so i will try and start from the beginning and then carry on from there on wards. So to start off with i got the car June last year, it was advertised as a 90% finished 20VT Conversion, so i got it with the intention of finishing it off with my dad and then just having it as a weekend toy. Here are some photos from the Ad. I unfortunately dont have the photos of every bit of progress i made, but i will try and dig out everything i can! So first problem came when driving the car home, it had a horrible knocking noise when driving and turning to the left. which we later found out that the near side drive shaft was too long. So just to make sure that the driveshaft was the problem, we had a family friend that works at a fabrication company shorted the driveshaft about 40mm, which cured the knocking, but the car to this day still does have a weird vibration when turning to the right, which im yet to find out the problem. but its still drives fine. So after the knocking noise was seen to, i then moved the air filter back up into the engine bay and got rid of the big plastic pipe. changed the MAF out for a new one as the old one was playing up pretty badly. so that cleared up any running issues. so now the car was running and driving fine it was time to get down to business time for a colour change ! So i unfortunately don't have any photos of prepping the car for paint, but do have some photos of it in the booth and afterwards. I didnt have thousands of pounds to cash out on a crazy re-stray so basically me and my dad prepped the car at home, and then it was driven to a friends bodyshop where he painted it pretty much free of charge on a Saturday morning, then driven home about 25mins after coming out of the oven i know not the best ! So just the outside of the car and the door shuts were painted at the bodyshop, the inside of the car my dad was going to do in the garage at home as that didnt need to be perfect and could be done with a small paint gun and compressor we have. Also my dad smoothed the front bumper before painting because why not ! Once the car was back home and painted, i had a delivery that week of 2 Corbeau Pro Series seats, some harnesses and sub frames This is the best photo i could find of when i first fitted everything up As you can see the inside of the car was painted by then. Also some photos of the car in the driveway after a clean Something i forgot to mention abit further up was the general spec of the conversion, it has had the sub frame removed and cleaned and painted black, both new lower arms and all new OEM bushes, it is the AJQ engine from an audi quattro but with a golf 5 speed box which im unsure of the gearbox code. It is on JOM coilovers with a set of front springs from a Raceland audi a3 coilover set as the JOM front springs were too soft for the extra weight up front. Corrado g60 from brake setup and lupo gti rear brake setup with custom brake lines to the back of the car. i have also fitted a Whiteline RARB since then aswell. So the next things on the list at this point were a decent wheel and tire setup. i went for a set of Team Dynamic Pro Race 1.2's 15x7 in black and then fitted them with some nice sticky AD08r's on my lunch break at work Some photos with the wheels on Also which i dont have photos of are a crappy ebay deep dish steering wheel that i fitted, must get round to getting a proper one. and also a 6inch Kode gearstick as the standard gearstick was not tall enough after fitting the bucket seats So all of that and the addition of a Sharan rear VW badge and a Speedhunters windscreen sticker that is how the car sits today. So last week was Trax at Silverstone and i had 2 track time sessions booked so was pretty excited to see how the little lupo preformed bearing in mind the alignment has been done by eye in my garage with my and my dad so it has no sort of track geometry setup or corner weighting or anything. The first session on the Sunday was at 10:20am and it had been raining all morning so the track was soaking wet and SUPER greasy so in the wet i suffered with a lot of under-steer and a fair bit of oversteer which i think was a combination of the rear anti roll bar being on the stiffest setting and the back end being so light compared to the front. so im not too sure what i could have done to help that other than soften the roll bar. But in the dry it was a completely different story! i had my second session at 12:20am and by that point it had just dried up. and i could fly round the track! there was not much that could stay with me through the tight corners and i was getting held up by a few cars as well Only managed to find one photo of the day So next things on the list are 1. BC Coilovers 2. Polybushed front end 3. full fastroad/track geometry and corner weight. 4. Rollcage 5. need to get my exhaust system redone aswell to get the cat removed and also it is rubbing on one of the rear brake lines Thanks for looking sorry for the very long introduction
  3. Ryan's 20VT Lupo Track Car

