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  1. Ryan's 20VT Lupo Track Car

    Thanks alot
  2. Ryan's 20VT Lupo Track Car

    Yeah i was also looking for them second hand, but i am too inpatient
  3. Ryan's 20VT Lupo Track Car

    Thanks all
  4. Ryan's 20VT Lupo Track Car

    Hello everyone, i am starting this abit late as i have done quite abit to the car since i got it, but better late than never! so i will try and start from the beginning and then carry on from there on wards. So to start off with i got the car June last year, it was advertised as a 90% finished 20VT Conversion, so i got it with the intention of finishing it off with my dad and then just having it as a weekend toy. Here are some photos from the Ad. I unfortunately dont have the photos of every bit of progress i made, but i will try and dig out everything i can! So first problem came when driving the car home, it had a horrible knocking noise when driving and turning to the left. which we later found out that the near side drive shaft was too long. So just to make sure that the driveshaft was the problem, we had a family friend that works at a fabrication company shorted the driveshaft about 40mm, which cured the knocking, but the car to this day still does have a weird vibration when turning to the right, which im yet to find out the problem. but its still drives fine. So after the knocking noise was seen to, i then moved the air filter back up into the engine bay and got rid of the big plastic pipe. changed the MAF out for a new one as the old one was playing up pretty badly. so that cleared up any running issues. so now the car was running and driving fine it was time to get down to business time for a colour change ! So i unfortunately don't have any photos of prepping the car for paint, but do have some photos of it in the booth and afterwards. I didnt have thousands of pounds to cash out on a crazy re-stray so basically me and my dad prepped the car at home, and then it was driven to a friends bodyshop where he painted it pretty much free of charge on a Saturday morning, then driven home about 25mins after coming out of the oven i know not the best ! So just the outside of the car and the door shuts were painted at the bodyshop, the inside of the car my dad was going to do in the garage at home as that didnt need to be perfect and could be done with a small paint gun and compressor we have. Also my dad smoothed the front bumper before painting because why not ! Once the car was back home and painted, i had a delivery that week of 2 Corbeau Pro Series seats, some harnesses and sub frames This is the best photo i could find of when i first fitted everything up As you can see the inside of the car was painted by then. Also some photos of the car in the driveway after a clean Something i forgot to mention abit further up was the general spec of the conversion, it has had the sub frame removed and cleaned and painted black, both new lower arms and all new OEM bushes, it is the AJQ engine from an audi quattro but with a golf 5 speed box which im unsure of the gearbox code. It is on JOM coilovers with a set of front springs from a Raceland audi a3 coilover set as the JOM front springs were too soft for the extra weight up front. Corrado g60 from brake setup and lupo gti rear brake setup with custom brake lines to the back of the car. i have also fitted a Whiteline RARB since then aswell. So the next things on the list at this point were a decent wheel and tire setup. i went for a set of Team Dynamic Pro Race 1.2's 15x7 in black and then fitted them with some nice sticky AD08r's on my lunch break at work Some photos with the wheels on Also which i dont have photos of are a crappy ebay deep dish steering wheel that i fitted, must get round to getting a proper one. and also a 6inch Kode gearstick as the standard gearstick was not tall enough after fitting the bucket seats So all of that and the addition of a Sharan rear VW badge and a Speedhunters windscreen sticker that is how the car sits today. So last week was Trax at Silverstone and i had 2 track time sessions booked so was pretty excited to see how the little lupo preformed bearing in mind the alignment has been done by eye in my garage with my and my dad so it has no sort of track geometry setup or corner weighting or anything. The first session on the Sunday was at 10:20am and it had been raining all morning so the track was soaking wet and SUPER greasy so in the wet i suffered with a lot of under-steer and a fair bit of oversteer which i think was a combination of the rear anti roll bar being on the stiffest setting and the back end being so light compared to the front. so im not too sure what i could have done to help that other than soften the roll bar. But in the dry it was a completely different story! i had my second session at 12:20am and by that point it had just dried up. and i could fly round the track! there was not much that could stay with me through the tight corners and i was getting held up by a few cars as well Only managed to find one photo of the day So next things on the list are 1. BC Coilovers 2. Polybushed front end 3. full fastroad/track geometry and corner weight. 4. Rollcage 5. need to get my exhaust system redone aswell to get the cat removed and also it is rubbing on one of the rear brake lines Thanks for looking sorry for the very long introduction
  5. 20VT Lupo Coilover Question

    nice one mate ill have a look, which model do you run?
  6. 20VT Lupo Coilover Question

    Hi there. i have a 1.8t lupo i am building for fast road and track days, at the moment it is on JOM coilovers as thats what the car came on, but they are way too soft, the car has a fair amount of roll from the extra weight up front so was wondering what people could recomend to go for to try and eliminate most of the body roll, i have a rear arb fitted aswell. picture for anyone thats interested to see the car 😁
  7. MK4 Golf 1.4 16v engine into a Lupo?

    Okay so my dad just basically got given a 1.4 mk4 golf, and i was wondering since my lupo is a 1.0, is it possible, and is it worth putting the 1.4 in it? Also, any tuning options? Heard you can supercharge them? Im pretty sure the conversion possible, just looking for some opinions.
  8. My Black 1.0 Lupo

    Was actually thinking of that, but not sure yet would have to wait for the right engine to come along
  9. My Black 1.0 Lupo

    Hello all! I have just bought a little 2002 1.0 lupo for my first car, the person i brought it off crashed it into a tree.... Trying to dodge a deer! My dads a mechanic and is well into his cars so have someone to help me and teach me alot along the way haha. So its a pretty clean car paint and interior wise, but in the photos i have it was when i had just got it home so excuse the dirty car! Basically the crumple zone on the right has... Well crumpled! So i need to pull that out and replace it, then the bumper and bonnet can be painted then go on! I A photo of the car when i got it Spot the difference! So atm while its like this im going to remove the bump strips, get some wheels and coilovers ready, and get the paintwork as good as i can. If anyone would like to leave any suggestions on what they would like to see that would be cool.. I was thinking a metal flake roof, abit different.
  10. Hi,Im new here and ive just bought a lupo as a project till im 17 in June. but i have a question, would i be able to fit a Grip Royal steering wheel to my lupo with the correct boss? i was asking to find out if anyone new the correct boss to use or if it was even possible. any help is appreciated, Thanks This is the steering wheel 350mm Diameter 70mm PCD 6 Bolt pattern