    123FC5AF-6120-4C02-8FE7-FB8A02B0CCF2.MOV Theres a small clip of the exhaust, at the moment it is straight through with just a Cat left, but soon im going to decat it and put 1 box in the system
  4. Ryan's 20VT Lupo Track Car

    Just a small update. Going to be running a Boost, Oil temp and Oil pressure gauge in the car so got this aluminium plate made up to go in place of the headunit as i dont have one in the car anyway. I am going to get the plate hydro-dipped carbon fiber i think i am have someone just down the road from me that does it so that should come out nice and look nicer than a big silver plate in the middle of the dash. The little box underneath is for a launch control thing i have in the car to sit in. similar to a WotBox if anyone if familiar. yes its going to kill the engine and all that but i barely ever use it so if anything it will just be there for show. i do also have a plate without the box at the bottom so if i decide to remove the launch control i can just switch plates. The gauges are hopefully going to be delivered by santa in a couple of weeks so i will get some photos and stuff if i get them and when i install them.
  5. Ryan's 20VT Lupo Track Car

    Pretty sure the gearbox is a 02A and if you wanted to know the engine code also it is a AJQ from a Audi A3
  6. Ryan's 20VT Lupo Track Car

    Just updated the thread with how i did them. ended up trying my luck with the 20mm bushes and them not fitting so ordered 22mm eibach mk2 golf ones and they fit perfect!
  7. Ryan's 20VT Lupo Track Car

    Right, been a few weeks but finally got all my Bushes fitted and painted the GTI Front anti roll bar. Once again sorry as i didnt get photos of everything but i will put up what i did photo. So as you can see i only got the rear beam bushes and the eye bolt roll bar bushes in the Road series. All other bushes are black series. Couple photos of the roll bar fitted Having access to a press at work meant the old bushes came out pretty easy and the same for installing the powerflex ones. But fitting the arms was abit of a ball ache as you have to position the arm in the subframe with little shims and washers that they supply which was not a one man job. also fitting the little anti roll bar stabilizers to the lower arms i had to shave just a slight amount of the flat part of the bush away as with 2 of us trying to compress the little bush we could not get the thread to come through enough to get the nut started. but apart from that plain sailing So after fitting everything i took it out for a drive bearing in mind the ride height is higher at the front now due too the arm bushes being very stiff, and the tracking needs to be done. But them things aside it drives amazing, Car is alot more pointy now and have reduced alot of body roll. i stopped a few little clicks and knocks that i had before hand, the car also feels very stable and planted at higher speeds now, and i would even go as far as saying it is smoother on the road! i cannot notice any extra vibration or noise from the black series dog bone bush. and cannot even think of any negative things to say about driving on the road with black series. Feels great Hopefully i will be able to help some people with the 22mm eye bolt bushes as i couldn't find any information on them either. So i ordered the MK2 Golf 22mm Eibach Anti Roll Bar Eye Bolt Bushes. Which are the purple bushes you can see in the second photo in this post. this bush fits the GTI anti roll bar perfectly and also fits in the eye bolts. i had to message Powerflex to find this out. DONT order 20mm bushes thinking you might be able to force them over the roll bar because from first hand experience i have found out that wont work. So now lets just hope the missus gets us a Go Pro for Christmas so i can some in car videos down some nice roads and on track Probably nexts things to do on my list is either some BC Coils or a Rollcage. car handles pretty well at the moment so may go for the cage first.
  8. Ryan's 20VT Lupo Track Car

    A mixture of Race and Roads series powerflex bushes ordered ! Will get some photos when i install them and give some feedback on them
  9. Ryan's 20VT Lupo Track Car

    Sorry i was talkin about the Front anti roll bar, i already have this whiteline rear anti roll bar on my lupo
  10. Ryan's 20VT Lupo Track Car

    What size did you buy? I cannot find the eye bushes in 22mm. Only 20mm. Does the 20mm bush fit onto the 22mm anti roll bar? And i will try and get a video of the sound of the car soon and put it up on here
  11. Ryan's 20VT Lupo Track Car

    have you polybushed the stabalisers on the end of your anti roll bar?
  12. vw lupo gti, raven blue,

    thanks for the help, which shafts are you using?
  13. Ryan's 20VT Lupo Track Car

    but i have driven both this 1.8t lupo and my old 1.0 lupo fast and i can feel the added stress up front from the bigger engine, i know thats not the best comparison but i wouldnt be suprised if they were flexing quite abit, probably doesnt help that i am used all OEM bushes at the moment, i guess i will just do the polybushes first and see how it feels on the road.
  14. Ryan's 20VT Lupo Track Car

    how do you achieve -3 on the front?
  15. vw lupo gti, raven blue,

    Got a question which could really help me put if you choose to awnser What size did you get the n/s shaft shortened to, i have a 20vt aswell my shaft is wrong and i need to re do it, but wanting a base length to go off of, as i think mine at the moment is too short, really liking the yellow aswell btw thats the same route im going down but my cars black
  16. Ryan's 20VT Lupo Track Car

    sorry if i sound stupid but what part do you weld, am i right in saying you weld up where i have badly marked on this photo
  17. Ryan's 20VT Lupo Track Car

    Do you get much added noise and stuff from the black bushes? and do they have much impact on the arms and stuff like additional wear on them ? would you recommend them for road use? im going to be using the car on track but also driving it on the road to meets and stuff
  18. Ryan's 20VT Lupo Track Car

    i looked at the tarox f2000 disk aswell but they are expensive i was maybe going to go with some mtec disks and ds2500 pads but im still not sure, i currently run the RBF600 brake fluid, which i find is good, and this month i will be ordering all front powerflex bushes, do you run them?
  19. Ryan's 20VT Lupo Track Car

    thank you, im unsure of the weight, but i do want to know, and also i dont know what pads and disks are on the car as they were on there when i got it, i will be changing them soon though and was going to ask what a good combination would be?
  20. Ryan's 20VT Lupo Track Car

    Just a small update, the weekend just passed i managed to paint my calipers yellow, going for a sort of black and yellow theme i guess as im wanting the cage to eventually be yellow only got a couple of photos, they arnt the best either. also yesterday was just snooping on ebay as you do and came across a lupo gti front anti roll bar with with powerflex bushes at a very good price so snapped it up straight away! and it arrived today! heres a photo i am going to paint both this and my rear anti roll bar yellow at the weekend hopefully, to match my brakes and add about 30bhp i have a question about the stabalizer bushes though if someone could help, the ones that came with this are shot which i knew about and was advertised, but i wanted to polybush these aswell, but was unsure which size bush to buy, i was guessing for a gti bar it would be the 20mm bushes, and also this didnt come with the u brackets for the middle bushes, will my standard ones fit this bar? or shall i go and pick a couple up from TPS for a gti? Thanks
  21. Ryan's 20VT Lupo Track Car

    Thanks alot
  22. Ryan's 20VT Lupo Track Car

    Yeah i was also looking for them second hand, but i am too inpatient
  23. Ryan's 20VT Lupo Track Car

    Thanks all
  24. 20VT Lupo Coilover Question

    Hi there. i have a 1.8t lupo i am building for fast road and track days, at the moment it is on JOM coilovers as thats what the car came on, but they are way too soft, the car has a fair amount of roll from the extra weight up front so was wondering what people could recomend to go for to try and eliminate most of the body roll, i have a rear arb fitted aswell. picture for anyone thats interested to see the car 😁
  25. 20VT Lupo Coilover Question

    nice one mate ill have a look, which model do you run?